The man wanted for shooting and wounding two people inside a Charleston convenience store early Saturday morning is now in police custody in Columbus, Ohio.

Charleston Police say Antonio “Shake” Collins, 32, was arrested there on Saturday night, less than 24 hours after he allegedly shot two people inside a 7-Eleven store on Charleston’s West Side early Saturday morning.

He is charged with two counts of attempted murder.

Shake Collins

Investigators say Collins bumped into Joshua Lawson, 23, of Charleston at the store at about 3:15 a.m. Saturday.

At that time, reports indicate Lawson said something to Collins and Collins allegedly took a gun out of his pants and shot Lawson in the head.

Charleston Lt. Steve Cooper says Lawson’s friend, Patrick Moore, Jr., 22, ran toward the back of the store and Collins also shot him in the face.

As of Sunday morning, both Lawson and Moore were still in critical condition at Charleston Area Medical Center.

Cooper says it appears to have been a random act, but he says detectives are still trying to determine a motive.

Cooper says surveillance video shows Collins grabbed a bottle of water after the shootings and walked through the parking lot, smiling at the girlfriend of one of the victims.

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  • fukin pisst

    If/when found guilty, amputate his arms and legs and let him fend for himself and put it on live web cam for everyone to see daily how he lives. POS

  • Larry

    Attention everyone, unless you have a job that requires it, or a severe medical emergency, there is no good reason to be out at 3 a.m.

  • DonaldB

    If President Obama had a son, he'd look like Shake Collins!!

  • Renee

    Glad they caught The Thug ! oh my did he feel"disrespected"? Who knows these days but note The age difference..these boys are in their young twenties..shooter, 32. What's he trying to prove other than total disregard for human life..i just hope and pray these young men recover well and that shakes gets what he deserves to The fullest extent. Someone like that is depraved and needs locked up for life. Makes me furious..he will still have his life..his health... and the funding of taxpayer dollars to have his basic needs taken care fof.

    • Renee

      Of*..and people like this wont be stopped by any new gun laws..its The attitude and coldness of mankind that can't be controlled . All we really have that could be more effective are more threatening consequences

  • jd,harris

    have to be a coward to do a thing like that.

  • me

    Oh and since we have video of the crime. No need for a trial just a hanging or someone shot this bastard in the head like his victims

  • me

    What has this world come to when you bump into someone and they pull and gun out and shoot you. What happened t the days when you just fight like men and settle it.
    Its a shame that people would take another persons life for something like this.

    • Paul

      It's a black culture thing.

      • Jim

        Wow, Paul! What an ignorant statement. Welcome to 2013!

        • DonaldB

          Yes, it is 2013 and “Birth of a Nation” was about 1913—and the portrayal then has been proven

  • chas

    tw eagle : you are absolutely correct. until we start removing this type of scum from the earth , no law & respect & no re-guard for human life will exist .

  • tw eagle

    stake him out in the 7-11 parking lot and let anyone interested use him for target practice . . .leave body for the dogs

  • wvtd

    hang him.

  • Jon

    I bet the gun he had in his possession was illegally obtained and no amount of background checks would have stopped him. Lock him up and throw the key away.

    • Jim


      Way to go! You assume that he obtained the gun illegally. Maybe I should assume he bought the gun a couple of days ago at a gun show or from an individual and did not go through a background check. Maybe I should assume he has a felonius background or mental health issues and should not own a gun for the safety of all of society.

      You have to be careful when you make those kind of assumptions.

      • DonaldB

        He assumed nothing,, other than he would win a bet..

      • hillbilly

        And when guns are outlawed, these are the only kind of people who will still have guns.


    Burn him at the stake!

  • wvman75

    And they want to infringe on my Constitutional rights....

    What's wrong with this picture?

    • Jim

      Dear wvman75,

      So, what I hear you saying is that if the other men would have had a gun, then they could have defended themselves? I don't think so. Probably would have been a shootout and more lives would have been lost. This crazy fool should not have had a gun in the first place!!!

      • DonaldB

        wonder how he passed the back-ground check?