Charleston police are looking for a Canton, Ohio, man they believe was the fourth man who robbed two men in downtown Charleston on April 21.

Timothy Schmachtenberger is charged with two counts of first-degree robbery.

Detectives said warrants were issued Monday for Timothy Schmachtenberger, 22. He’s charged with two counts of first-degree robbery.

Police allege Schmachtenberger was with University of Charleston students Terrell Lipkins, Robbie Dreher and Quincy Washington when they allegedly attacked Patrick Morrison and Andrew Rude after the victims left a downtown bar.

Lipkins, Dreher and Washington have been kicked off the UC basketball team and removed from the UC dorms.

Charleston police said they believe Schmachtenberger has left the Charleston area but hasn’t necessarily returned to Canton.


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  • Courtney

    People make mistakes believe it or not. They're all good kids who didn't think about their actions prior! Do they deserve punishment...Yes, by all means. However, this situation does not need to be blown any more out of proportion then it has been. There are no race issues involved. They are not bad people, they made a bad choice. I feel for the victims but i also feel for the suspects..young kids who threw their future away in the span of 30 minutes

  • Justice

    This situation is crazy...Lipkins is out of jail and the other 2 young men are still behind bars when Lipkins was caught on film he used the cards and assault the men. I coulda sworn the men already identified Lipkins and another male...But He's out...FISHY to me...I'm praying that the real truth is revealed..It's strange how he from the same place...I won't judge I'll let GOD handle that...

  • God knows

    This is so crazy. So the other guy( the original suspect, third and only other suspect) is from the same place as Lipkins?
    So did Lipkins sacrifice an innocent person to cover for his hometown friend or family member? Will the police see that? I am surprise at the media. They published the story about three suspects describe by the victims. Is all they want is to sell papers and have their ratings go up, no one is interested in the truth, that Washington is innocent. As I looked at the video of them coming out the bar and his picture, Washington's description would be unique, because of his hair cut. Not one of the articles or even the victim's description indicated a black male with a high top hair cut or what he had on. But they could tell us what Lipkins and Dreher had on, and now the "quote, white male" which is some connection to Lipkins. Lord have mercy on the media and the police department. Mr. Jenkins, please check your story, don't any red flags come to your attention? There is no fourth suspect. How long can a person be held for a crime they did not commit? Maybe the police need to get Lipkins back in for questioning and maybe this time he will tell who the Timothy guy really is. My Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do. Can we stop crucifying the innocent?

  • JoeJoe

    Cowardly thugs. I wonder if these could be considered hate crimes?? Where are the Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?? Why are they not out grandstanding for the TV cameras?? Oh yeah, the victims are white and the perps are black. Hmmmm.


      I agree 100%.

  • Brian

    I'm surprised the racist hicks aren't here calling for the death penalty.

    • DonaldB

      Shut-UP!! and untill you have something worth while to contribute-- REMAIN SILENT!! you have that right,, but I'm sure you already knew that as you have probably been informed of that more than once....


      He will have plenty of time to 'SHAKE' in prison! Just a another low-life thug!


      Well gee if the victims were black the NAACP, Rev Sharpton and Rev Jackson would be everywhere asking for swift justice. But nowhere to be found since these criminals are black.

  • chas

    going to be interesting how THIS PLAYS OUT in the " please don't do this again " justice system- IF they are first timers.