U.S. Senator Joe Manchin says he was amused by a skit on Saturday Night Live this past weekend which poked fun at his press conference from last week in which he and U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) unveiled a compromised amendment to the Senate gun control bill.

Manchin wasn’t watching when the spoof opened the show, but says his phone was ringing and lighting up with text messages shortly after the airing.

Jay Pharroh played President Barack Obama and Jason Sedukis — Senator Manchin.

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  • normal

    You people are all uneducated, and crazy these comments prove it!!! Manchin finally did something smart & showed he's a Democrat, and is truly bi-Partison

  • Brian

    Bill Hill, you are right. Manchin is not alone, though. All politicians are completely self-interested. It's all about building power and winning elections. There's not much else they care about.

  • Vito

    This SNL show has no real talent, it has gone by the way of Looneytoonville !

    Sen. Joe Manchin ? He can charm the balls off of a Bull Frog. Another career politician from :Almost Heaven West Virginia ..What A Joke !

  • David Kennedy

    Joe -Bama had the chance to partner with the NRA and take the 'High Ground on national gun issues...
    (Instead he sold out to be with the 'family.)
    Wait and see how much clout the NRA has in our next election,
    (which will be the most important in this
    countries history.)
    The people are very angry, they know just who the Rino's, Carpet Baggers and Demo-craps are...few will be spared.

  • tdwv

    joe has a job for life in WV.to many uneducated voters here to ever change that fact.

    • Larry

      Sad but true.

  • Bill Hill

    During the 2008 Democratic Convention Joe Manchin sung the praises of Barack Obama. There is no way then he didn't know exactly what Obama stood for. Manchin saw the election of Barack Obama as his chance to worm his way to climb up the political latter. What we are seeing today is the true Joe Manchin, a vile hypocrite, who will say and do whatever is necessary to further his aims in political office, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

  • Lloyd

    He is not going to get my vote. Out with the traitor

    • tdwv

      2nd that. joe is a rat.

  • wvman75

    They weren't joking about him losing his job over this.

  • thornton

    Shouldn't the Manchin character be wearing a brown suit?

  • 2XLPatriot

    JoeBama is getting his 15 minutes of fame so, he doesn't care how stupid he looks. More recognition regardless of quality = more votes because his name gets thrown out in the media.

  • DWM

    If only it were true that Manchin would lose his job.

    No such luck.

    • Larry

      Yeah, the ignorant, blue dogs in this state will continue to re-elect him until he is too senile, or physically unable to keep "working", just like all of our past senators.

  • j

    This guy actually portrays manching better than he himself does..........

  • Brian

    They should have spoofed his fake cry in the photo op with Sandy Hook parents. It was shameful. Rich Rodriguez has a much better fake cry.