Yeager Airport Director Rick Atkinson says flights to Myrtle Beach and Atlanta are doing well this year.

“So far successful,” Atkinson said. 

Currently, the airport has non-stop flights to Myrtle Beach through Spirit Airlines on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Atkinson said people have been taking advantage of the non-stop flights.

“The Myrtle Beach flight was sold out most of the month of March and has good ridership in April,” Atkinson said. 

Atkinson adds that there are even dates this summer that are completely sold out.

But in addition to flying to Myrtle Beach, the airport also offers non-stop flights to Atlanta as well. Atkinson said those flights have also been filled up.

“Those flights have seen more passengers and there’s been times that those have been sold out,” said Atkinson.

Delta offers five daily non-stop flights to Atlanta. One of those is a new flight on a larger plane with first-class service that began March 2. Atkinson says the A3-19 aircraft can carry up to 350 passengers.

Yeager Airport offers non-stop flights to a total of ten major cities across the United States.

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  • Charles

    And people's attitudes like you is what drags us down. I'm young and doing quite well here thank you. It's the same in all places. Life is what you make of it no matter what people like you say. If you don't like it. Get out!

  • Woodchuck

    Hear that young people.... Get on the next plane and get out of this state!