MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Looking for a clue as to the frontrunner in West Virginia’s quarterback battle?

So is Shannon Dawson, at least publicly.

The offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach on Thursday night termed the position battle a dead heat between junior Paul Millard and redshirt freshman Ford Childress, reiterating that a starter likely won’t be named until fall camp.

“They’re even — there’s never been a quarterback race more even than them two,” Dawson said. “They’re doing the same things good, the same things bad. One day one of them might slightly do better. But to be honest with you, at this point it’s probably a lot more bad than good.”

“They still make inexperienced mistakes every day, and the only way you correct that is reps. … To expect them to be in a situation where they go out and perform on a Saturday, we’re not there yet. Thank goodness for spring ball, right? Fifteen practices, we’ll take it. We’re not in any hurry to get on the field on a Saturday.”

With reps split 50-50, Dawson said the competition is keeping both players on edge.

“They sharpen each other,” he said. “If either one of them gets complacent, the other one will win the job.

“I like that (the race is close) right now, but eventually you want it to be clear-cut. Hopefully at some point one of them will rise up.”

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  • Darin

    Childress broke so many records in "TEXAS" in high school. He should be named the starter on that alone. Not to mention that every time Millard gets the ball, he throws an interception... Start Childress and let him make his mistakes so when his senior year arrives, he is in the Heisman hunt...Let's Go Mountaineers!!!

    • Justin

      Can't wait for football to start so everyone will get off Huggs azz and jump onto Dana's all while forgetting the 13million dollar debit our athletic department has Oilver has us in.

      • Alum

        Hi Mickey.

        • Dave

          Hi Minney

  • shawn

    This team well be better than last years team.

    • Dave

      I hope you're right. It would be cool if they win 8 or more games. I expect more like 5-6 wins this year.

  • Tim C

    None of ya'll know jack squat!

    • cutty77

      I know this Mr Jack Squat.Ford Childress will be The Stater.

    • Dave

      No we don't but having fun guessing until the season starts

  • Grant

    I am not worried about it. Auburn didn't name Cam Newton as a starter until Fall. In fact, he wasn't even the favorite coming out of Spring ball.

  • cutty77

    This means Ford Childress is The front Runner,plain and simple.

    • Maxxajay

      I agree Cutty77

    • Chad

      Why do you think that, because he is a freshmen? May make sense having someone for 4 years as a starter but the Rawlins kid may be showing enough to be a starter in two instead of 4. I trust Holgorsen and whatever his decision is.

      • Dave

        My guess... Rawlins will be a receiver by the start of 2014. They will get a stud recruit next year to redshirt and start after Childress is done. Meanwhile, I'm with Cutty.

      • Wemakerain

        Redshirt Rawlins, worst case scenario he becomes the quickest twitch wide receiver next year. I'm with you guys though if it is a tie, give it to the guy with the highest celing and longest time to improve