MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia received the signed national letter-of-intent from Remi Dibo on Wednesday, one day after the French jump-shooting forward committed to the Mountaineers.

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Remi Dibo was a second-team NJCAA All-American last season at Casper (Wyo.) College.

After playing the past two seasons at Casper (Wyo.) College, the 6-foot-9 Dibo will have two years of eligibility remaining. He is on pace to receive his associates degree later this month.

“Remi gives us outstanding size and perimeter shooting from the wing position,” said WVU coach Bob Huggins. “His size and length should also help us at the defensive end and obviously on the backboards, where we struggled mightily last year.”

Dibo was a National Junior College Athletic Association second-team All-American last season, averaging 18.2 points and making 41.9 percent of his 3-point tries. That shooting range is welcomed after WVU ranked 271st nationally in 3-point percentage last season (31.6 percent).

Dibo, who averaged 4.9 rebounds as a sophomore, becomes the sixth signee in West Virginia’s 2013 recruiting class — all of whom are 6-7 or taller.

He joins Nathan Adrian of Morgantown (W.Va.) High; Jonathan Holton of Palm Beach (Fla.) State Community College; Elijah Macon of Brewster (N.H.) Academy; Brandon Watkins of Decatur (Ga.) Grady High; and Devin Williams of Montverde (Fla.) Academy. ranks Dibo the 24th-best junior college player in the 2013 class, though the website’s Brad Winton said Dibo needs work on the defensive end.

“He’s very skilled, he really stretches the floor and creates matchup problems on offense. … But in the low post, defensively, he’s not really a grind-it-out forward,” Winton said. “He’s more of a finesse guy. He’s not a huge fan of mixing it up around the basket.

“He’s capable, though. He has the body for it, and obvuously playing for Huggins he’s going to have to have some toughness. I think that when he gets to West Virginia, they’ll bring it out of him and make him more physical.”

Winton said Memphis, Kansas State, Gonzaga, Washington State and TCU were among the 30-plus Division I programs making a push for Dibo this season.

Born in Ivory Coast before moving to Paris as a child, Dibo played on the Under-16 French national team. He also competed at the 2008 adidas Nations Camp that assembled the world’s top 18-and-under players.

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  • tony

    why does everyone against huggins just flip out all the time?

  • big tom

    alum ,, there are rules here that you cannot attack indiv. you should go to church

  • big tom

    after doing more research on these two new comits. not very impressed,,, a24 million dollar practice facility gathering dust
    Huggs should recruit the type ofplayers, that want to play here ,and those that want to get better.
    Huggs names three playersin the gym after the season ended,,,,, no murray, no staten, no browne,,,, but harris and henderson were there,,,,i think noreen was there too.
    sounds familiar,,, only three care to improve.
    harris and henderson could get to be really really good,,, noreen has peaked,, but he's a hustlier... like all three, the rest can transfer

  • Barry

    I am having a hard time rooting for the type of players that Huggins is recuiting. I wish that he would recruit some guys that the average West Virginia resident would care to watch. Likable guys like Kevin Jones, Butler, Ruoff Gansey. Nevermind we can't win

  • Alum

    That's deep tommy. And didn't you say some time ago that you are about 8 years old. That's about the level of your posts; as a matter of fact, most 8 year olds could post circles around you troll boy.

    • Allan Taylor

      (lowercase) big tom is right on this one, Alum. A little banter is one thing, but let's remain civil by avoiding name-calling, insults, profanity and references to anyone's mother.

  • big tom

    this kid could make it on our team, our team lacks alot so there's plenty of room for an average player...
    as for holton, it's a wait and see, with three felonies pending, and needing grades, he has his hands full trying to make it..
    no biggie if he doesn't, most JC''s don't help much their first yr anyway and by their second yr with huggie, they 're in the dog house and don't play much,,, either way, no biggie

    • Kevin

      Like your brain ... no biggie.
      LOL as you say

  • Maxxajay

    If we are volting again. I vote for the young man , and Hugge bear. It will be a good fit Then some people on here can eat their words....

  • JoeyO

    GREAT pickup for the Mountaineers !!! Go suck your thumb big tom. Your mommy should be home from school soon.

  • Jim Moltzer

    Wake Up, WVU fans ... I read comments from KState fans about Remi Dibo. They wanted the kid to come to KState.

    Here is comment #1:

    I agree he seems to have the best talent of any recruit we have had for some time. Land this one and get a point with experience and we would be back to a top 3-4 team in the b-12. If Weber thinks one of the points that we have recruited can handle the point next year I would not be against signing both the Wash. St. kid and Remi this would give us two stretch 4 and much needed ht

    Here is comment #2:

    We need this guy in the worst way. He has an NBA still set. I say that because of his ability to play in the open floor, handle the ball and shoot. One thing to look for with an NBA talent is his ability to improvise and adjust his shot. When he's inside the paint, he has the ability to fade, drift, and still make shots. He has tremendous balance and creativity with his shot. All good NBA players have the ability to hit fade-a-ways. With the 24 second shot, it's almost a must. This guy would be a match-up nightmare. He would take us to another level.

