Late one summer night last year, Skylar Neese, 16, crept out of her family’s home in Star City and hopped in a car with two people.  She never made it home.

Her badly decomposed body was found six months later in a ditch about 20 miles west of Morgantown.  She had been stabbed to death.

For months the disappearance of the bright University High School student has been the subject of myriad social media theories and community gossip.  All the while, authorities said little about the investigation.

Then Wednesday there was a stunning development.  One of Skylar’s high school classmates was brought quietly into Monongalia County Circuit Court.  Rachel Shoaf, 16, believed to be one of Skylar’s best friends, admitted to stabbing Skylar to death the night of her disappearance.

(Read Shoaf plea agreement here.)

Shoaf pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was taken away for a pre-sentencing review.  The prosecution will recommend a 20-year sentence, while the defense will request that she be sentenced as a juvenile, which would likely mean a lighter penalty.

State and federal prosecutors are saying virtually nothing about the details of the case, but it’s evident that Shoaf’s plea was carefully orchestrated.  The plea agreement requires her to “offer truthful and forthright testimony in any subsequent proceeding deemed necessary.”

(Read Shoaf family apology here.)

And that’s where the second defendant in this emotion-charged case comes in.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office says, “Charges are pending against a second juvenile who is currently in custody in Monongalia County.”  Officials are prevented by law from releasing the suspect’s name, but she is believed to be another one of Skylar’s classmates.

The next step for this second suspect will be a preliminary hearing within 10 days behind closed doors before a circuit judge. At some point, she could be transferred to adult status, depending on the charges.

Shoaf’s guilty plea suggests a lesser charge and lighter sentence in return for her testimony against the second defendant.

What is still missing from the case, however, is a reasonable explanation as to what happened that July night.  Neese’s father, Dave, believes the three girls traveled to the western end of Monongalia County, perhaps to go to party, but what exactly happened and the possible motive remains elusive.

“Why?  I want to know why it happened,” Neese told MetroNews Wednesday.  “I don’t want to hear that they were mad (at each other).  There has to be another reason why.”

The crime is particularly difficult for Neese to comprehend because the two suspects were always with Skylar.  “I thought of these girls as her best friends,” Neese said.


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  • wvred

    ..... and Rachels family and "the other girls" family are devistated at their daughters involvement. Three entire families have been utterly destroyed, not to mention the close friends, neighbors, teachers, everybody who interacted w these girls on a dailly basis in our "small town" community of Cheat Lake is hurting.........

  • wvred

    I was told by a family friends that indeed the girls intended to kill skylar that night. Skylar willingly tho, went w her best friends to a party that she should not have been going to and did not have permission to go to. Thus the sneaking out, however the girls told investigators that they dropped Skylar off back at home just an hour or so after picking her up and stated that Skylar wanted to be dropped of further from her home so the car would have no chance of waking her parents. They said after they dropped her off they had no idea where she may have gone or what she did.. they tried to keep this up for months..They attended school in the fall, went to school events, continued on with thier lives, etc all the while pretending they had no idea what had happend to their best friend, and telling skylars other friends, and HER PARENTS they just wanted Skylar home safe blah, blah blah..... cold blooded, calculating killers! For gods sakes they drove around w their dead friends body in the car with them!!

    • Mom of three

      How do you know this?

    • ffejbboc

      Surely the police would have searched the car after the girls admitted to picking up Skylar. Can't believe they wouldn't have found some blood evidence in the vehicle. Unless of course they killed Skylar outside where they left her in the ditch. Either way, it's unbelievable two teenage girls could kill one of their friends and then act like nothing is wrong for all these months.

