The North Dakota television career of a West Virginia University graduate was short-lived.

KFYR video capture

A.J. Clemente’s on-air F-bomb led to his firing Monday.

A.J. Clemente was fired Monday morning, the day after using profanity during his first, and subsequently last, news broadcast. The video of the broadcast has gone viral.

Clemente didn’t know his microphone was on when he whispered the profanities on KFYR in Bismark, N.D. He initially was suspended Sunday night, when news director Monica Hannan wrote on the station’s Facebook page:

“I want to apologize for an incident that occurred prior to our early newscast this evening, when one of our employees used profanity on air. … He did not realize his microphone was on, but still, that’s no excuse. We train our reporters to always assume that any microphone is live at any time. Unfortunately, that was not enough in this case. We can’t take back what was said. The person involved has been suspended until we resolve the situation. All we can do at this point is ask for your forgiveness, and I can offer my personal assurance that I will do my best to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again under my watch.”

Station management fired Clemente Monday morning, at which time Clemente addressed the incident in two Tweets:

♦ “Unfortunately KFYRTV has decided to let me go. Thank you to them and everyone in ND for the opportunity and everyone for the support.”

♦ “Rookie mistake. I’m a free agent.Cant help but laugh at myself and stay positive.Wish i didnt trip over my “Freaking Shoes” out of the gate.”


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  • thornton

    The apology speaks louder and worse than the action.
    Making excuses early and ignoring a bad action is a wonderful path to habit.
    The world will indeed still spin following this...I do imagine the world may even be blamed for spinning now.

  • andy

    He seems like a good guy and big deal - we all make mistakes; especially on our first shot at anchoring. He'll land on his feet again.

    • Larry

      I doubt it. That is one he won't recover from, you'll see him selling cars or insurance in the future.

  • Teufel

    Big deal, he didn't do anything a lot of seasoned anchors haven't. Just a minor set back he will recover and laugh about this one for years to come

  • Harpers Ferry

    Joe Manchin should make a law that requires background checks for speech.

    • wvfarmer

      Now, this was funny - LOL

  • Michael

    Come on Cappy, this is just a guy who made a mistake. Give the "one more thing for WV to made fun about" excuse. For goodness sake, it was a station in North Dakota. No one, not even our WV Grad wants to be in ND.

    • CaptainQ

      A.J. apparently wanted to be there, why else did he go through all the trouble of applying for the job, going to the job interview and then getting selected for that job?

      Michael, some in the outside media just LOVE to lampoon WV for anything that can. Remember a few years ago when ALL of the late night talk show hosts BLASTED the Mountain State for passing the "Roadkill Bill"? The video of AJ's on air blunder's gone viral so it's only a matter of time that the WVU connection is made and then give a lot of comedians fresh material.

      I don't like it, but why deny the truth?

      • Larry

        You're right.

  • Melvin Meade

    Didn't VP Biden do the same thing and he didn't get fired... just asking

  • pc

    Well he and Phil Kabler of the Gazette are both grads of WVU's Journalism School- - -sort of sums it up nicely don't you think?

  • Greg

    And this news why? Is he from WV or just a grad.

    • Larry

      I would say just a grad, looks to be from PA or NJ.

      • Mike

        He is not from West Virginia. He graduated from WVU.

  • Brian

    Ya know....., the young man obviously made a huge mistake - but I am also certain %99 of the cursing/fumbling through his opening statement was simply a bad case of nerves. This country has everything so bassakwards that we encourage (even celebrate) on a DAILY basis television that propogates; reality shows, profanity, gun violence, nudity, Jerry Springer, authority bashing and whatever horse dung is out there - but the "holier-than-thou" crowd makes this poor kid seem like villian?

    Here are some stones you glasshouse folks.


      Wow you are so right. How many professional athletes and Hollywood stars have committed the same and even worse social and professional atrocities but yet they aren't held accountable. Buckwild is a prime example right here in this state! Lindsay Lohan is another. I won't any cite any professional athlete screw ups, they are too numerous to mention!

  • Jim N Charleston

    F$&-+%@g $#!+. Wow! He's following right in the footsteps of Secretary of State Natalie Tenant.

    He'll probably end up being the Governor of the State one day.

  • thornton

    “Unfortunately KFYRTV has decided to let me go. Thank you to them and everyone in ND for the opportunity and everyone for the support.”

    Unfortunately? Support?
    If Clemente thinks that was a proper apology then the station was both wise and lucky to shed him so quickly.
    I'm guessing they need to tighten up the job interviewer skills at the station.

  • CaptainQ

    Was he with the station long enough to get his parking validated?

    I'll bet all the late night comedians will have much BETTER jokes on A.J. than this one!

  • WVU 74

    Long ago, WVU had a very good Journalism School. However, that was then.

    So A.J., what is that WVU degree going to get you now? Immortality on YouTube!

  • Roger

    Even made the Drudge Report.

  • hangman

    I am glade the #%^*@*, got fired.