A bus full of Frontier Communication workers are on their way (Tuesday) to Stamford, Connecticut. They’ll be attending the company’s annual shareholders meeting Wednesday.

Elaine Harris, with the Communication Workers of America, says the trip is a long journey but worth the drive.

“It’s an opportunity for those people who are on the front lines every day to interact, to be there with other shareholders and for the people who have an interest in the operations of Frontier, to see the faces that make it all work,” explains Harris.

The charter bus left Charleston Tuesday morning and made stops in Morgantown and Hagerstown before heading north to rendezvous with Frontier workers from 13 other states.

First thing Wednesday morning Harris says they’ll sit in on the meeting. They’ll have a chance to talk with members of the board of directors, ask questions, comment on concerns or speak up about things the company is doing right. Harris says it’s a give and take.

“Our main focus is jobs, jobs in West Virginia and to do what we can to be there on the front lines for the customers,” says Harris.

The shareholders will vote on the adoption of a bonus plan, a proposed equity incentive plan, an advisory proposal on executive compensation and the election of new members to the board of directors.

Frontier currently employs about 2,400 workers in West Virginia. About 50 of those were able to make the 9-hour bus trip. They’ll head home right after the meeting ends Wednesday and expected to arrive back in Charleston in the early morning hours of Thursday.

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  • Habib Haddad

    It's OK, Marcus. Most of those valued employees have never left the cozy confines of West by. That is, of course, if you accept that Horry County, SC is West Virginia's 56th county.

  • Marcus Jordan

    You know it's a slow news day when it's reported that a bus of Frontier employees stops at the Outlets in Hagerstown.