  • nick

    i would just like to say as a teenager i know how hard it was to come clean with simple things that i did or was involved in those of you saying how could she let the parents sit there and look for there child knowing what had happened, you dont know the details you dont even know her involvement for all we know at the moment these to girls could be covering for someone else rachel could have been forced to do what she did by another under some sort of life threatening circumstance. even if she did do all of this with malicious intent shes still a 16 year old little girl that deserves to be punished yes but that doesnt deserve a second chance im sorry but i have to say no. God said that he gave his only begotten son so that whosever believed in him should not perish but have eternal life, i know that doesnt mean that he doesnt want any of us to be punished severely but it does mean that God has no limits on forgiveness and he has given us the power to do the same. as we all support the nease family with our prayers and condolences in there time of great loss we must realize we are not supporting them by tearing down rachel and her family no matter what has occurred. think parents and fellow students if this was your sister or daughter how would you feel with the world condemning u and ur sister or daughter more then the courts and media already have. parents you also know that you can only do so much to raise your child right once they choose there own path there is nothing more you can do then you have already done even great parents have kids that make terrible decisions because even a great parent cant make they're kids decide the right thing its up to you to do your best to show them what that is and incourage them to do so but when it comes down to it its up to them to choose whats right. as friends family or just bystanders we need to support skylers family with our prayers and what ever else they may need but we need to let God and the court system do what they see fit and pray that what change is needed to be done in rachel and this other girl if they are released in 20 years be done in there hearts and lives.

    • Patrick

      This is why the "comments" option should be disabled for some news articles. (Not trying to pick on you Nick or single you out in any way, just using your stream of consciousness post as an example.)

    • Larry

      Nick, I believe that is the longest comment in commenting history.

      • JLC

        No, that would be the longest sentence. And I agree with him. All of the families involved are going to go through a grieving process. To love and raise your child only to have them do something of this magnitude,is something beyond comprehension. The family of Skylar need strength and prayers. The families of the 2 who did this, need prayers. I am so sorry for the loss of Skylar. No amount of grief, blame, hate, remorse, pick your verb,will ever bring her back to her family. I can't imagine the pain for any of the parents, but the parents and family of Skylar deserve the most. They will never hug her, hear her voice, watch her continue to grow into the woman she should have been allowed to become. They will never see her graduate high school, she will never attend college, she will never marry, she will never know the joy and love of motherhood. The list is endless. For the parents of the accused, they are facing public horror. What parent could face what they are facing? Please remember to be respectful to their families. It is not the fault of the parents.They also are innocent by-standers. Unless they are shown and proven in court to have been involved in trying to protect their child from prosecution, leave them out of it. Please think before you make such assumptions about her parents. And finally, to Skylars parents, friends, and family, my heartfelt condolences.

    • wvmother

      Thank you for your comment. Prayers should go out to all the families involved. It is awful, sickening, and unbearable for Skylers family and friends but all the angry words, our judgments, and mean comments will not bring her back. Justice will be done by the courts and in Gods's time. Now we should be praying for love, strength, healing, and forgiveness for all.

    • justwv

      Nick, thank you for being the only one thus far that seems to understand all three families are hurting here. What the two girls did to their friend is unbelievable, however, many details of this case have not been released. Therefore, there is much that the public does not know. Rachel comes from a wonderful family that should not be harassed for the actions of their daughter. They have lost a daughter at this point, just as Skylar's parents have. The system will hand them both the punishment that is decided to be fit for the crime, and there is nothing that anyone can do or say to change that. Please everyone, while it is okay to show love and support and send prayers for the Neese family, leave the Shoaf family alone and let them cope with this without being harassed.

      • Nicole

        If there was a "like" button, I would push it, but I don't see one. Much agreed that there is pain in every direction. Harassing does not help the family. I am sure they are humbled and embarrassed enough the way it is.

      • Kelly

        What you say is true but they will be able to go visit their daughter and see her and touch her. Our family will not be able to see Skylar grow up or hug her. Yes there are three families involved and everyone is hurting. But they still have their daughters Skylar is gone and we won't be able to see or hug her. I think they should get life.