    I am a WVU fan and I am proud to say IT.

    This player Remi Dibo is a great addition to our team. Let's wish him the best for selecting our school and Coach Huggins.

    • big tom

      ok , let's see,,,, the talent level he is playing against in casper wyo. is just above div 2, maybe , maybe...
      this is div 1 and against pretty good talent in the big 12 , not the best but pretty good.
      it's ten steps above casper wyo. JC , you sound just like huggins trying to sell tickets.
      we've heard all this before by huggs. Now it's time for production not a 13-19 season. We want more and more is better than less, more, we want more.

      • Alum

        You are such a bore. Please get over yourself and go back to Huntington troll.

  • JoeJoe

    Huggins signing the criminals and thugs and foresakes an in-state recruit again. This is WVU, not the Univ. of Cin. prison ward he once coached.

    • chad

      What in state recruit did Huggs forsake exactly? Some kid from Parkersburg who no other top program wanted either?? A kid from Martinsburg that was offered a scholly and sat on it for weeks??

      • Alum

        Bingo. But Chad, don't confuse him with the facts when he has already made up his mind.

  • big tom

    he will find out quickly that there is a huge difference in playing for an unknown in wyo. and div. 1 in the big 12.
    i sincerely hope he can adapt and contribute immediately, we need the help/
    as for holten, i seriously don't believe he'll ever set foot on court at WVU unless we allow felons.
    This is sad, but he's been given more than one chance to change his ways, and it didn't dawn on him that his future was at stake.
    this fall , i think our team will be no better than last yr. but may get better as the season progresses... Huggins has to know that his job is on the line, and with shrinking attendance, Luck won't put up with another yr. like this past one..
    go eers.

    • Randy

      BS Huggins will be there as long as he wants to be there. Ollie is the one that needs to go.

    • Wemakerain

      I think you should probably do your research a bit more thoroughly before dragging a young man's reputation through the mud. He was only accused of 1 crime, therefore why would he need more than one chance? The robbery charges never happened, he was named in an investigation and then no charges were filed against him. Give the guy a chance, before slandering someone you have not met or talked to on a public site

      • big tom

        hummmm, charleston daily mail says he has three felony charges pending... maybe you should shut up and learn to read

        • Alum

          tommy, tommy, tommy. I see that mommy must have put you back in the basement again and it's affecting your vision, comprehension, and general intelligence again. Oh wait, you really have not had much good to say on this site - ever.

          Now run along and go play with lil' larry and all-caps billy.

        • Wemakerain

          Charleston Daily Maily is a sham of a news paper, every other outlet I read said the voyeurism charges were being fought and the theft charges in Florida were dropped and another suspect was arrested in place. I'm just correcting information for the sheeple, don't shoot the messenger

          • big tom

            right , discredit the daily news for reporting the news,,,if you don't like or agree with what they say, then call them liars,,,
            that's like saying we lost the game due to bad refs...get a life, grow up

        • WVU07

          Little tom, I've read your posts for quite some time. You have some great points at just seem angry and unhappy with your life. I feel sorry for you.How do live with such a negative outlook on everything? Do you not realize that all D1 programs deal with the same frustrating issues every year? What is your MO? Did daddy tom not give you enough hugs as a child? What's the weather like up there on your pedestal? Mostly cloudy with a chance of bitterness cause your life didn't turn out the way you wanted?

          • Mister

            Yes, Tom. Life is a reality.......
            I've read it all before, just not on here.

          • big tom

            life is reality, deal with it,, it's not what you wish for or hope for, it's what it is,,, it's reality,,, deal with life on this basis and changes can be made, don't deal with it, and the same situations or problems continue without remedy...
            my attitude, face life straight on, make no excuses, take personal responsibility for actions, and make changes if necessary,,,,so what's so bad about that.

        • Boothe Davis

          Speaking of learning to read tom, at least you could spell the kid's last name right...!

        • Boothe Davis

          Holton contests some if not all charges, so PERHAPS he is innocent until proven guilty? He was accused of a couple separate misdeeds, but the charges came about at the same time, stemming from the same investigation, so it is NOT as if he's had a series of problems over time, or forsaken multiple chances to "change his ways." Holton's juco coach said on Sportsline the other night that he'd had NO problems with Holton during his stint there. Perhaps tom should shut up and learn to LISTEN...

          • big tom

            his problem was that he got caught in all the offenses over a short period of time..LOL> that really makes it different doesn't it ,, again LOL.. the stolen lap top occurred several months prior,, so that makes it different since the thief wasn't caught then... makes it different >again LOL
            you sound like a five yr old caught with his fingers in the cookie jar,, ,,,,
            it really makes a difference if the law catches you in multiple crimes within their same visit at searching your home doesn't it/// that way they take it easier on you and erase some of the,,,idiots

      • Kevin

        Well said. Folks on here are way too quick to spout off about things that they have no clue about. It's like they want to make up their own version of facts. I would guess that if people went around calling him a felon or cheat, he would be ready to sue.

  • Chris

    these 2 kids Huggins got look very impressive on film and can shoot the ball very well from 3pt range being 6-9 that's something.