Former Mountaineer quarterback Geno Smith is switching agents after the NFL Draft.

Just days after the NFL Draft, former Mountaineer quarterback Geno Smith has reportedly fired his agents with Select Sports Group. After being projected early as a potential top 10 pick, Smith fell out of the first round all-together.

Smith, who was eventually selected in the second round by the Jets with the 39th overall pick, won’t be able to hire a new agent for five days.

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  • Maxxajay

    I under stand Geno's agent lied to him and promised that he would be the number one draft pick for quarterbacks.... Geno was humiliated after that night in New York and this is the results. If I was Geno I would do the same thing....

  • chris

    I just hope they don't mis-manage geno like the jets do everything else, letting tebow go and keeping sanchez, i am not a tebow fan but nobodys deserves what jets did to him, i read last night geno would be able to compete for the job against the loser mark

  • Greg

    Well at least he wasn't represented by "The Waterboy". And lets hope he doesnt hire That guy. Didn't work out too well for ol ' RichGod did it?

  • Dave

    Wow, Dan, you got all that from a three sentence news item?

  • Dan Armentrout

    oh yeah, it's his agents fault that he fell to the second round.....what a tool! His arrogance won't allow him to be satisfied with where he finds himself, instead he has to try to make himself look like a "victim" because of "others" ineptitude. Geeze....sounds like Major Harris all over again. Rookie hasn't so much as takes a snap and those who have his ear have him so full of himself that he looks like a fool.

  • Chris

    I hope this isn't Geno being greedy no one knows how good hes going to be with the jets.

  • big tom

    dont really know how this works, but firing his agent just doesn't seem like the fault of him falling so far in the draft. Seems many experts thought he was over rated ,when comparing the stat. , running after catching the ball,,, figured to his good looking stats.
    I still think he will make it in the pros, but let's hope he's given time to mature and learn the system before being thrown to the wolves

  • cutty77

    I think it was they way His Agents let him Hang Out to Dry the night of the Draft. After the Jets took there 2 picks,all QB's were off The Board,and they left Geno out to dry while ESPN kept poking the camera at him.I myself am glad Geno fired them.It turned out to be a Dog an Pony Show. The People in New York will love this,Geno ain't playing around. LOL This has nothing to do with where he got drafted,this is HOW HE GOT TREATED AT THE DRAFT.. Agents forget they are working for The Players,not Players working for The Agents.Great Move Geno. His short time in New York he got one hellva of a Education.

  • Jim

    FYI: According to Sports Agent Blog: the only player drafted in the first round that was represented by Select Sports Group was to Oakland (from Miami), and the player was D.J. Hayden, DB, Houston.
    Besides Geno, also, #55 of the draft was San Francisco (from Green Bay), Vance McDonald, TE, Rice was represented by them.

    Not a point to be made by me, just information sharing.

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    his agent also probably told him to stay out of the senior bowl , which is why i think he fell so far in the draft

  • Jim Dietz

    I do not understand how it was the agents fault.

    • Coalwiz

      His agent was supposed to be plugged in to the situation......and should have at least prepared him for the possibility of falling as far as he did.

      I understand the move......but I hope he has good advisers from this point forward.

  • Phil M.

    Doubtful it was the Jets. They would probably be more than willing to deal with the agents that cost him about 10 million.

  • JoeJoe

    I wonder if this was suggested by the Jets??