Boone County authorities said it’s probable that a U.S. Army veteran wanted by police took his own life over the weekend.

Turkey hunters discovered the body of Zarcus Gore, 27, on Saturday. He was found dead at a makeshift campsite on the Hobet Mining property. Alongside his body deputies found survival gear, a stolen pistol and a large amount of prescription pain pills.

“Preliminary results from the medical examiner say it’s a possible overdose, which would be consistent with the evidence at the scene,”¬†said Boone County sheriff’s chief deputy Chad Barker.

Gore recently broke his home confinement order of his bond, leaving the nearby home of his uncle. Gore was charged with malicious wounding and sexual assault in January by Madison police. A Danville man claimed Gore and another man attacked and sexually assaulted him.

The preliminary hearing on the charges took place the day before he disappeared. The charges were forwarded to the grand jury in that hearing.

“He stole a firearm. He had paramilitary training and he had a survival pack with him,” Barker said. “It appeared he planned to stay in the woods for some time.”

Gore was a former Army paratrooper who served a tour of duty in Iraq. He returned suffering from a documented case of post-traumatic stress disorder. 




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  • DAVE

    another sad case of our warriors not getting the help they need, either on his own accord or by the system...not condoning his actions,just saying he was failed

  • Cliff

    OK, so here's the million-dollar question nobody wants to answer: If Mr. Gore had not served in Iraq and returned home with PTSD, would he still have done this? Of course he wouldn't have. The world he returned to was not something he could deal with.

    Just want to say thanks to former Halliburton CEO Dick Cheney. Add Mr. Gore to your list of thousands of others.