      • Private

        As a parent of a murdered child, I'm sorry but I have to disagree justwv. No, I do not and would not condemn the Shoaf Parents but the loss of their child is of no comparison nor is it anywhere near permanent. Unlike the Neese's, they will be able to visit and speak with their child regularly and she will most likely from the sounds of it return home one day. The ache in a parents heart from the true loss of a child does not ever go away. It is unlike anything that could ever be described. The Neese's will never hear Skylar's voice, see her face in person or hug her ever again on this earth.

        • Foreverjune

          Well said, and I am sorry for your loss.

      • Diane

        There is a big differance , they will get to see and speak to their child again, Skylar's family and friends will never have that chance, because they were robbed of her life ! Sickening to see so many making excuses for what they did, that is the problem with society ! And what is more disgusting is to walk around for months, and months, like you don't have a care in the world , just carry on while family and friends were torn apart trying to find her and worry and wonder what happened to her ! That is cold and evil and to have no remorse or conscience, unbelieveable ! I hope justice is very very harsh and swift and they never have their mind at ease all the rest of their days ! Friends like this you sure don't need enemies ! I shared her poster, over and over while she was missing ...... so very very sad :'( Rip Skylar

      • JS

        No, the families should not be harrassed. But, to say that "they lost a daughter at this point, just like Skylar's parents have" is totally rediculous!!! They have their daughter's and will until they die (hopefully in prison). Skylar's parents will not get to see her ever again until they get to heaven. You made it sound like Rachel and Sheila's parents suffered the same loss. INCORRECT SIR!!!

        • Shadow

          I do not think you are a Parent.

          • Foreverjune

            I'm a parent and I agree. I would rather have my child alive, even if she is in prison, where she might still make a difference in the world, than dead.

          • Shadow

            I have four children and I don't think that I could feel worse on either account. It is absolutely a terrible thing and destroys two or more families.

          • Jim

            Shadow, thank you for your concern. I am a parent of two children and three step-children. It has to be different to lose your child to death and it is to lose them to prison. The killer's families will get to visit with them as long as they are in prison and it looks like Rachel will be out in 20 years. Can't say that about Skylar and her family.

          • justwv

            I am a parent, and as a parent I would not be able to cope with the fact that my child would do such a thing to another person. I feel terrible for all families involved. Skylar's family lost their precious daughter forever. Rachel and Sheila's families have to live everyday with the reality of what their daughters have done.

  • Shadow

    This has been a terrible tragedy for everyone. No one who followed the story was not impacted.. However, it proves people kill people, guns are not the culprit. How you prevent it? No one for sure knows!

    • Walter

      seeing she was stabbed guess it time to ban knifes

      • Patrick

        . . . and here's yet another reason the "comments" section should be disabled for some articles.

      • Anthony

        Stay classy, Walter!

      • AJ

        Clown statement Teanut.

        • DJ

          I think Walter is trying to make a point. No worries Walter I got it. Also although I agree that it costs a lot to keep them in prison, but I believe the death penalty is simply too good for them. They should wake up every day, look around and wish they were dead cuz their life is soooo miserable. And this should go on for 50 years. No chance of parole and no easy way out. They are worse than animals! I'll never understand how these wackos find each other and convince someone to go along with their SICK plan. Prayers to the families involved.

        • JLC

          Perfect response. Thanks for the giggle!

  • unreal

    This is sad to kill sumone over jeoulacy over a bouy wow my god what a horrable thing i think she deserves. the death penalty it was firts dagree. murder that is sad

    • ugh

      There is no death penalty in WV

      • Debra

        Even if there was a death penalty in WV you can't put people to death in the U. S. for a crime committed while under the age of 18. Supreme Court ruling.

      • amber

        no but if she was killed here in pa, we do have the death penalty.

  • Rena

    I'm not sure how you do something like this and then post group photos of the 3 of you and say you'll never forget your best friend

    • concerned mom

      My husband read their tweets and FB posts after Skylar disappeared. He was convinced then and time has born out that those other two girls knew what happened. We initially thought they knew where Skylar was hiding but as time went on we thought they knew how she died.

