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Junior college transfer Dreamius Smith looks for running room after catching a screen pass in Saturday’s Gold-Blue spring game.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Two carries by Dreamius Smith during Saturday’s Blue-Gold game displayed the power-speed combo for which he has been touted.

The strength: A short-yardage run on which Smith was spun around and continued to backpedal, dragging the pile of tacklers for another 5 yards.

The burst: An inside handoff that Smith bounced outside, gliding around the edge and outrunning the safety to the boundary for a 15-yard gain.

Smith, a transfer from Butler (Kan.) Community College, was not allowed to speak with the media this spring — a Dana Holgorsen policy that applied to all early enrollees — but those runs told West Virginia fans plenty about Smith’s ability.

“He’s shown some flashes,” Holgorsen said.

The 215-pound Smith finished with seven carries for 38 yards in the spring game and also made one catch, taking a quick screen 8 yards. His receiving ability, so crucial in Holgerson’s attack, has been on display during some of the media viewing sessions this spring. That comes on the heels of making 16 catches as a sophomore at Butler, where he was a part of a three-man rotation at tailback.

“We’re asking more of him than he’s been asked in the past — from a practice standpoint to a receiving standpoint to a pass-blocking standpoint and from a running standpoint,” Holgorsen said. “He does some things pretty good and then gets worn down and doesn’t look very good. That’s a typical new guy.”

Dustin Garrison isn’t a new guy, though his surgically repaired knee looked new again as the junior gained a team-high 51 on only seven carries. Add to the mix returning starter Andrew Buie — who sat out the Blue-Gold game with a pulled hamstring — and freshman Wendell Smallwood, and Holgorsen said the running back unit seems far deeper than last season.

“I like where we are at at running back,” he said. “I think we’re in good shape. Best shape we’ve been in since I’ve been here.”

That means fewer games in which one back must carry the load, a scenario that clearly hampered Buie during the second half of last season. His hamstring injury not considered serious, Buie credited the rotation with showing its versatility this spring.

“I feel like we’ve got a diverse mixture of guys,” the junior said. “I’ve got hands to catch that rock. Dustin has good hands and Dreamius has good hands. I think any guy can be at any spot at any moment.”

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  • Frank Lincoln

    What nonsense.

  • Justin

    We have 3 potential 1st round picks and maybe even 2 potential top 10 teams in this years draft so please explain how we couldnt even win a bowl game Cuse? I mean really the D didnt play terrible in the bowl.

  • roger

    Mark my word you all hell and not hill that is billies this coach is no good and he was out coached by everyone who played WVU last year

    • cutty77

      You never went to Grade School either.

  • John

    Grammar Lesson #2 for Chad:

    "Jus don't give no craps is a double negative and it actually means that you do give a crap. Just trying to help.

    • chad

      Dahdblamit your right. Tanks

      • chad

        Oh and I really don't care how often he says standpoint either. I just find it funny how often he says it.

  • Charles

    Dana will produce his share. Don't worry. Might be one or two already on the roster.

  • cutty77

    The Smith Kid can play. The line will better next year We have 4 different Running Backs,and all are very good. As for Dana Drinking i was with him last night for about 5 hrs at a drinking event,never saw him take one drink. Do you know of any HC in College that doesn't drink from time to time. I'm not interested in a Preacher,or a Priest. I want a Good and Smart Football Coach that wants to be here. By the way you will see Dana on TV before and During The Draft Coverage. In The Last 2 years as HC at WVU we will have 3 First Round Draft picks.Tell the last time that has ever happened at WVU.

    • chad

      Interesting, those guys were all Stewart recruits

  • Joel

    No one should 'expect' much from the 2013 squad. Rebuilding at virtually every position.

    If we go 6-6 you should be thankful.
    Building for the future.

  • big tom

    dana coughs more than anyone i kwow,,and he was coughing when named HC and he still does... does he have a health problem or what.

    • Dave

      PROBABLY drinking problem....wonder if him and Huggs hang out!!!

  • chad

    Dana 's favorite word has got to be "standpoint" he says standpoint more than anybody I've ever heard.

    Here is a new take on an old drinking game. Everytime Dana says "standpoint" during a presser everyone take a drink. You'll be bombed 5 minutes in

    • Stan

      Before you criticize someone's language, you may want to look at your own. First, "everytime" is not a word, it is every (space) time. Second, "you'll be bombed 5 minutes in" is ending in a preposition, which contrary to popular opinion is actually allowed, but is not considered "good" grammar. Would be better as, "you'll be bombed in 5 minutes." Thanks

      • Hilleo

        He! He! He! I'll b double danged if u didn't tell him. Ant that good @ riten & spellin myself but enjoyed the put down. For now Hogie is the man & I don't care how many times he says same word as long as he brings the program up. U grammar fellers r rite silly sometimes. Thank ye

      • chad

        Thanks there Captain Grammer. I was making a joke, not criticizing so lighten up on the grammer lesson cuz I jus dont give no craps

  • Shawn

    Stone Underwood will come in and start...that will take care of your center spot. The rest will fall into place. You have to remember they have only been working on the run game aspect so far and the rest will follow.

    • Wemakerain

      I agree, I think that will move over Orlosky and that will basically solve everything. Poor kid hasn't played center since he was a freshman in high school so he isn't used to getting hit in the mouth with only 1 hand to protect himself. It'll all work out

  • bilbo

    If that line doesn't toughen up, I don't think it matters if Dreamius Smith or my sister are taking the handoffs. Losing Jenkins helped the left side, but now the center and both guards are weak. Dan Moses and Ryan Stanchek, help!

    • Dave

      Yeah, losing Jenkins will absolutely help. I am from Parkersburg where Jenkins graduated at PHS. He was heavily recruited, even by Notre Dame. Too bad Notre Dame never signed him!!! Complete dissappointment and highly overrated.