Governor Earl Ray Tomblin will be announcing Wednesday the next step in education reform relating to personalized learning.

That next step will be plans to undertake a statewide review of classroom technology use and digital learning capabilities with assistance from the Alliance for Excellent Education’s Project 24.

It’s part of the governor’s education reform initiative, which began with last weeks passage of the governor’s landmark education reform bill which focuses on raising student achievement and improving our state’s education system.

The announcement will be made 3:30 Wednesday afternoon at the Governor’s Reception Room in the State Capitol.

Both former Governor Bob Wise and State Board of Education member Michael Green participate in the announcement.

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  • mntnman

    Are they ever going to ask county board members opinion on education reform? I guess not.

    • stophating

      @mntnman--- nope Dr. Phares knows everything about everything

  • ron

    Sounds like some technology business is about to make a lot of money. I am sure no one in the state has a stake in this. I have already seen millions of dollars spent on cure all software that is useless!

  • wvu999

    Teachers need and deserve a pay raise.

    • BigDave

      They will get one in about 5 weeks. When they will have the entire summer off.

      • David

        You are not correct on your idiotic statement.

      • Harpers Ferry

        Most teachers I know take a 2nd job in the summer in order to make ends meet. Learn the facts before you spout off on something you obviously know NOTHING about!!!

        • Brian

          Don't let "big" Davey get to ya H.F. -
          most every guy I've EVER meet that refers to them selves in the third-person adjective "BIG" has laughingly obvious phyical deficiences on parts of their body they keep covered.
          I actually feel sorry for the little guy.

          • stophating

            @BigDave --- Summers are actually forced layoffs without unemployment benefits.

        • MrJ

          Harpers Ferry, not knowing facts hasn't kept the uninformed from posting on this site, especially regarding education issues.

  • MrJ

    "Personalized learning"=more paperwork, less teaching.

    Uh oh, somebody must have left an education journal in the executive john in the WVDE.

    • Jon

      Your comment is not equal. It should read
      Personalized learning=more paperwork + less teaching. It has to be a balanced equation. I still think you are wrong though. I think it should read,
      Personalized learning = more classroom teaching - nightly homework for parents.

      • MrJ

        Thanks, Jon. You are correct.

        Good luck to students, teachers, and parents with this latest P.T. Barnum Cure-All.