Geno Smith fired his agents from Select Sports Group on Tuesday, a move the New York Daily News claims is backlash from the West Virginia quarterback falling out of the first round.

A report in The Daily News claimed “Smith thought that he would and should be the No. 1 overall pick in the draft,” even though the Kansas City Chiefs addressed their quarterback needs with the Alex Smith trade. The Daily News story cited sources who said Geno Smith’s representatives from Select Sports made no guarantees regarding his draft position.

If Smith truly was distraught over not being the top player selected — or even falling out of the top 10 picks — then he was delusional. However, Smith told Sirius radio the rift with Select Sports ran deeper than the events of draft night and that he was not bitter about his being picked 39th overall:

“I don’t want to shed too much light on it,” he said. “The thing that I can tell you is that it’s not because of the whole draft experience. It’s not because of one particular incident. There’s a number of things. And that story, you know, that battle will be fought on a different day. As of right now, I don’t feel too comfortable talking about all the details of it.”

Widely perceived as the top-rated quarterback in the draft, Smith instead saw E.J. Manuel taken at No. 16 and didn’t hear his own name called until 23 picks later.
With rookies salaries bracketed by the current collective bargaining agreement, Smith’s first pro contract is believed to be slotted for about $5 million total over four years.
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  • MrJ

    I hope he doesn't go the way of Pacman Jones. Step carefully, Geno. Best of luck in the NFL.

  • Rick WVU82

    Isn't it possible that out of high school, Geno had to learn a different way of playing quarterback, and he did it? Isn't is possible that agents are fired every day for various reasons, and isn't it possible that everyone has an opinion about everything? Isn't it better to support one of the best quarterbacks to play at WVU than to be too critical of what he may or may not accomplish in NFL? Since when would any true Old Gold and Blue pay much attention to the bloated NYC sports teams anyway? How have they helped West Virginia University? Some things are facts in any league: quarterback throws ball, receiver either catches or he doesn't. If reciever is over the goal line when he catches it--6 points. If not, there will be another pass by the same or different quarterback or receiver or coach or general manager, etc.

    There will always be QB's, receivers, sports teams, sports enthusiasts, and WVU critics. Who really makes the most money?

  • Steve Moore

    Geno lost his poise and confidence in the Texas Tech game and he never recovered. I think it was a huge mistake for him to turn down the Senior Bowl invite. I have watched his last five games on ESPN classic sports and the Big 12 network and Geno would not scramble and run when he was blitzed. He will have to do this in order to be successful running a Pro style offense. A pro quarterback who is great LEADS his team. Geno doesn't have this skill set. I think Oat White will fare better backing up RG III in Washington than Geno will. The Pro Scouts and Executives got the impression that his ego is too big and that he can't or won't learn a football system. The New York media will eat this boy alive! You think the NY media was cruel to Tim Tebow, well they will expose him for the lack of talent he has become.

  • JB in Morgantown

    The Jew York Jets, where Heisman winner and frontrunner QB's go to watch their Pro careers die. Look at the track record - Geno will hate it there. Advice to Geno - Get your money son, and get out of there or prepare to be traded ASAP. While you "enjoy" your rookie season in NYC, you might want to learn also to control the ego and the reduce the whole "chip on my shoulder" talk, it doesn't impress anyone. Actions on the field speak louder than all the talk.

  • Mike Sengewalt

    Why can't wvu give these guys better advice? Pat White was an embarrassment and now Geno. I guess we need more success to gain experience with this.

    • TouchdownCity

      Pat White an embarrassment. Really? How do you form that opinion. Bottom line...he is one of the greatest college football players of all-time. #STUPID

  • cutty77

    If you want to know the true story on Why Geno fired his agents. Go to and it spells it out pretty well. He wanted to go to the Senior Bowl,and his agents told him no he didn't have to,and they didn't help him when Nolan Goof Ball wrote all that Bad stuff about Geno.Like i said on here before the agents work for Geno,not the other way around.I give Geno credit for making this move. Better now than later.

  • Robin

    He won't be in the league five years from now.

    • Charleston,WV

      Oh really. Why is that so? If you are sure of this could you help me pick a few stocks to purchase, and while your at it, help me with this week Mega Millions and Powerball picks. Thanks!

    • DonaldB

      he won't be in the league in 3 season..

      • snowman

        He won't be in the league in 1 season

  • JoeJoe

    Will the Jets let Geno wear the #12??? The most famous of all Jets wore #12, Broadway Joe Namith.

  • Big John

    Problem is that his failure to play in the Senior Bowl where I believe he would of done real well in the game and would have been in the top 16 had he participated in the Senior Bowl or another all star team.

    • Shawn

      You can thank his agent for that one. Geno has never been one to turn down an opportunity to showcase his talents.

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    geno is going to have a terrible time in new york, he will get even more educated over the next several months. he is going to wish he never was drafted by them

  • Shawn

    Agents are snakes! I'm sure he told Geno he would be Top 10 the whole time when in fact he knew it wasnt going to happen. I honestly think down deep Geno knew he wasnt going first day.

  • Michael Walker

    We have no idea what the real reason was for Geno firing his agent. It's really none of our business and certainly has no effect on his success or failure on the field. It may have had to do with the treatment of his family. Agents lie. The lie could have been a personal embarrassment for him.

  • cutty77

    Geno got a Very Good Education in New York for The Draft. His Agents let him hang out in The Green Room way to long.They knew after The Jets had there 2 picks,that the QB's were off the board,and still they let him hang around while ESPN had its Dog an Pony Show with Geno. Plus his Agents might have told him he didn't need to go to the senior Bowl Too. Agents work for The Players,not they other way around. Its Geno's life,he should call the shots.

  • tw eagle

    smith and WVU's chance for 'greatness' were lost in smith's decision to leave the bench area during the game in Austin , Texas . . .nuff said . . .

    firing his agent says his ego is still in orbit around Jupiter . . .

    earth to smith .. . .earth to smith . . .Johnny Football is headed to the Big Apple . . .

    • Daw cute

      Tw eagle, aww your still upset over the loss? You must have missed the part where the Texas recruits were seated behind the wv bench yelling racist slurs. A little horns down and you remember the name. ;)

    • eerproud

      I think you mean Lubbock tw.

      • hailey

        when you are trolling fact really dont matter right Eagle?

  • Rugger

    Geno's opportunity to be the top pick was lost somewhere in that 5 game losing skid.

    • Tom G

      The 5 game losing slide shouldn't be blamed on Geno. 2-3 starters were out of those games,some of which were quite close. As soon as the injured starters returned WV began to win again.

    • Stubby

      Yes his childish pouty demeanor
      fit a gladiator or aountaineer. Meh ken wouldn't put up with that crap! He thought he was Mr Heisman and left those who got him there