A Kanawha County man wanted for allegedly kidnapping and raping a 13 year old girl last week is now behind bars. 


Charleston Police say Bradley Price, 34, of Elkview turned himself in on Wednesday afternoon.

He is charged with a felony abduction charge along with two counts of first degree sexual assault.

The girl was a bus stop on Charleston’s West Side when investigators claim Price, a pizza delivery driver, jumped out of his vehicle and grabbed her.

He allegedly drove her around for hours and then raped her.

Price had been on the run since last Thursday.

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  • Hangman

    It is time to bring back hanging, I have plenty of rope.

    • GregG

      I am a big supporter of "hanging", but if what I have been reading in other news outlets is true then something smells a little...NO a lot fishy about this deal. A 13 y/o girl on the street corner @ 9pm? She gets "forced" into a car and is driven around all night while this Dude is working? He even goes to a drug store and some other location? Then he takes this girl to a hotel and after he falls asleep she "escapes", doesn't call the law, but calls for her family to come and get her? There is no doubt there is some "wrong doing" here, but I still believe something isn't adding up.