MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Remi Dibo, a 6-foot-9 junior college forward who provides most of his offense from the perimeter, committed to West Virginia on Tuesday night, becoming the sixth big man in the Mountaineers’ 2013 signing class.

At Casper (Wyo.) College last season, the French native Dibo scored 18.2 points per game while grabbing 4.9 rebounds and making 41 percent of his 3-point tries. As a freshman he averaged 12.3 points, 4.7 rebounds and shot 40 percent from 3-point range. Over two seasons, he shot better than 78 percent from the free-throw line.

In the highlight video above, Dibo shows potential as a “stretch-4” — something WVU sorely lacked last season as it transitioned to the Big 12 and ranked among the bottom in 3-point shooting.

Upon finishing his senior season of high school ball at Mountain State Academy during the spring of 2010, Dibo planned to sign with Kentucky. But then five-star prospect Terrence Jones decommitted from Washington and took the Wildcats’ final scholarship. Academic problems would have nixed his Dibo’s entrance at Kentucky anyway, so he landed at Casper College, where he redshirted one year before taking a starring role the past two seasons.

Dibo is scheduled to receive his associates degree later this month, allowing him to spend the summer training in Morgantown. Three other Big 12 programs — Oklahoma State, Kansas State and Texas Tech — showed interest in Dibo this season, as did Clemson, Colorado State and Wyoming.

Barring another transfer from West Virginia’s current roster, or an academic failure on the part of WVU’s other five signees, Dibo’s commitment wraps up the 2013 recruiting class. That means no room for Martinsburg High forward Donte Grantham, who received an offer from WVU last month but is still considering the likes of Clemson, George Mason, James Madison or perhaps devoting a year to prep school.

After West Virginia signed four frontcourt players in November — 6-foot-8 Delvin Williams (Montverde, Fla.), 6-8 Elijah Macon (Columbus, Ohio), 6-10 Brandon Watkins (Decatur, Ga.) and 6-7 Nathan Adrian (Morgantown, W.Va.) — speculation shifted to Bob Huggins bringing in at least one guard during the spring signing period. Instead, WVU settled on two more forwards with jump-shooting range, signing 6-foot-9 junior college forward Jonathan Holton (Miami, Fla.) on Monday before adding Dibo.

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  • Steve

    Casey Mitchell definitely contributed.

  • big tom

    when huggs was hired, i thought we could do any better. but after going to the final four with mostly beilein recruits, i thought once huggs got his recruits it would be just as good or better.
    well, look at our record, look at the character of the huggins recruits.But mainly , look at our record, it speaks volumes.
    Now, i think Huggs is a very good coach, not necessarily HOF calibur but for WVU , we still have to wait and see what happens this fall and winter.
    This isn't CUSA, this is big time , he has to step up to the plate and show us what he's got.
    at his pay scale, it troubles me that we aren't getting better production. And consider all the unemployed workers in wv who are trying to get by on almost nothing, and huggs is bringing about $10,000 a day,,, unheard of.
    He needs to donate a million per yr to the needy west virginians and quit being so greedy.

    • Shawn

      No our welfare program provides enough! I'm sure he pays a whole hell of alot more to them than we do.

    • Joe


      I am a WVU alumni and lifelong Mountaineer fan.

      In the last three years, cancer has taken both of my parents and almost took my wife. Her treatment and care at the WVU Cancer Center was top notch, and she is still fighting. Through this experience, I have seen first hand Bob Huggins donate many hours, resources and significant money in th toward the cancer research fund created in his own mothers name.

      You have no right to suggest what you did in your last post. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

      What is wrong with you?!

      • Jay

        Well stated. It's easy to take shots at people from behind a computer screen. I only hope that folks like some who post on this site are doing grand things with their own lives. Shouldn't we all be striving for that instead of publicly degrading those we don't even know?!?

        Joe, just said a prayer for you and your family. Felt compelled to do so. Best wishes.

  • wvguy624

    Huggs is still a good coach. It's,not his fault that society has accepted and glorified our disrespectful and undisciplined youth. I suppose a lot of the people on here are in favor of participation trophies as well.

  • richard

    jumpsuit huggins and $10, 000 a day is getting old. as far as big tom and william are concerned........stop paying attention to them . they are going to come on here and bash huggins and wvu because they know it is getting on mountaineer fans nerves. they are just baiting you to get a response. they say the are fans but they aren't. so really true fans----stop getting upset. let them say what they want and ignor them. i'm sure the will respond to this post and say something stupid again, but it won't bother me because i'm going to laugh it off. they aren't fans!!!!!! they are just trying to make people mad, lol.

    • tw eagle

      big tom , WILLIAM , and myself are just trying to inject some reality into the fluff pushed on this site . . .higgins is a good ole W.Va. boy and can't do nothing wrong , keep believing that and i'll sell you some swamp land in florida. . .don't get mad at us , be mad at the direction that Higgins is pulling the WVU basketball program. . .even prize winning thoroughbreds get put out to pasture when they 'can't cut the mustard' anymore . . .Higgins WAS a good coach in the metro conference . . .it's time to hand Higgins a fishing pole and a retirement check . . .

      • Shadow

        I wish I had the intelligence to buy some of that swamp land in FL back in the 60s. I would be rich. The way FL is growing, it might still be a good buy.

    • DH

      thank you richard - well said!

      • Hoffy

        I'll second that!
        In one ear and out the other...

  • bva24

    Editors, consider making a link to click if readers want to view comments. It gets old seeing the same names trolling every article.