  • beachy

    I agree 20 years is not enough.

  • Jim

    A WV State Trooper told a friend that these two girls did indeed kill Skylar over a boy. It is very scary that children are capable of killing children. Sad commentary on our society in 2013.

    • Harpers Ferry

      Jim, you may want to tell your friend to tell Officer Loose Lips that revealing classified information on a pending FBI investigation is a federal offense. If he wants to continue being a WV State Trooper he may want to keep his mouth shut.

      • Luke

        "Classified" information involves matters of national security not information related to general crimes.

      • Mom of three

        And to put the info you "heard" from officer loose lips, um you did have to sign up to comment on this thread.... They can find you!

      • Charleston,WV

        Right on! Totally agree 100%!


    I "believe" it started over boys/jealosy....... my son goes/went to school w Skylar and these girls. To know that there are kids here at home in WV walking the halls with my kids that can kill their "best friend" is simply beyond words to me..... all the talk of "whats happened to society" is really hitting home.

    • justastudent

      Well honestly i go to school at uhs and im a new student. I may not have known the girl but its still deeply saddening. I believe racheal (although i dont know her but has probably seen her) should be sentenced for life. This was her decision to kill the girl and now she deserves life in prison. She ended a girls life and might as well gave up her own. She is obviously a sociopath to kill her friend over a boy.

    • Paul

      Did she leave that night with these girls? I guess I'm asking if they lured her out of her house that night with the intent of killing her.

      Just trying to come to some idea of how this came about.


      • Jim

        Paul, I had the same question.

        If there was video of Skylar getting into a car with these girls, then why did it take so long to determine who the killers were? Was it because they were actually waiting to find her body? Also, were these girls ever in trouble in the past? Really hard to believe they went from being angels to killers. I hope all of our questions get answered.

        • Mom of three

          Who's car did she get into? Have they ever said an how did this girl cover up ALL evidence?

        • wvmother

          There was video of Skylar getting into a car but if you remember when this whole case started the Star City police brushed it under the table. They treated Skylar as a run away and did not report her as a missing child right away. Proper actions where not taken from the very beginning.

          I think these girls went unsuspected for a longtime. My son dated Rachel very briefly and thought she was a sweet person. I don't know what makes people turn to killing someone

          • Tommyo


            Do you know who the other murderer is? The courts want to hide her name due to her age, but from the sounds of it she is the one who actually committed the murder. I say let's get her name out there!

        • pat

          I think your questions are the same ones that everyone has and even more the reason that they prosecution had to strike a deal with her. The girls admitted to picking her up. They also said they had dropped her back off, which was not true of course. From there on it was nothing but lies, but there was no evidence to charge them.

          • Kelly

            I have a question, since Skylar did get in the car with them and someone has stated that it was all over a boy, wouldn't that be premeditated murder? And isn't that punishable by life in prison? Our family does need closure and justice but at the same time, I believe they should never see day light again. It is hard to believe her best friend did this to her.

        • Heather

          Jim, Paul,
          The girls told police that they dropped Skylar back off at the end of the road so they couldn't charge the girls with anything until they had evidence a crime had been comittted.

        • Mac

          Well you see, in the United States there's this thing called due process. Prosecution has to PROVE that these girls murdered Skylar. That's hard to do without the body of the victim.

          • Becky

            They FBI has had her body since January....

  • Disgusted

    Wow this is terrible!! How were these kids raised!! And to sit and watch Skylar's parents worry and cry out for their child!! ....Sounds like they need the chair!! ...I hope the parents and Family of Skylar can get some closer..but also their heart can heal!God bless!

    • pat

      To question how they were raised is a little premature.

      • Aaron

        Yep; to say she should be tried as an adult then talk about how she was raised is hypocritical.

        That this murderer sat around and said nothing for MONTHS speaks to her character. I hope she goes to prison for a long, long time.

