The upgrades continue for Morgantown High’s athletic facilities at Pony Lewis Field as the Mohigans unveiled the most recent addition, a brand multipurpose building that will house home and visiting locker rooms for football, soccer and lacrosse.

“It’s long overdue,” said Morgantown head football coach John Bowers. “We have some of the best student athletes in the state and they deserve a nice locker room. It’s a beautiful facility to call their own and they’re very blessed in this area to have this.”

There’s also plenty of more room in the new the facility as it totals 130 lockers for the Mohigans.

“The lockers are state of the art, we have a nice little coaches office, a huge equipment room that can house all of our needs,” Bowers said. “It’s adequate for the program that we try to run. We take football, and athletics in general, very seriously here at Morgantown High. It’s so nice that our kids have a place that mirrors that.”

The old locker room facilities Morgantown had been using were built back in 1988. In all, it’s part of a renovating process that, over the past couple of years, has included new field turf, new home bleachers and new lighting to Pony Lewis Field.

“If there’s a better facility in the state, I would like to see it,” Bowers said. “This is pretty state of the art, it’s pretty nice and we’re very, very blessed.”


*Video by C.J. Ricker

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  • Joe


    Thanks to you and all members for many wonderful performances through the years. My immediate and extended families, as well as those many, many alumni across the country/world are proud of The Pride and their long place among the elite performance/marching bands of the world. Only wish I had the talent to make the squad in the 80's!

    Prunty/Chad - I can handle the insults, but I'd recommend not going after The Pride of West Virginia.

  • Aaron

    @Chad: Really don't know. I was too busy working and using my talent to accomplish something you couldn't even comprehend. Lol. Maybe you can stand outside the stadium and take a poll? Better yet, how about practicing for about eight years and then trying it yourself. Heh heh heh.

  • Joe


    Respectfully, your comments are way out of line. I asked a relevant question, not attack athletics funding.

    And, for the record, I was in the MHS band and participated in my sudent organizations; including, AV, yearbook and science fair.

    Also, I was selected to the WV 2nd team all-state baseball team.

    Chad - the Pride of WV performance is as big a part of my families, and many families, Saturdays then you could obviously know.

  • Chad

    Aaron, how many of those 50,000 were there to see you and the band?

    • Harpers Ferry

      How many football players at MHS go on to play in the NFL? How many play major D1 football? The emphasis should be on academics since that will get a student further than football will.

  • Aaron

    Hey Prunytown, does the point Joe made sting a bit? I'm glad that Morgantown is getting athletic upgrades, but Joe's query is a valid one. Furthermore, the article is ALSO about funding, so Joe is welcome to make the point.

    Btw, I DID get plenty of trophies playing lead trumpet in high school and then plenty of satisfaction doing the same in The Pride of WV. So I wore a uniform and WAS on the field in college in front of 50,000 or so people every home game....what did you do?

    Don't start something that you won't be able to finish. Us band guys and AV types now sign your paychecks and give you jobs. While you're getting free money, us "geeks" are actually paying taxes and supporting folks like you. Maybe you should thank Joe instead of berating him.

  • Joe

    MHS also has some of the best science and mathematics students in the state. Can someone in the know post the latest plan and commitment to upgrade the resources supporting these students? Thanks in advance.

    • Pruntytown

      I'm sorry did someone not get a trophy for playing in the band when he was in high school. This is an article about the football team and athletic program not science and mathmatics. Thank goodness there is always the AV club for people like you.