MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Redshirt freshman Ford Childress is contending for the quarterback job at West Virginia, and that’s not the only difference from a year ago.

“This spring I actually know what’s going on,” said the 6-foot-5 product of The Kincaid School in Houston, Texas. “Last spring it was hurried, and now everything is settling down. I watched some tape from last spring and it was just completely different.”

Sizing up the competition with rising junior Paul Millard as a battle that “just goes back and forth,” Childress said he doesn’t expect a starter to be named summer until fall camp.

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  • zman

    It's hard to get "siked up" this year. I had such high expectations last year to only be dissapointed. I don't know what to expect but I hope I am supprised. I know I will get more excited as the season approaches. We have alot to prove the the Big 12 and the rest of the country.

  • Nate

    I believe Childress will be an excellent QB. Will put up big numbers and compare to Tom Brady/Andrew Luck. If we can just have talented receivers and a good O-line, might just catch some teams by surprise this year.

  • Shawn

    Once the season starts then you can open kids up to interviews. They need to focus on themselves and not get wrapped up in preseason hype or useless questions.

  • tw eagle

    childress appears to be tired and stressed . . .note the relief when he stops the interview and walks away . . .the stress appears to be coming from dealing with the media . . .good work coach holgerson , keep the media 'jackals' away from the young kids . . .the players don't need their innocent offhand remarks turned into divisive fodder just to make a headline . . .

    • Allan Taylor

      I believe this was Childress' first interaction with the media since midseason 2012. He spent at least 12 hours in shoulder pads this week and about seven minutes with the media, so I'm not he's "stressed" by interviews.