        • Mom of three

          I agree 100%

      • Harpers Ferry

        I agree Pat. Also, to question how they were raised is to deflect the blame for this crime onto their parents. They made their decisions as INDIVIDUALS, so they ALONE are responsible for their actions.

  • Billie Jo

    Agreed, 20 years is not justice. Especially considering they probably won't even do half the time. Lock them up and throw away the key!

    • wordpil

      ps on the lock them up idea, as long as YOU want to foot the bill as a taxpayer at 60k per person per year. do the math. I bet u don't even earn that. want to double your taxes? do it. get active and work to increase taxes to pay for more prisons. I'm sure you are so eager to feed and clothe and house them. nor is death penalty cheaper, duh. it's worse, due to that annoying "Bill of Rights" and that irritating "Constitution" we have.

      • a loving parent

        @wordpill you wont have to worry about fitting the bill if legislation agree with you that its more cost effective for criminals to Rome the streets because non of us will be left I,ll take the tax increase to at least attempt to sustain some order in our justice system......and no better time than the present to "LOCK THESE TO UP""FOR LIFE" no mercy they didn't offer Skyler any......

    • shane

      they should get life in prison

  • BigDave

    Anyone know the reason why they did this?

    • Foreverjune

      It was recently reported on Anderson Cooper that they killed her because they didn't want to be her friend anymore.

  • Skeptic

    This psychopathic girl was in school performances with my daughter at UHS in the fall of 2012 and was has happy, smiling, laughing, go lucky as any kid there. It was like nothing in the world had happened. I hope they lock her away for more than 20 years.

    • Outsider

      Rachel Shoaf is not a psychopath. Clearly, she felt remorse for her actions by coming clean. A criminal and seriously disturbed, yes. However, in this case, I strongly feel that 12-20 years is more than enough for this girl to get the help and remediation she needs.

      • Pam k

        Clearly this young lady has a serious case of antisocial personality disorder , as evidenced by her lack of empathy, and clear violation of the rights of others as evidenced by the horrific crime she committed. These people are the ones we commonly refer to as psychopaths. I have news for you....there is no rehab.....only prison cells will protect society from these people. I get the second degree murder vs. first degree murser charge. This is what helped get the truth and bring closure to this horrible tragedy for skylar's family and that matters so much when your loved is the victim of a horrible crime. Prayers to the family.

      • sick at stomach

        Rachel did not feel guilty or remorse to look at skylars dad and say we did it cause we didnt like her bull crap if you don't like someone stop talking to them don't kill them that's whats wrong wit the world today

      • Unbelievable

        How can you say she isn't a psychopath and that 12-20 years is enough? She brutally stabbed her supposed best friend to DEATH at the age of 16. Skylar is gone and no one can bring her back. As far as being a psycopath, none of us can really say that except a psychologist but her lack of remorse, ability to act like nothing happened for so long, and not to mention the fact that she stabbed another human being dozens of times, point towards some type of social/mental disorder. Outsider, if Skylar was your child, would you really still have the same beliefs??

        • D

          How do you know she was stabbed dozens of times? I have yet to read that in any news article. To me, this girl seems to be the little bird that sang, the other girl is probably looking at harsher penalties. They haven't said exactly who wielded the knife as far as I've read so far. Needless to say, my thoughts are with the family and this situation is a horrible thing for any family to endure.

          • Observer

            It said right in the article that Rachel Shoaf admitted to stabbing Skylar to death that night.

      • rita shaffer

        you really think 12-20 years if enough????What if this was your child that was murdered?I think if someone decideds to end someones life no matter the age you know what you have done.This girl knew very well what would happen if she stabbed this will do her good ,Skylar doesn't just get to be dead for 12-20 year does she?????NO

        • Tommyo

          The thing is, we don't know what happened. This girl may have had no idea what the unnamed murderer had planned. The second degree plea indicates that she brought her there...possibly to fight her...but with no intentions of killing her...and the other girl brought the knife.

