State Police say a Raleigh County woman was shot and killed by troopers Thursday night after she pointed a gun at them.

The State Police is calling it a suicide-by-cop case.

Troopers say the Coal City woman called 911 and said she was going to commit suicide.

Troopers arrived on scene and were able to talk with the 47-year-old woman for a few minutes. They say she then became irritated and pointed the gun at police. They returned fire. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

The shooting took place on utility company property right behind the woman’s house in Coal City.


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  • hangman

    The way to solve this problem is, don't point a gun at the police.

  • Jethro

    It avoids lawsuits later


    If cops are barricaded behind something like they should be, why do they have to fire multiple shots? I think the law enforcement mentality right now across this state is if they shoot at us, empty your guns as soon as possible.

    • RLS

      Just as they should.


    the state police failed to tell everyone the she was ONLY CARRYING A BB GUN