Republicans in the West Virginia House of Delegates say the 60-day legislative session has been one of missed opportunities.

The session, which ends a week from Saturday, has included very little to improve the state’s economy according to GOP delegates.

“There’s been nothing that’s really happened. It’s been a session of lost opportunities I think,” Del. Patrick Lane, R-Kanawha, said Thursday on MetroNews Talkline.

When the session began GOP delegates introduced a number of bills dealing with tax reform, job creation and education.

“Unfortunately those things have not been acted upon. They’ve not been taken up,” Lane said.

The Republicans gained more than a dozen members in the House from the last election, giving them 46 members in the House, but Lane says it’s still not enough to set the agenda.

“We’ve got 46 people and that makes us a little bit more effective in the committees but 46 is still not a majority,” Lane said.

Republicans have pushed for years for the elimination of the property inventory tax. They introduced a resolution this session that would put a proposed amendment to the state Constitution before voters but it was not taken up by the Democratic leadership.

Lane says it’s frustrating. He says the state’s tax system has been studied over and over again during the past 20 years and all of the studies say to change it but Lane says some leading lawmakers want to continue to study it.

The delegate says the only thing close to a jobs creation bill in the House this session is a bill creating legislative working groups.

The 60-day session ends at midnight, Saturday, April 13.


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  • Big John

    Being a lifelong Democrat and the Republicans are for the rich man i guess I will have to vote Republican next time. Looking how much time and money has been wasted into introducin bills when only 13% will have any chance of being voted upon. All bills should be voted on and these committee chairman should all be defeated in the next election for failing to get the bill either voted up or down. This is why west virginia is in such poor shape.

  • WVtoTX

    If you trimmed any more republican fat from WV you would have a 1 party state. People ought to consider just what it means to be a democrat or a "moderate" republican in 2013.

  • NotRepublican

    You can blame Democrats or Republicans equally all you want. That doesn't change the fact that just about the entire WV senate and house need to be voted out. I emailed all of my representatives about various bills I was very interested in having passed. Only ONE emailed me back with a response.

    I also believe the majority of them have lost touch with the reality in that they are supposed to REPRESENT the voters, not make decisions based on their own political motives.

    VOTE THEM OUT!!! Start trimming the fat with Republicans and work down to most of the Dems who are DINOS... Demorcrat In Name Only. They give the very few good Democrats a tarnished reputation in this state.

  • Jeremy Bauserman

    With Rep. Capito at the top of the ticket in 2014, gaining the 4 GOP seats we need for a 50-50 tie and gaining the 5 we need for the first GOP majority in WV since 1928 is very possible. Help is soon on the way for West Virginia.

    • Roger

      Jeremy, I think you are way too optimistic. I don't mean that Republicans can't or won't gain seats and have more power. I just think you give them way too much credit and your expectations are too high that they'll do what we've elected them to do. If you examine the voting records this session, you will see that many of them went right along and voted for several measures that the Democrats supported and were harmful to the state. There are too many RINOS in office.

  • Keif

    WHY!!!!!!! didn't the senate or the house pass a bill to drug test those that get all the freebies from welfare? We the taxpayers pay for all those freebies. Maybe they were afraid it might get people off drugs and save lives. Maybe it might lower crime and help law enforcement. Maybe it would cut the prison population and save the state money. Maybe it would give some kids their parents back making them first instead their quick fix. Our elected leaders had a chance to make a huge impact on our state and failed. I hope the senate or the house or the governor does something. Welfare is only increasing and the drug problem getting worse everyday. God help our state.

  • C.Hoffman

    democratic leadership has run this state into the ground. I have reservations about the republican party as well but the condition of our state is a direct result of democrat control & policies. You reap what you sow. So get them out of there.

  • cutty77

    Times Change.These Sessions are more and more a waste of Tax Payer Money.This Old System is Broke,and should be done away with.Its a Joke,and we pay for it.


      Agree 100%. For whatever reason, this session has been worthless. Oh they did pass an advanced seat belt law thatmakes it a primary law even though our kids ride school buses everyday without them. Kinda like riding in a sheet metal tomb. Of course that was only so the police would have another reason to pull you over and further scrutinize you. Unbelievable. Oh and the drugged driver bill will probably be passed as well even though no details have been released like who will pay the tow and impound fee for the vehicle owner when the test come back negative. I call this "the missing session" as it isn't even worth recording as ever happened. However, in order to line the pockets of our elected officials, there will be an extended session conducted at our expense. Have to keep those lobbyist and politician after hours parties going in the great state of Kanawha.