          I don't KNOW that that is the case...but if it was than 12-20 would be enough for the girl who's crime was not stopping the other girl and covering up the murder. I n this scenario the other girl will get 1st degree murder and life.

        • a loving parent

          I couldn't have said it better Amen Rita, and to outsider I pray and hope the same fate doesn't fall upon any member of your family because I think if it had or has you would be singing a different tune, when you intentionally take a life your not playing with a full deck and your actions forfeit your rights to remain a member of society, life in prison is an appropriate sentence why should the perpetrator get to ever live any kind of a life when they made the decision to end someone else,s that's utterly ridiculous...

        • JustAMom

          EXACTLY Rita....she doesn't get to come back to life in 20 years! The girls need to rot in prison and be reminded every single day of what they have done...what life they have taken and pay for that.....with "friends" like that....who needs them...that's what I telll MY 17 year old daughter everday! When you stand up for yourself or what you believe, it's amazing how fast you "lose" friends....these kids do not know how to be friends....there is so much jealousy and hate in this world and its sickening...maybe if parents would instill some values into their kids that they are NO better than anyone else..that everyone is created equal....there would be less "I'm better than you" attitudes or "I can do what i want" mentality, people would learn to get along....this is just a sick situation and these girls need more time than that to think about how much heartache they've caused this other "childs" family and friends!! I firmly believe that they need to ROT in jail..and in all honesty, even that's TOO good for them!!!!

        • Sherry

          Rita, I can't say it better. This was a heinous crime, an unnecessary one.

        • Bob


          • TBurns

            She deserves LIFE IN PRISON!!! NOT 20 years. 20 years is not nearly long enough for taking away a young and beautiful girl from family, friends and the world. What right did they have to kill her? NONE!!! If they didnt want to be friends with her anymore, it should have just ended there, but NO. She chose that Skylar didnt deserve to even live. Thats not right. A life for a life. Too bad they didnt seek the death penalty. I think they both should pay the ultimate price for taking away a life. My grand-daughters go to UHS and that is worrisome. Will I need to worry about them now?

      • pat

        She came clean only when she had to because she had been caught in so many lies. Anyone that can kill their best friend is even worse than a psychopath. Would that be enough time served if it were your family member that was brutally murdered?

    • Answer

      One is being charged as an adult. The other is being charged as a minor, therefore her name can not be publicly released.

      • North

        Sure it can... sheila eddy

      • Mr.P

        No kidding,now tell us something we didn't know!!

  • Debra Shaffer

    I published Skylar's Pic on FBook when this nightmare began asking for my family & friends to help circulate it - to help bring her home! Now I'm stunned, shocked, & outraged at what this family has been put thru...I'll NEVER forget the PLEADING eyes of Skylar's parents as they held her picture when seeking help! How can this TRAGIDY have happened? Where are society's LAWS that protect our children? Why did our system fail THIS Family? How do we proceed from here to insure the safety of others! I sure hope THIS COURT CASE BRINGS NOT ONLY CLOSURE, BUT ANSWERS, and JUSTICE FOR THIS FAMILY! Prayers to ALL! ♥

  • Debra Shaffer

    I published Skylar's Pic on FBook when this nightmare began pasking for my family & friends to help circulate it - to help bring her home! Now I'm stunned, shocked, & outraged at what this family has been put thru...I'll NEVER forget the PLEADING eyes of Skylar's parents as they held her picture when seeking! How can this TRAGIDY have happened? Where are society's LAWS that protect our children? Why did our system fail THIS Family? How do we proceed from here to insure the safety of others! I sure hope THIS COURT CASE BRINGS NOT ONLY CLOSURE - BUT JUSTICE FOR THIS FAMILY! Prayers to ALL! ♥

    • lee arthur

      Debra you're statements are so out of line and rambling. You should maybe speak with your pastor or seek professional help.

