Corridor H has been under construction since 1974. Nearly 40 years later, there is a 25-mile plus section of the road still incomplete.

Friday the Corridor H Authority set up a scaled model of Corridor H at the legislature to show what’s been completed and what’s still left to do.

Steve Foster, with the authority, says it’s a great way to grab lawmaker’s attention.

“We’ve got “road” all the way from the House chamber down to the Senate chamber,” according to Foster. “We’ve got this big rotunda in the middle, which has a hole in the middle of it. That’s what Corridor H is looking like. We’re almost there, but dadgummit, we need to finish that other 25-percent.”

Under the current construction and funding schedule, Corridor H is set to be complete in 2034. Foster says that’s just too far into the future.

“The opportunity cost we’re going to lose by not having that road completed sooner is astronomical,” Foster said.

What the authority would like to see happen is construction on the final section of the road under contract by 2020. Foster says that means coming up with some creative ways to fund the corridor, whether it be cutting back on other projects , dipping into the state Rainy Day fund or other ideas yet unexplored.

He says, for too long, this project has not taken priority while other roads got upgrades.

“I can’t think of a single road that’s more important than Corridor H!”

The late U.S. Senator Robert Byrd was a huge supporter of Corridor H and, as Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, was able to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to the project.

Foster says as they put the scaled model down in the capitol, he noticed a very appropriate sign that Byrd is still watching over the project.

“If you look over there, there’s a statue of Sen. Byrd pointing very sternly down to the fact he wants this road finished. He’s pointing right to the hole in the rotunda.”

Corridor H will stretch 124-miles through West Virginia and 13-miles through Virginia when finished. It will connect I-79 to I-81.

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  • Larry Martin

    Get er done. Finish it as soon as possible. It will help the WV economy.

  • virginian

    I am from Virginia and cannot wait for the route to be completed. Every year we bring lots of scouts to Canaan etc. But some folks say the drive is too far or too hard. The current sections have shaved off a lot of time already. The remaining sections to Davis will be a boon to tourism. And perhaps we'll explore further west when the other sections open. WV and Feds should expedite (including the section from I81 to WV!)

  • Larry

    Don't forget the litter, lots and lots of litter.

  • Larry

    This "road to nowhere" will probably go down as one of the biggest wastes of taxpayer money in the history of this nation, meanwhile, US 35, which is far busier and needed far worse, still has 13 miles of 2 lane, and the terrain where it is located is far more suitable to road building, Corridor H, huge mistake.

  • Levelheaded

    Build it and they will come, and spend time in our jails.

  • Harpers Ferry

    Just like Coal companies and Natural Gas companies!

  • JohnQ

    Good. The last thing you want is people from DC staying here, they ruin everything. Like locusts but without the charm.

  • JohnQ

    Build it, but designate it a scenic highway so it doesn't end up as yet just another trashy road lined with billboards, strip malls, gas stations and fast food joints.

    It's going through some of the most beautiful countryside in WV, let's do everything we can to keep it that way.

  • WWHighwayman!!!

    Since new sections have opened, I see alot of Virginia traffic, build it!!!

  • Michael

    Build it....and they will come! They probably won't stay, but at least they will come through.

  • Bob Penner

    How about we knock a whole bunch of holes in that nice marble floor in the capitol to make a replica of what the rest of the roads in WV look like because all the highway money is being diverted to this wasteful boondoggle. Shut it down NOW.


    Finish it!!!!