Geno Smith stayed in New York for Round 2 and now he’s apparently staying there to start his NFL career.

The Jets made Smith their selection at No. 39 overall, a pick that had NFL Network analyst Rich Eisen chortling, “If we could only have a camera on Mark Sanchez right now!”

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The sad face Geno Smith sported Thursday night was replaced by elation when he was picked by the New York Jets at No. 39 on Friday.

Smith, so despondent after being bypassed in the first round on Thursday night, sounded far more energized Friday evening. From the stage of Radio City Music Hall, the WVU standout said: “I’m ready to compete, ready to go in there and try to win a starting job.”

He then told Jets fans, “We’re going to the playoffs next year.”

Not everyone was surprised to see Smith slip into the second round.

“When I look at him, to be brutally honest, I think he fell right where he should have been, based on his tape,” NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock said. “There are four or five games that are not even worthy of a fifth-round grade. There are others where you say he’s a first-round pick.”

While Jets waded shoulder-deep into a quarterbacking controversy by acquiring Tim Tebow last season, their selection of Smith figures to stimulate more drama. New York gave Sanchez a three-year extension before last season, but the $37.75 million due from 2014-2016 is not guaranteed.

While acknowledging New York needed to address its poor quarterback play in light of Sanchez’s struggles, former NFL general manager Charley Casserly warned Smith isn’t prepared to excel as a rookie.

“No, he is not ready to start, and this is not me being negative because he was my No. 1-rated quarterback,” Casserly said. “But everybody I talked to said the best thing for this guy was to sit for a year and learn.”

The Jets reportedly were primed to pounce on Tavon Austin at No. 9 overall before St. Louis traded up to the eighth slot on Thursday.

Assuming subsequent picks played out in similar fashion, that means the Jets nearly paired Smith with his former college teammate.

A glimpse at the teams with quarterback issues who passed on Smith early in Friday’s second round:

Jacksonville picks FIU safety John Cyprien at No. 33. The Jaguars were thought to be leaking confidence in Blaine Gabbert, the No. 10 overall pick from 2011 who has 21 touchdowns and 17 interceptions in 24 starts. And his backup is five-year pro Chad Henne, who sports more career picks (48) than touchdowns (42). But Cyprien addressed a need after Jacksonville lost four members from last season’s secondary.

Though Smith might have welcomed the chance to launch an NFL career in his home state, well, it’s Jacksonville.

Philadelphia selects Stanford tight end Zach Ertz at No. 35. The Eagles have Michael Vick re-signed to a 1-year deal, but he turns 33 in June and is coming off two turnover-doomed seasons that produced only a 10-13 record as a starter.

Rookie Nick Foles appeared in seven games last season and was a mistake machine himself (six interceptions and five fumbles). In February, Philadelphia added five-year journeyman Dennis Dixon, whose nondescript NFL career followed a senior season in which he flourished at Oregon under Kelly’s tutelage as offensive coordinator.

Arizona trades No. 38 pick to San Diego: The Cardinals replaced Kevin Kolb and John Skelton with 33-year-old Carson Palmer and sixth-year free agent Drew Stanton. Palmer restructured his Raiders contract upon coming over from Oakland and has two years remaining at a cap-friendly rate.

Instead, the Cardinals traded the spot to the Chargers who selected pre-draft drama king Manti Te’o.

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  • lee arthur

    Surprised he got drafted so soon. Fourth round is more appropate for him.

  • Helen5844

    A lot of Jets fans seemed to want him, while the Jags did not. I am glad he is with a team that wants him. I also hope he is proud to be a Jet and does his best every time he gets on the field. If he does he will continue to improve and will become a great QB.

  • Alum

    Congratulations Geno.

  • cutty77

    To The Fan,
    Geno maybe the one that Starts The Jets on The Right Course.WVU Football has got more Pub. in The last 2 days,than anybody else. Both nights Geno Looked very Clean in his dress,really looked good last night.Very Classy Young Man.Give Geno Time,he will be fine. I bet before Monday he will sign a Couple of Nice Marketing Deals.Thats New York Baby.

  • The Fan

    Poor Geno sad to see him go to a team that is awful and will never be any good.

  • Hoffy

    Best of luck to Geno. Despite what everyone says, there is really no way of knowing how it will work out for him.
    Need to give it time.
    No disrespect intended. I would love to see him succeed, and not because of his association with WVU, but more importantly, for him as a young person going out into a competitive job market and having a whole and satisfying experience in life.
    Live the dream, Geno!

  • chris

    St louis should have taken him, they now have tavon and stedman all 3 of them there would have been interesting

  • John weaver

    Yes, he was drafted but did he stay for the draft or not. That is all that matters. We must always please ESPN.
    Best wishes Geno Smith for a a fruitful career but more importantly a life filled with joy and intellectual challenges and satisfaction.

  • cindi silvestrucci

    Good luck, Geno Mountanineer nation will always love you, will always be grateful what you did while in WV.. and will always be rooting for you. Prove them wrong just like in Orange Bowl

  • Joe

    Congratulations, Geno!

    I am sure if you asked Brady, Brees or Rodgers, they would advise you to let that fire inside you to keep burning.

    The Jets are lucky to have you!

  • tony

    i know its a mess but i dont see how it can get worse in ny. after sanchez and tebow go, we can settle down some. it will take a few years..but this is a good place for him

  • cutty77

    Good For Geno. He is in The Maketing Capital of The World too. My one question can he hold up to THE CRAZY NEW YORK MEDIA.

    • tw eagle

      the idiot QB for the giants is the 'darling' - smith will be lucky to be second fiddle , even if he gets a chance . . .ryan and his going
      nowhere 'plan' will likely get swept out in December after missing the p/o again. . .
      one qb will be held over as the new crew
      will draft a 'franchise' QB , maybe manziel
      if they are bad enough this coming season. . .
      hope smith gets a lot of guaranteed money up front . . ..

      • Bob

        Manziel couldn't carry Geno's athletic supporter.
        As Dana said, "He'll be a good pro and for a long time".
        All the best to Geno, Tavon and Stedman.

        • lee arthur

          Bob you're dillusional.

  • rose

    Congrats to Geno Smith and best wishes in the future for a long, healthy and productive football career!

  • tw eagle

    well , it's certainly official now . . .the front office of the ny jets AIN'T got a clue . . .at least smith will have a check to cash . . .

    BUT , in the grand scheme of the jets , just which stooge is smith going to be? LARRY ,
    CURLY , or MOE ?

  • CaptainQ

    So, Geno's a New York Jet now!

    Is this necessarily a GOOD thing for him?

    Let's face it, the Jets are a CIRCUS right now! If the team doesn't start winning FAST, Coach Rex Ryan will be gone long before the season ends. And will Tim Tebow be a factor or will he be cut from the team now that Geno's here?

    No doubt about it, the New York Jets ARE the 'Drama Kings' of the NFL. I sure hope Geno's got a thick skin because the news/sports media in the Big Apple are probably by far the toughest, nastiest and meanest bunch in the country!

    Good luck as a Jet, Geno! (You're REALLY gonna need it!)