MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia Radio Corporation, West Virginia’s largest privately owned media firm, announced plans Tuesday morning to construct a new corporate headquarters building in downtown Morgantown.

The multi-million dollar project includes 3,900 square foot of new construction coupled with 10,800 square feet of renovation at 260 Spruce Street in Morgantown, formerly a Greer Industries newspaper printing facility until moving to Sabraton in 1968.

When complete the new building will house the corporate headquarters of West Virginia Radio Corporation – Pikewood Creative, the firm’s Emmy Award winning creative agency and post-production house – West Virginia Radio Corporation Interactive – and advanced audio/video talk show studios for the MetroNews Radio Network.

WVRC president Dale Miller said, “With our expanding radio operations throughout the state, the growth of our radio network and the increasing demand for Pikewood Creative’s high-end video work, it was time to build a permanent headquarters facility that employs both state-of-the-art technology and encourages creative collaboration.”

The building at 260 Spruce Street has been used most recently as the home of the Mountaineer Boys and Girls Club. They will be moving next month to the former Woodburn School Building in Morgantown that was vacated when Eastwood School opened this spring.

Renovation of the 89-year-old building will include gutting the interior of the structure, window replacement, installation of new doors, modern HVAC systems, upgraded electrical services and installation of an elevator in the four-story building.

In making the announcement, WVRC chairman John Raese added, “We want to be respectful of the history and design of this great old building and are committed to returning it, as much as possible, to its original design and appearance”.

Raese’s grandfather, Herbert Greer, designed the original Morgantown New Dominion/Morgantown News building in the 1920s.

Lead architect and design supervisor John Sausen of Omni Associates said construction should take between seven and nine months.

Morgantown Mayor Jim Manilla and Mainstreet Morgantown executive director Terri Cutright attended the groundbreaking ceremonies.

West Virginia Radio Corporation is a division of Greer Industries and operates 26-radio stations across West Virginia and western Maryland as well as the 62-station MetroNews Radio Network.


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  • wvpatriot

    It amazes me how much hatred people have for a man they really don't even know. A man who employees many of their fellow WV citizens and a man, had they been smart enough to vote for, wouldn't have sold them out for an Obama promise. John Raese would have stood up and fought for WV and her citizens instead of selling out to Washington, authoring a gun bill or continuing to support millions of dollars for abortions for Planned Parenthood. I've been lucky to know this man, his wife, and a few of his wonderful employees, who ARE in his mind his family. They are the best people ever and I am proud to have known 0John and Liz Raese for the past 4 years. It has been my extreme honor to call him a friend! YOU GO JOHN - GIVEN 'EM HELL! If Morgantown can't appreciate what you bring to their community, we'll happily take you here in the Eastern Panhandle!

  • kmom93

    it's great to see a downtown building get rehabbed and used rather than tearing it down and making a parking lot or "modern" building. i wish all WV businesses and municipalities took our architectural and visual history of this state so seriously, restoring solid structures to house businesses. We are losing more of our history this way every year. Good one on Greer - i wish Charleston would do this more often.

  • cutty77

    Mayberry Radio Station is getting Home. LOL

  • Pappy Parker

    Hopefully Pikewood does a better job of focusing the camera than whoever shot the press conference. Yikes!

  • Hop'sHip

    For what did Pikewood Creative win an Emmy? Maybe they should put those people to work on improving JR's image. Now that would take some creativity.

  • wvrefugee

    Awesome! Now maybe there will be more dump trucks in our downtown!! :o)

  • Greg

    Wonder how long it'll be before the EPA is after JR for doing something illegal like they they did at his golf course?

  • CaptainQ

    John Rease must be very proud of this development. Good for him!

  • Big John

    It must be that WV Radio has already won the rebid?

  • JL

    You know, people can say what they want about John Raese especially because of his political runs but he DOES employee West Virginians and he DOES provide a lot of good jobs for people.

  • Elliott

    Can you post the renderings of the facility?

    • Elliott

      Thank you!

  • ShinnstonGuy

    That's great. Just the other day I was thinking about a fast-food franchise opportunity and thought how nice it would be in downtown instead of Evansdale, but then I took a pause and wondered, "Who actually works downtown for there to a lunch rush?" Now at least we know of one office that will be working downtown!

  • cutty77

    Now you know where all of WVU Money went.LOL


      WV Radio is getting this new building so they can be ready when they get The 3rd-Tier media rights! Why was OLIVER LUCK not at this press conference?

    • JL

      Into Drew Payne's pocket.....