The Co-Founder of No Labels, an organization that promotes problem solving over party politics, is visiting West Virginia.

“No Labels means you can have your label, I can have my label, but there’s times when we kind of need to put our labels aside and work to problem solve on the various issues that the country needs us to work on,” Clarine Nardi Riddle said.

Riddle was in Monongalia County on Thursday to speak at the West Virginia University Center for Civic Engagement’s Engagement Celebration.  It was held at Lakeview Resort.

The events for No Labels were scheduled to continue on Friday on WVU’s Morgantown campus as part of the Week of Engagement.

Riddle says citizens understand that cooperation among elected officials is important.

“A lot of people outside the beltway can see that we really need members of Congress to sit down together, get to know each other, tell the full truth, govern for the future, put the country first, be responsible, but always try to work together,” Riddle said on Thursday’s MetroNews Talkline.

Riddle knows her way around Washington, D.C.  She now works as a consultant but formerly served as U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman Chief of Staff.

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat, and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, a Republican, are the national leaders for No Labels.

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  • CaptainQ

    Joe Manchin, one of the leaders of "No Labels?" Really? I can think of a LOT of 'labels' many people in West Virginia NOW want to place on Senator Manchin. If I mentioned some of them here, this post would be censored by the MB moderator. LOL

  • B. Williams

    When people can only repeat the talking points from Hannity, Beck, and Limbaugh, (as above) there is little hope for our once great country. Thankfully more and more people are realizing that talking heads like these spew their rhetoric with an eye towards profits, not solving any problem. Aren't these the same people who told you repeatedly and adamantly that the polls actually showed Romney was going to walk away with the election.

    • Roger

      Mr. Williams, what talking points are you referring to? What specific rhetoric are you talking about? I'm confused about your comment.

  • C.Hoffman

    The problem as I see it is how do you reach a consensus with an idealogy that ignores the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the rule of law? How do you reach a consensus with a party that will only moderate as to their issues not yours? How do you reach a consensus with parties that exempt themselves from the rules they dictate other follows? How do you reach a consensus with liars, cheats, thieves and traitors that are against the very people they claim to represent?

    • wv4evah

      Yes, I agree it's impossible to deal rationally with Republicans.