A Wyoming County man is in custody after allegedly murdering his mother.

Wyoming County Sheriff Randall Aliff told MetroNews deputies have charged Josh May, 30, of Saulsville, in the Monday morning death of 63-year-old Sandra May, also of Saulsville.

Her body was found inside the house the two shared. Aliff said the death happened around 9 a.m. during an argument.

“It may have started just prior to us getting the call,” Aliff said.

Josh May

Another brother who lives there first contacted police.

The sheriff said deputies have been to the house before because of domestic problems.

“It’s been several, several months ago, so it’s not an ongoing thing that we were there all the time,” the sheriff said Monday afternoon.

Josh May initially locked himself in the house and refused to open the door for deputies, who subsequently kicked the door down, Aliff said. May was then taken into custody without incident.

The evidence recovered at the scene is being sent to the State Police Crime Lab. Aliff wouldn’t discuss the type of evidence, and investigators are not releasing how Sandra May was killed.

The house is on Bowers Ridge Road near Saulsville about seven miles from Pineville.

Josh May was in the Southern Regional Jail without bail.


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  • someone

    I know what happened and it was josh I expected him to do something like that anyways and jeremy couldnt stop josh because he had no clue josh would do such a thing

    • Thank you someone for not slandering me with a horrible lie


  • butterfly

    Probably was the brother cus he was there called cops and didn't do anything to stop Josh whatever jeramiah has been violente with his mother before so in my opinion its more likely that he is pinnin it on his brother plus if he killed her why would he go willingly ....lots of holes in the story so be open to anything cus it could be either brother especially if drugs were unloved but I would hope that pinveille shuttle cops would actually investigate properly and give Sandra may justice because she was a wonderful person....rip love I pray for u every night God bless u.

    • Thank you someone for not slandering me with a horrible lie

      Butterfli needs too know what your talking about before spewing at the mouth and slandering someone why didn't you stop it think I've herd enough garbage!

      • Thank you someone for not slandering me with a horrible lie

        I can't read the physcos mind ! If I could I would have died for her I'm an EMT first responder in mines I did the best I could and neighbor is a Dr. Said the best Doctor in the world couldn't have saved her .enough please! I'll make sure she gets justice

    • afriend

      Jeremiah would never do this, people need to leave him alone! Josh had a big drug problem, he went crazy cause his mom wouldn't give him any money! He wanted drugs and went crazy. Don't u think he's been through enough losing his dad in a terrible way, now his mother! Let Jeremiah try to live his life, which is now permanently scared! He tried to save her life, she died in his arms. Can u even imagine,no! So shut up!

  • Brian

    If true, this dude is trash.

    • wvtd

      trash may be to nice of a word for that person.

  • wvtd

    30 and still living at home?

    welcome to obamaville folks.

    • Lisa

      What part of argument do you have a problem with understanding? Welcome to the world of idiots like you who can type!