    • Walter

      she crept out of the house what law you gonna past to stop that? I have four children, have they ever done that, not sure, but they knew if they ask I would usually let them go to a friends house, they knew early on if they left one friend house to go to another they let me know, now that three of them are over 18 they don't have to tell me anything, now I plead the blood of Jesus over them daily putting them in Gods hand, what better place to leave them, but the law didn't fell, it not the law to train our kids that a parents job, the law is to stop law breakers,

    • Milton Mom

      "The system" didn't fail here. This little girl was murdered BY HER FRIEND. Unless you're arguing that the family, community, and/or school should have noticed this girl was capable of murder, or that they should have noticed they had created a teenager who could murder her friend and then cover than up for six months, I'm not sure what 'system' failed here.

      • Brian

        Ahhhhh......yes; it ALWAYS comes back to this doesn't it!!!
        So the "school" - somehow - has culpability??
        No wonder no one wants to go into public education anymore. Remind me NEVER to teach in Milton (wherever that is!).

        • John

          Brian, your inability to comprehend Milton Mom's post demonstrates why most people have a problem with public education. She didn't say the school system failed. She listed several areas, then said IF those social areas saw signs that this girl was troubled and didn't report it, then yes, the system failed.

    • steve

      Not sure how the "system" failed the family.

      • Jennifer

        The "system" has failed this family. This teenage girl has commited ADULT actions but because of her age she's not being tried as one. It's sickening to think that a child can murder and be let out again just to follow up with the same act sooner. She knew exactly what she was doing when she stabbed her "best friend" to death. It's disgusting that she can take a life but not fully be punished because of age. If it's an adult crime it should be tried that way regardless of the age.

        • wordpil

          ummm. yes, horrid. in our society we define sanity in part by Intent to kill. that is not a sound measure. secondly, if a being commits a horrible deed, then the being becomes an adult. so if a child wants to kill and does, she is an a sane adult. hmmm. this approach fails. prisons breed criminality. and then we are alarmed that incarceration doesn't work. US incarcerated 25 percent of world's incarcerated at 5 percent of worldpopulation. homicide isn't lower as a result. the failure extends like it or not across generations and across the nation. nothing will bring back the innocent victim robbed of life. not even cruelty.

        • Bob

          And with this Law...Is why it keeps happening

        • Harpers Ferry

          It's pretty obvious that this girl is pleading guilty to SECOND degree murder because without her help, they would never have found Neese's body. In other words, this girl sang like a canary and it's the unnamed girl that's going to get the FIRST degree.

        • pat

          What would be worse, her on the streets and never taken off?Because thats probably what would have happened if they hadnt struck a deal with her. The prosecutor evidentally thought it was essential to get the information and without her cooperation they may very well not have had enough evidence to convict either of them. Let the courts do their job.

      • Holly

        I agree completely with 20 years NOT being enough!!

      • wv4evah

        To zero in on Debra's use of the word "system" is as silly as pointing out her use of the word "tragidy." Just as it's clear that, in the latter case, she meant "tragedy," then it should be obvious that by "system" she meant "society."

      • WILLIAM

        How can the people in the Monongalia Prosecuting Office sleep at night by making this plea agreement of only 20 years? This girl will now serve ONLY 10-12 and be out before she is 30 years old and have many years ahead of them. THAT IS WHY THE SYSTEM FAILED AND THE PROSECUTING ATTORNEY SHOULD STEP DOWN.

        • amber

          I worked correction in Alabama and we had a female inmate who killed her husband and only got 15 yrs with chance of parole in 7. totally unfair. I think if you take a life, you forfeit your own!!!

          • Elaine

            ...and forfeit that life life by getting the death penalty. Why should we tax payers house,feed three meals a day and doctor any medical conditions to those who so grossly took another life. I say bring back the death penalty. Lets see if a life..for a life stops some of this.

        • pat

          they can sleep because they now know what happened..they can now get the truth.
          without the deal they may have been free to do this exact thing again