Charleston medical doctor Tim Deer says he went to Massachusetts General Hospital Monday to see if he could help in the minutes after the two explosions at the Boston Marathon. 


Deer, who had earlier completed the race, says he and about nine other doctors showed up to lend a helping hand but weren’t needed.

“At Mass General they were very well-staffed and I was impressed by their ability,” Deer, whose primary training is as an anesthesiologist, said. “They were able to get people to Mass General pretty quickly, it’s only about a mile away.”

Deer told his story on Charleston radio station V100 Tuesday morning.

“It’s a great event and it was a wonderful day and then this happens. I really just encourage everybody to pray for the victims and their families,” he said.

Deer and two friends, Chris Kim and Bob Dunderville, were taking pictures near the finish line when the explosions took place Monday afternoon.

“It was chaotic,” Dr. Deer said. “There were people running. A lot of emotions. No one really knew what happened, terrorism, a gas line, or what it was.”

Deer says he was evacuated from the area and then a short time later went to the hospital. He says surgeries were already taking place and some of the injured were in ICU.

Dr. Deer has completed more than a half-dozen Boston Marathons and plans on going back next year.

“The people of Boston are great people. They do a wonderful job and I don’t think we can let something like this change who we are as Americans,” Deer said.

The doctor and his fellow Charleston runners were catching a plane back home Tues. morning.

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  • Sharon K. Bonham

    I am so glad you are okay. Close call.God knew you were needed here. Welcome Home. ANd I don't blame you for keeping the faith and go on with your life and not let some jerk mess up our plans to be Americans.