The Little Kanawha Transit Authority that serves Calhoun and Roane counties has a new home. The ribbon was cut Thursday on the recently constructed operations facility in Mount Zion.

State Department of Transportation spokesman Brent Walker says the bus system’s home used to be in Arnoldsburg but it had no vehicle maintenance area. He says the new facility meets the needs of the Little Kanawha Bus.

“There just wasn’t enough room for all of that. Now we have the garage, the maintenance facility, the operation and administrative facility all in one,” Walker said.

The $2.2 million project was paid for with federal stimulus funds.

Walker says the Little Kanawha Bus is a key mode of transportation for residents of Calhoun and Roane counties.

“Those folks rely heavily on public transportation to get them to some essential services like doctors’ offices, shopping, grocery shopping, those kinds of things. It’s real important,” Walker said.

State Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox was the dedication speaker.


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  • Jim

    Although this project could not stand on it's own two feet--enter the American Taxpayer and it instantly became a "much-needed project."
    No doubt a few folks in Calhoun & Roane Counties will benefit, but the question that begs an answer is, does it really take a $2.2 elaborate facility to serve this small area? I'd bet the bus riders would not know the difference if their bus came from the previous facility in Arnoldsburg or the new one at Mt. Zion.
    This could be classified as a boondoggle project. And, this "shovel ready" project required 3+ years to find the shovels. As was said about the stimulus money which was to be only utilized for "shovel ready" projects. After searching coast to coast, the only "shovel ready" job Obama's minions could find was the one created on the South Lawn of the White House by the family dog.