Sen. Brooks McCabe

The successful Home Rule Pilot Project will continue for another five years in West Virginia but it will do so without restrictive gun purchase ordinances.

The legislature agreed to a compromise bill Sat. night and sent it to the governor that would continue Home Rule and add 16 cities to the existing four that have been part of the program.

But the provision in the bill getting the most attention is the one that would eliminate any city from consideration that has a restrictive gun ordinance, like the one in the City of Charleston.

Sen. Herb Snyder, D-Jefferson, who co-chaired the conference committee Sat, told MetroNews the bill would have not have passed without the House gun measure.

“They (House) sent us a message loud and clear that they wanted that provision in the Home Rule bill,” Snyder said. “Clearly if the gun provision would have been stripped out the bill was dead.”

Snyder says if Charleston wants to continue to be a part of Home Rule it will have to make a decision after the new program begins July 1.

The bill says an ordinance like Charleston’s would be null and void after 90 days if the city is accepted into the new Home Rule program. A provision not to allow guns in public buildings would be allowed.

Snyder says Charleston’s current ordinance wouldn’t fly.

“If they were to choose voluntarily to do that would take away the three-day waiting period to buy a handgun and the one a month handgun restriction. That will be their choice,” Snyder said.

The veteran senator it’s a shame that bill to continue a successful program got hung up in the gun issue. He says at least the program will continue and more cities, no matter their size, will be able to apply to be a part of Home Rule the next five years. The Home Rule Board would decide which cities get in.

“This is about innovative ideas for cities,” Snyder said.

But Sen. Brooks McCabe, Sen. Corey Palumbo, Sen. Erik Wells, all of Kanawha County, were very critical of the bill and the 19 restrictions it puts on Home Rule cities including guns, marriage and divorce.

Palumbo called the bill “home rule lite.” This is ‘we trust you municipalities but we don’t trust you very much. We don’t trust you very much at all,’” Palumbo said.

Sen. McCabe said unfortunately the bill turned out to be more about guns and gays than it did giving cities what they need to be successful.

Wells says he supports the Second Amendment and the Constitution but lawmakers need to be better leaders.

“We do need to be concerned about the next generation and not the next election,” Wells said.

Charleston, Huntington, Wheeling and Bridgeport have taken advantage of Home Rule during the past five years. Charleston hopes to get a tax increase approved to finance improvements to the Charleston Civic Center before the July 1 deadline.

Currently Charleston, South Charleston, Dunbar and Martinsburg have more restrictive gun ordinances than the rest of the state. South Charleston has shown some interest in getting involved in Home Rule in the next round. So it too may have a decision to make.

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  • Reggie Miller

    City council president Tom Lane is vowing to fight the home rule amendments. I find it very ironic he questions whether the legislation is constitutional or not. Well MR LANE the WV state constitution says Charleston's gun ordinances are unconstitutional. The only reason they are allowed is allowed the grandfather clause.

    Pretty simple situation though if Tim Lane and 2 Dollar Danny don't want to eliminate their unconstitutional ordinances then all they have to do is NOT participate in home rule. That is probably the best course of action for them anyways. Sooner or later they will have to answer for all these poor decisions they've made.

  • craig atkins

    We are just getting started my friends! We will continue to aggressively advise our people of the anti- second amendment politicians in this state. Nanny Jones will go, Corey Palumbo will go, Nancy Guthrie will go, Jeff Kessler will go. Trust me when I say we are just getting started. We have the ear of the people, and we are going to advise, advise and advise them of the cowards we have in the state house! This will also go all the way down to local politicians. Charleston city council, town mayors, and dog catchers, if you even try, or have tried in the past to INFRINGE our people of our rights, we will show you the door as well!!

    • Richard Thaxton

      Don't forget Kent Carper, Crooks McCabe and Herb Snyder. They will all be looking for new careers soon.

  • Jim N Charleston

    To quote the great philosopher turned pro wrestler Richard Flair "Whether you like it or don't like it, learn to love it, cause its the best thing going today." I been wanting to work that into a comment for years.

    Any time User Fee Jones, who has been taking $104 a year from people who can't even vote against his arrogant pompous rude inconsiderate arse (adding to the actual 10% voter turnout for his office in the BIG TIME CITY OF CHARLESTON), gets upsets & mad, WOOOOH!!!!

  • Jeremiah

    @Common Sense: I don't think anyone above mentioned them taking all our guns, although if you do some news searching this has been happening to more and more American families in other states recently.