  • tw eagle

    I understand grantham wants WVU , he's just not in love with the present coaching staff , what's his name ? ? maybe he'll be gone next year . . .

    • JS

      What? NO cap lock tw eagle?

    • rtdeco

      by any chance do you have proof of your statement regarding his dislike of the current coaching staff?

      • tw eagle

        Common sense son , common sense . . .he preferred playing at Ohio State or WVU . . .he'll be playing prep ball this winter and go with O st next year unless WVU finds a new coach . . .

        • rtdeco

          you are so full of have no clue

    • Martinsburg Resident

      Yeah... let's scrap a proven top level coaching staff to sign an in state kid who has yet to lace up in one college level game!! I will stick with Huggins and his staff thank you. Go Mountaineers!

      • tw eagle

        oh yeah , Higgins WAS a good coach 20 or 30 years ago , HE'S DONE NOW . . .
        his assistant is the duqu coach that got himself fired and couldn't find a job . . .Higgins should be grooming a young coach to do heavy recruitment - selling the future at WVU . . .what you have are two old tu**ds that are past their prime and can't recruit outside the great state of West 'by God' Virginia . . .unless you count the rejects from other schools .
        and gansey wasn't a felonious reject from st . bonnie , his coach recommended he try a higher level of competition - and found a home with J. Beilen and WVU . . .

  • bigd

    Also Patrick Behlein.

  • John weaver

    I loved d'or fisher but I would love a Brian Lewis type player on this team, great passer, can rebound, and get some points but not many.

    • Harpers Ferry

      I would love a LeBron James on this team.

  • Jeff Ammons

    D'or Fisher & Casey Mitchell come to mind.

  • big tom


    • rtdeco

      and the tooth fairy and other imaginary things too numerous to mention

    • Habib Haddad

      And cap locks.

      • tw eagle

        YES , CAP LOCKS ALL THE WAY . . .

        LET'S GO CAP LOCKS . . .

        • WVU07

          Children love to yell.

  • j

    Shut up "big" tom you have never contributed one positive word to these posts. If your so against WVU stop reading the articles

  • B B Jones

    We will be very physical and could be very good.

  • big tom

    btw Holton is 6' 7" not 6'9"

    • Luke

      So was Wes Unseld who played center and had a pretty respectable NBA career. I believe he is in every Hall of Fame related to basketball.

    • Jay

      I think he's more in the 6'8" range.

      (Don't choke on the sarcasm.)

    • Allan Taylor

      Not to delve too deeply into a debate over two inches, but Palm Beach State's roster lists Holton at 6-9 and his coach told MetroNews he's 6-9. That said, the WVU release stated Holton is 6-7, which is the height Rivals listed when he was a senior in high school, two years ago.

  • big tom

    some one remind me if any JC's have ever contributed much to wvu BB. and now, we got two more,,,it takes them a yr to figure out where to be and by then huggie is fed up with them and they warm the bench..
    this just shows me how desperate we really are.
    what happened to Grantham? is he going to prep school or huggie just doesn't like instate recruits..
    anyway , we'll be terrible next yr just like this yr, Murray laughing in huggie's face doesn't show me much maturity...go figure

    • Luke

      Tony Robertson played 2 years and in the NBA.

      • Luke

        Carl Head, Russell Chapman, Sam Oglesby, among many others who have come in from a Juco and provided much needed help.

    • Darrell

      Tony Robertson Stan Boscovich

    • DH

      big tom - if you read the article it clearly states that Grantham was offered last month, but has yet to accept. If Grantham had any interest in WVU as many had indicated, he would have committed. Sounds like the ship has sailed without him!

    • bigd

      Wasn't Mike Gansey a Transfer?

      • WVU86

        gansey was a transfer from another D-I program, not a JUCO transfer as referenced in big tom's post.

    • Wemakerain

      Stories I've heard Grantham is going to prep school, he wouldn't play the next 2 years anyways, but that is what his mentors are telling him to do. Casey Mitchell is about the best case from WVU basketball, was second on team in scoring and now is on a NBA D-league team

      • bigd

        Grantham was offered but hadn't taken. You cant throw lasso around their neck and make them play.

  • netbros

    If any of the four guards get hurt, the entire roster suddenly becomes very thin.


      FACT - 'Jumpsuit' Huggins has been a big failure at WVU both on and off the court! This overpaid coach makes over $10,000.00 DOLLARS A DAY. Fire Huggins soon!

      • Greg

        I wonder if WILLIAM's unnatural fascination with Huggs' supposedly making $10k a day is that WILLIAM's never made that much money in his entire life? I guess he just can't fathom that. I hate to throw this at him, but I wonder how much Nike pays Huggs to wear that " jumpsuit", as WILLIAM calls it, during games? Wonder if WILLIAM has given any thought to that?

        • tony

          what job could he have and have the time to rag huggs?

      • Jusmyop

        FACT - Opinions are not facts.

      • Darrell

        Jealous ( FACT)

      • Shawn

        i'd like to make 10,000 a day. lets go Huggs!

      • WV07

        William = turning every wvu sports article into the same repetitive uneducated babble......with caps lock.

        • tw eagle


          • WVU07

            @eagle boy....educate yourself...caps mean yelling and the first to yell always loses the argument.Put your big boy pants on.

          • Mike

            You must be William's sister, always whining about Huggins pay. In case you forgot unsuccessful Huggins took the Mounties to the final four a few short years ago.

      • Bull

        You are a dumb man

        • STONEY

          HE IS DUMBER THAN DUMB !!!!