Clint Trickett discusses transfer on "Sportsline"

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — As Clint Trickett weighed his transfer options and pondered life after Florida State, he heard from coaches who assured him of a starting job next season.

“And it was kind of a turnoff,” he said. “You don’t know how much you can trust that.”

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Former Morgantown resident Clint Trickett said it was “hard to say no to home” when he transferred from Florida State.

What Trickett did trust was the no-B.S. approach of West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen and, of course, the string of 4,000-yard passers Holgorsen has developed. That’s how the former Morgantown boy decided to spend his final two college seasons at WVU.

“Coach didn’t give me a guaranteed starting job and I didn’t want a guaranteed starting job,” Trickett told MetroNews “Sportsline” on Wednesday night. “Coach said he was going to give me a chance to compete and that’s all I could ask for.

“My expectation is to go in there and be able compete.”

The competition begins shortly after Trickett graduates from Florida State on Saturday. He plans to move to Morgantown immediately after taking off the mortar board and will be enrolled at WVU when master’s-degree summer classes begin May 20. By that point, he’ll also be absorbing film of the Mountaineers offense, equipping himself for the onset of 7-on-7 drills as he joins a quarterback race that two weeks ago looked like a two-man duel between Paul Millard and Ford Childress.

Auburn, Trickett’s No. 2 option, offered a chance to play in the almighty SEC for spread-attack guru Gus Malzahn, and South Florida offered him the least imposing quarterback competition. But WVU offered Holgorsen’s hyper-productive offense and, just as essential, a community in which Trickett spent seven years.

“Honestly, it’s kind of hard to say no to home,” he said. “That played a lot into it, but then it really was the best fit for me offensively and football-wise.

“In the back of my mind I wanted it to be West Virginia, but you gave each school a fair chance and you’re like, ‘If it wasn’t home, would this place she I’d want to go?’ It’s just great that West Virginia was the right fit.”

Now comes Trickett’s chance to build upon the mop-up action he saw at FSU and become the latest Holgorsen passing prodigy.

“You go into this and you’re like, ‘This is my second chance but also my last chance at getting it right,’” he said. “My time here at Florida State here was great … but now I get a chance to come home and play for my home state and I’m going to take it.”

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  • Helen5844

    I am glad we have three QBs competing, but I hope we know which one by the first game of the season.
    I have heard that all the talk about Geno is good for WVU. I do not understand that. If he thinks he is everyhing he will soon be nothing. I would be more proud of Austin. He was picked first and he does not come off with the it is all about me attitude. I hope the talk is not true, but if it is Geno has a lot to learn. I hope all the guys that are now in the NFL from WVU succeed. No one lives on an island and makes it in the NFL. I for one am tired of hearing about Geno.
    I want to hear about the kids that are playing for us now. I really want a no name team that works hard to play the best they can each and every week. I want a TEAM. LET'S GOOOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS

  • Big John

    Clint glad you are here and I exoect you to win the starting position with Childress second and Millard third. Competion can only make you better, and the better the QB are the better our chance to win and a 10-3 record will not be bad.

  • Maxxajay

    Go back and read what it Clint said. He likes D H style or football. He is a WVU guy He loves WV and the fans.....What is the saying once a Mountaineer always a Mountaineer.... When you live here and love the people and WVU you are a Mountaineer you will always be a Mountaineer.. This state and WVU is special... To be continued

  • grey4449

    What WVU needed last year was about 6 or 7 defensive Jr. college players with at least 2 cornerbacks Then 3 or 4 might have started and We would have won 2 or 3 more games. They went Jr. college this year thank goodness. Lets hope Clint Trickett is an ace in the hole and our defense kicks it up a couple of notches. GO WVU.

  • Bob

    Welcome back, Clint. Proud to have you on the team. Now, go have a great season and I'm certain you already know this but tune out the noise makers on these message boards.
    All the best.

  • Phil M.

    Trickett doesn't come to WVU without Holgorsen being the coach. Also, he isn't at FSU because they have what they think is the second coming of RGIII or Pat White. Jimbo wants a QB that can run the lead option as well as being a top rated passer.

    • Wemakerain

      You nailed it, Jameis Winston is a certified stud. Legitimate 4.40 40 yard dash time and can throw the ball 70+ yards easy and he has size. They would have played Tricket, but it's hard to take reps away from a future heisman contender that you could let develop

  • cutty77

    This Just in.Clint Trickett for Heisman, LOL

  • Big Larry

    Without a decent defense on the field you could have Joe Montana at QB and it wouldn't make a difference...

    • Shawn

      I agree...that showed last year. You can have all the talent in the world on the offensive side but eventually a bad defense will catch up with you. And it certainly did last year.

  • Shawn

    Is it good for our state and school? Yes it is and thats all you people should be discussing. I do think he'll push for the starting job and Millard will be the third string QB. Chidress will be a great QB once he has another year under his belt. I'm glad the kid wants to come back home to WV, thats important to a lot of WVU fans.

  • Chef Camille

    Can this guy play defense? Also how good is a degree from FSU? Three notches above WVU or two?

    • Greg

      A degree from "Trailerhassee" is no better than a degree from WVU. I doubt it's as good. Did your degree come in handy? Notice you have a lot of time to post comments.

  • wenkev

    What I wonder is why did he leave FSU? If he wasn't good enough to compete for the starting job at FSU then why is he good enough to compete at WV? Both schools just saw their senior quarterbacks get taken in the draft. It leaves me wondering about WV coaches confidence in the 3 QB they already have.

    • bva24

      Because FSU redshirted a five star recruit that is an athletic freak at the QB position. WVU has Paul Millard, who had zero D1 offers before WVU and Childress, who has done nothing noteworthy except get arrested his first month on campus.

      Our current QB's wouldn't start at FSU either. People should be happy about this.

      • smeer


      • Michael Walker

        Wenkev, with all due respect, Trickett hadn't lost the starting position at FSU. After the spring game his gut told him the new guy was special. I watched all the video I could find on Trickett and he does what Holgs and Dawson are trying to get from the others.

        Trickett is very quick with his reads, release, and is mobile enough to avoid the rush. He makes good decisions and has excellent accuracy.

        Can he run the ball? No. Can he throw it 70 + yards? No. But he can throw it over the outside shoulder on a deep sideline pattern for 45 yards consistently. And his short passes have more touch and accuracy than Geno's.

        As Clint Eastwood said, "A man's got to know his limitations." So should a good QB, and work within them. Trickett does.

        • wenkev

          Trust me, I hope he does well at WV because I am a fan and want to see them do well. It still doesn't take away the fact that he has zero experience in Holgerson's system and only has a short time to learn it whereas the two of the other QBs have at least one year or more. If we have to go out and get somebody to possibly be the starter, and I think he has an idea he will be, this year, what about next year and moving forward? How is Childress or Rawlins get any experience sitting on the sidelines? That's all I am saying.

  • Habib Haddad

    Does anyone think we had a chance at this young man if we don't have DH's offense in place? Even given his affinity for his hometown?

    • Art in Ohio

      DH will continue to attract major talent at QB. The young man would have never looked at WVU if it were not for DH.

      • bva24

        With all due respect, we wouldn't have taken a transfer if DH brought top talent in at the position. Regardless, I'm glad Trickett is coming. He'll be your starting QB this year. He's mobile, and we'll need that this year. We can't have statues back there with a green O-line.

  • Billy

    Next season may be interesting after all

  • Roger

    Welcome home, Clint.