Accused killer Tennis Maynard may be looking additional federal charges above the murder and attempted murder charges he’s now facing in Mingo County.

Maynard is charged with shooting Sheriff Eugene Crum.  The gun used in the crime, a Glock .40, was purchased at a local gun dealer by Maynard.    There are indications from Maynard’s father and others who say he had a history of mental problems including being once committed to an institution.  Under the law he is forbidden to buy, own, or possess a firearm.

However, soon after he was released from the hospital Maynard bought the gun and was cleared in the background check because the system was just being built in West Virginia and the information on his mental condition was in the process of being transferred into the system–but hadn’t reached the National Instant Check System or NICS.

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U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin would not confirm any of the information during an appearance on MetroNews Talkline Thursday, but said if that is the case Maynard would have had to lie on the ATF application required for all gun purchases and that would constitute a federal violation.

“If that’s clear they were a prohibited person and we can prove they possessed a firearm, we have a potential federal case,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin’s office is working with the ATF on the investigation of how Maynard obtained the weapon.  He says there could be multiple charges.

“Anytime you have an individual who shouldn’t have a firearm whether they be a felon, a drug addict, or someone mentally ill, we’re interested in making sure those individuals don’t have firearms,” said Goodwin. “If they do have firearms making them accountable for it.”

Ironically records show although Maynard was cleared to buy the gun when he returned to buy a second firearm at a later date, the system flagged his case and he was denied the purchase.   

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  • chad

    How exactly does tougher gun laws punish law abiding citizens? If you're a law abiding citizen you shouldn't have anything to worry about. What?? You can't wait a week to get your gun? It's mind boggling that in todays day and age it is more difficult to get a drivers license than it is to buy a weapon capable of killing 15-20 people in matter of minutes

    P.S. I'm a gun owner so don't give me all the B.S. about 2nd Amendment Rights blah blah blah

    • cindy

      Good point. I never thought of it like that. It takes an act of God in WV to get your driver's license. Maybe we should put the people at the DMV in charge of gun purchases:) That is, as long as there's no guns on the premises...since somebody would probably shoot up the DMV b/c of how difficult they make the process.

  • Mike

    Looks to me like once someone is entered into the system as a person who cannot buy or own a firearm the system would have flagged the guy as a recent purchaser of a firearm. They can find someone with DNA from 20 years ago but cannot find someone who purchased a firearm.... Bottom line folks is if someone has it in there heart to kill all the gun regulations in the world will not stop them.

  • Jim Dietz


    The system failed again and the liberal elites and the MSM (main stream media) will try to use that as a reason for more laws that criminals will ignore but will punish the law abiding.

    • Damion45

      But look at all the new federal jobs this will create. Just because the system doesn't work doesn't mean we shouldn't build a bigger government. In fact, the more inefficient it becomes, the more people will need to be hired!