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A restriction on guns in city owned buildings like the community center may have to be revised under new law

Despite the consternation over how the home rule legislation emerged from the capitol on the final night of the session, South Charleston Mayor Frank Mullens believes his city will still try to become part of the pilot program.

“My lean is we will still pursue it,” said Mullens. “This gun law legislation doesn’t affect us like it does Charleston.  We don’t have all the restrictions they have.”

The one restriction which might have to change for South Charleston to qualify is to drop the prohibition on carrying weapons into a city-owned building if you have a conceal carry permit.

“The way I understand it is, we can still have our regulation that you can’t bring weapons into our community center for example, unless you have the conceal weapons permit,”  said Mullens. “I’m not crazy about that.”

Mullens said the two ideas should never have been merged into one bill, but they were and that’s what they have to live with.    Unlike Charleston, South Charleston has no restrictions on gun sales.    Mullins doesn’t like the idea of anybody carrying a weapon in city facilities, whether they have a conceal carry permit or not.

“I don’t believe we have to have anybody come into the community center for a biddy league basketball game carrying a weapon,”  said Mullens.  “I feel strongly about that.  However, that being said, there could be a lot of advantages to being a participant in home rule.”

Although he can’t say for sure, he does believe the city will go forward and apply for the home rule participation in the months ahead.

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  • Stephen

    I really do not understand why they would think that a concealed carry permit holder would be a hazard? Someone that has paid hundreds of dollars, registered themselves with the government to get and gone through a government background screening, for a concealed carry permit, is a dangerous person??? NO, the person that carries a concealed weapon without doing ANY of that is the one which everyone needs to fear. They carry a weapon for only one reason, to harm others with it. Have ANYONE EVER heard of ANY person shooting at someone and said "too bad I couldn't go to that place that bans guns..."

  • Jim

    Mullins doesn’t like the idea of anybody carrying a weapon in city facilities, whether they have a conceal carry permit or not. So, if one understands this comment correctly, attacks NEVER occur on city property? The facts just do not bear this comment out as factual. If city officials--anywhere--are so paranoid then, maybe they should find another line of work. Or to ask it another way, politicians are above the rest of us and deserve special protection?

  • craig atkins

    I agree with this Mayor, this should not have been lumped into the Home Rule bill, however it was due to the cowards Jeff Kessler, Corey Palumbo and others that would not consider the House Bill that held this common sense law. I could care less if Charleston accepts it or not, bottom line is we were heard, and these anti second amendment politicians will continue to hear us! TOO BAD FOR NANNY JONES!!!!