For the second time in two days the St. Louis Rams selected a West Virginia wide receiver, expending a third-round pick on Stedman Bailey.

The Rams traded up to nab Tavon Austin in Thursday’s first round with the No. 8 pick, and on Friday they used the 92nd overall selection on Bailey. Both players made 114 catches last season at WVU, forming an unmatched duo.

“Both of them had outstanding workouts,” said Rams coach Jeff Fisher. “We had them on the board based on their grades, not based on what school they attended. (Bailey) was up there. He was high and it was a great opportunity for us.

“What we’ve done now is we’ve filled a couple of spots out there. We’re going to lobby with the league to see if we can play with more than one ball. We’re going to need more than one ball.”

Bailey was a Biletnikoff Award finalist who led the nation with 25 receiving touchdowns. Though Bailey’s measurables didn’t show the kind of burner speed Austin has, he was able to get behind defensive backs in college.

“He plays fast,” said Fisher.
Added general manager Les Snead: “He probably ran at the combine 4.51, but he plays faster. He has good acceleration after the start. He’s a deceptive player.”
The fourth-year junior decided in to skip his senior year after receiving a third-round grade from the NFL scouts, a forecast that proved accurate.
Snead said the Rams quarterbacks were so impressed by Bailey it influenced management’s decision to draft him.
“To hear the quarterback say, ‘This guy is 5’11, whatever, but it’s like throwing to a 6-foot-3 guy. He goes up and gets the ball,’” Snead said. “So I think that private workout really helped solidify that pick for us.”
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  • JimC

    I just installed a SL Rams app in my I-PHONE.

  • joey

    i believe stedman is as good as any one, he runs good routes, comes back after the ball, has great hands, hard to catch from behind. i will keep an eye on the rams.

  • Rattler777

    Long year ahead. No depth and no experience at QB. Lets hope Tricket comes our way this week

  • Sabina S. Moran

    I'll be watching more than one Pro football (Steeler Fan) team this year. I believe the Ram's have acquired two players that will give them years of W's, plus excitement.

  • Helen5844

    I will miss Tavon and Stedman, but I am very happy for both of them. Looking forward to watching both of them on Sundays. Never liked the Jets, but I do now!!!!
    We are going to do better this year, just wait and see. We will win at least 8, maybe 9 games. LETS GOOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS

  • jwg66

    Sure they can do better. The offense will still score points. We really need to figure out how to get stops. We were literally just a few points from 2-3 more W's with a D that could not stop the pass and had melt down's at the worst possible times. I have to think that the coaching changes on D will help with that. But win or not, I already know what I'll be doing on Sat's in the fall. Go Mountaineers!

  • ed

    Worst team in a decade? WOW

    • Will

      Worst team in a decade is a real possibility. Last year's team was just that with its 7-6 record so to avoid being the worst, this year's team has to do better than last year's, and I'm not so sure they can. We'll see. I hope I'm wrong. Here are the number of losses each year since '02: 4, 5, 4, 1, 2, 2, 4, 4, 4, 3, 6. Let's Goooooooo Mountaineers!! Prove me wrong please.

  • Joe

    Wow! Sam has probably not slept knowing he has the WVU tandem now!

    Jeff Fisher is an astute judge of on-field talent. I'm a Steeler fan, but will absolutely be following the Rams this season.

  • Bob

    All the best, Stedman. You will be an outstanding pro for many years.

  • Paul

    Welcome to the new and improved Greatest Show on Turf. WVU version!!

  • richard

    Tevon??? who is that?

    • cutty77

      He got excited,give him a break LOL Richard is trying to be quick like Tavon. The New Greatest Show on Turf. Nice

  • George

    Every since Don Shula left the then Baltimore Colts and took half of the starters to Miami, I have been a Dolphins Fan. However, with Tevon and Sted being RAMs, it looks like I'm now a St. Louis Fan and I have this need for a Tevon Austin St. Louis Rams Jersey.............

    Tevon is the most exciting player to come into the NFL in ages. This guy is fun to watch!!!!! I think he is still running against Oklahoma, for he was a ghost to them on the field.

  • bva24

    Stedman made the right choice. He was not going to benefit from a year of playing on what could be the worst WVU team in a decade.

    You go to the league when you are hot. He wasn't catching 25 TD's at WVU this year. Think about Barkley. He was a sure fire first rounder last year. He came back, struggled on a bad team, and is still waiting to be picked.

  • tony

    i know this sounds weird to pee on the parade here but i really think he may have done better this year if he stayed one more. i know geno and tavon are gone but i think he may have done better when the other 2 werent crowding the thoughts of everyone. for us, wow..what a draft. it may be a long time again before wvu folk have so dominanted the talk.. lets hope not..congrads, stedman!!

    • Pudge

      I don't know. He and Tavon took the heat off each other. Defenses couldn't dial in on just one. He wouldn't have had that (or Geno) this season.

      • Wemakerain

        Plus he has a baby to take care of, IMO he made the responsible choice and left with his graduating class. He gave the school 4 years (redshirt) and take the guaranteed paycheck, one never knows when one has a career ending injury

    • Rattler777

      Did u see the spring game? No on to throw Stedman the ball. He was smart to get out he will work same at St Louis

  • Hoffy

    This could be intriguing to watch. St. Louis got themselves a couple of weapons.