A Kanawha County man is custody after allegedly robbing a Charleston bank Thursday morning.

Charleston Police Dept. detectives arrested Danny Allen Summers, 40, of Dunbar Thursday afternoon, just a few hours after several clear surveillance photos were released by police.

It’s alleged Summers walked into the Fifth Third Bank Kanawha City branch at a few minutes after 9 a.m, showed a gun and demanded money.

The clear photos show the man wearing a light-colored hooded sweatshirt with dark glasses and a dark hat. He also showed a gun.

Before the arrest Chief of Detectives Lt. Steve Cooper said the clear photos could be the key in cracking the case.

“We’re just hoping that someone will be able to identify the individual from the photographs,” Cooper said.

Initial reports said the gun was believed to be a pellet gun but Cooper said he was unable to determine that from the photo. He says the man is considered armed and dangerous.

The robbery is the second at that particular bank in the past year. Cooper says there’s no reason to link the two.

“We don’t know why they would be robbed a second time. The location is a safe location,” he said.

Detectives and uniformed officers canvassed the area for several minutes after the robbery.


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  • cutty77

    He couldn't of posed any better if he went to Olin Mills. LOL

  • Larry

    Looks like another worthless drug addict, stealing to support his habit.

  • BigDave

    Looks like a fake stache

  • Shawn

    HAHA...lets walk in and rob somebody while showing our face! And if you notice the dark shirt under the sweatshirt, thats where the dark clothing is coming in probably. He's probably taken the sweatshirt off when he got outside.

    • wvangler

      Good point. It is hot today.

      Notice that the next customer just bellies up to the counter and starts banking as the gunman flees. Ha ha ha. Apparently nobody was to wigged out by his intimidating appearance.

  • ME

    Stupid. All a matter of time before he caught with these videos

    • wvangler

      When did a white sweatshirt become classified as dark clothing?