Those with the National Republican Congressional Committee say they will be targeting Third District Congressman Nick Rahall in 2014.

NRCC Spokesperson Ian Prior says Congressman Rahall is one of the seven Democrat U.S. House members that Republicans think they can beat with the right candidates.

“We’ve categorized those top seven targets as districts where the Republican nominee for President has won each of the last Presidential elections,” Prior said on Tuesday’s MetroNews Talkline.

“So you’ve got Bush, McCain and Romney, all winning the Third Congressional District.”

As part of the effort to unseat him, Prior says the RNCC will be telling voters about a budget vote Congressman Rahall cast earlier this year.

He was one of 84 Democrats to vote for the so-called “progressive” budget which included a carbon tax and reductions to fossil fuel subsidies in favor of renewable energy.  A total of 102 Democrats voted against it.

Congressman Rahall has said he supported that budget to counter Republican Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget proposal.

“There were other Democrat choices that he could have voted for that didn’t kill coal in the manner that this one does,” Prior says of that claim.  “This is so far to the left, it’s unbelievable.  Even Nancy Pelosi didn’t vote for this budget.”

Congressman Rahall was first sworn in as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives in 1977.  He has been reelected every two years since then.

Mercer County Senator Bill Cole, a Bluefield car dealer, is reportedly considering a run for the U.S. House along with Republican Rick Snuffer who challenged Congressman Rahall last year.

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  • stephanie R

    I am from a coal mining family in WV and Nicky poo has to go!!! He is helping to kill our state. I miss Senator Byrd.

  • Brian

    Why does this state support a party that is Anti God, anti gun, anti coal, PRO Abortions, PRO same sex marriage?? Read 2012 Party platform! Stop letting this party enslave this state!! We don't want their free checks we want JOBS!!!!! People need to wake up and do their research! The Rep. party was formed to end slavery and now the Dem. party is trying to enslave the country again! Rejected their free hand outs and demand jobs so you can determine your future NOT THEM!!!!! Yes we need social programs but the BEST social program is a good paying job!!

  • DonaldB

    West Virginians for the largest part aren’t politically sophisticated enough to NOT elect Nick Joe—they still believe because he has a (D) beside his name- in spite of all the negatives the Dems have heaped on West Virginians and this country—they’ll turn out in droves in southern WV to vote for that Obama Tool!!

    • DonaldB

      I meant to say-- because he has a "D" beside his name many still believe the myth he is for "them" and the "little guy"--- when all he really cares about is "The Party" and big-BIG Government.

  • Jim G.

    Does anyone remember how he first won the seat? Ken Hechler had a brain fart in 1976 and ran for Governor against Jay in the Democratic Primary and was beaten. He then mounted a write in campaign to get his congressional seat back and almost won. We have been served by the mediocracy known as Nick Rahall ever since.

  • wvman75

    Just can't wait for the election. I want to help vote him out in the "Nick" of time.

  • CaptainQ

    Looks like Nicky Joe will have to do another '12 month fast dash' running away from Obama to get reelected again like he did in 2012. Chances are, he will succeed. Mr. Rahall's a wily politician that one should never take lightly come election time.

  • MojoJoeJoe

    Nick "Hezbollah Joe" Rahall is toast in 2014.
    Rockefeller ought to whisper a few sweet nothings into Hezbollah Joe's ear about retirement.

    • Hop'sHip

      Fungo? Is that you? Surely there aren't two people who think calling Rahall "Hezbollah Joe" is clever.

  • Highlands Roger

    Another classic example of outside interests using West Virginia to further their own agenda. Did they once mention that someone can represent the 3rd District better than Rahall? No. That doesn't concern the national committees. A Congressman's job is to be the voice of his District. If he is not doing that, West Virginians do NOT need someone else telling them that. They can vote him out all on their own! This is exactly the same as when the "coal barons" came into our State and sucked out all the coal they could while sucking the souls out of the men who made them rich. It's time we stood up and told them all to stay the hell out. We can run our own State, thank you just the same.