    But as for the three day wait this is just a punishment for the businesses in Charleston and their customers. Many people drive hours to come shop at Cabelas and Gander Mtn. If they choose to buy a hand gun they have to make the drive twice. How does this help when you can drive from Cabelas to Spring Hill Rod and Gun in less then 15 min and take a hand gun home as soon as you pay for it. If you want a gun immediately for a bad reason I am sure you do t need a specific model although the travelers that make the trip may want a heirloom or collector item smaller stores don't carry. Again another law that only effects the law abiding.

  • Common Sense

    All you gun rights advocates are paranoid and fear mongers. Do you really think people are trying to take all of your guns? Is it really that big of a problem for you to wait 3 days? No it is not a cure all for crime but it may help a little. You play to people fears, which is disgusting. Get a life!

    • WVremebersFlight93

      We are not paranoid, Common Sense. This week gun confiscation efforts in the state of New York made the news. A lawful permit holder had that permit revoked, home searched, and weapons confiscated because the New York State Police wrongfully claimed that the citizen had in the last been prescribed an anti psychotic.

      That citizen's 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendment protections were violated. That's not paranoia. That's the consequences of your ignorance of the Constitution.

      • Common Sense

        You claim your not paranoid but your 2nd sentence begins with "gun confiscation efforts". Come on! So the police made a mistake and you're claiming it is all about them trying to take guns from law abiding citizens. I'm not a constitutional scholar like you but what about my right to live without worrying about someone carrying a concealed weapon who has a mental disorder? You're just scared and really a coward. Guns make you feel powerful because you're probably insecure and can't hold you're own with your fists in case you get into a fight. Get ready, cause the big bad government is coming after you!

        • WVremebersFlight93

          Concealed Weapons Permit holders aren't trained to draw their weapons in fist fights. Our training dictates that we avoid confrontation. A firearm is absolutely the last line of defense in the event of my or the life of someone else life if is jeopardy.

          Others carry firearms so you don't have to.

        • NorthernWVman

          talk about scared "what about my right to live without worrying about someone carrying a concealed weapon who has a mental disorder?"

    • granddad


    • Richard Thaxton

      Restricting my inalienable rights is not a cure for anything, ever, period. Better get used to these unconstitutional laws being repealed. The people are finally awake and mad as hell!

    • Sherry

      Well said Common Sense. Focusing on this one gun issue has distracted the State Legislatire from focusing on "real issues" that impact the quality of life in WV: economic & workforce development. Would you rather have a gun without a waiting period or a job?

      • NorthernWVman

        it actually enhances the quality of life in my opinion. Besides the majority of firearm owners already have a job and are not suckling off the government

    • Lloyd

      Its not a cure for crime and it does'nt help any. All that it does is more inconvenice for law abiding people. If a law does'nt do anthing then you don't need it that is common sense.

  • Sean

    "Wells says he supports the Second Amendment and the Constitution but lawmakers need to be better leaders."

    Wells is taking a page out of Joe Manchin's playbook and talking out of both sides of his mouth. Any one who says "I support the Second Amendment..." usually then says everything that proves they do not.

    Also, Sen. Wells you need to be a better follower. You don't LEAD the people, you represent the people.

  • Larry

    Great job for the thousands of members in the West Virginia Citizens Defense League. Check them out on Facebook. Its good to see the will of the people done.

  • Phillip G. Haye

    Many thanks to the members of WVCDL and to everyone that called, emailed, etc in support of your rights! Without everyone's hard work and dedication or freedoms will continue to diminish! The efforts of WVCDL is fighting tooth and nail to ensure our freedoms and as proven here, were gaining back freedoms that have already been stripped from us!

  • Richard Thaxton

    We must remove these anti-second amendment officials next election. No state can legislate and regulate away a citizens constitutional rights. They work for us and WILL be held accountable. It doesn't matter what political party you belong to, If you aspire to put restrictions on the public's inalienable rights you better start looking for another career!

  • C. F. T.

    Wonder when choosing between Home Rule and an simbolic, obsolete, and costly anti gun law which way $2 Danny will go? Simbolic: only law abiding citizans were inconvenianced, Obsolete: the Federal instant background check and Costly: city tax dollars have been spent to pay policemen to administer vs. fight crime, as wells as legitimate dealers lost business and the City lost tax revenue from all of us who have refused to purchase any gun within the city of Charleston since 1993.

  • Mike

    Great job on bringing these cities more in line with the people and the constitution. Good job WVCDL!

  • Doug - Martinsburg

    As one Senator said "We have to be better leaders"......WRONG. You have to listen to the citizens that put you there. You work for US.

    A big thank you goes out to the Leaders and members of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League.

  • j

    Sen. Snyder;

    if you had wanted the amendment not to be in the home rule bill, you should have let the gun bill out of your committee and let the full senate vote on it...........You and Sen. kessler were responsible for the additions to the home rule bill..............NO ONE ELSE>