New poll numbers from Mark Blankenship Enterprises offer a window into possible U.S. Senate races in 2014.

The results, released Wednesday, show 40% of Democratic primary voters in West Virginia indicate they would vote for Secretary of State Natalie Tennant in a potential primary race against Supreme Court Justice Robin Davis, Attorney Nick Preservati and Attorney Ralph Baxter.

“Tennant polls very well among self described liberal Democrats and across all three Congressional districts,” Mark Blakenship said on Wednesday’s MetroNews Talkline.

With that scenario, the MBE poll shows 12% would vote for Justice Davis, 1% for Preservati and 1% for Baxter.

More than two in five Democratic primary voters, though, are undecided with just more than a year to go until the 2014 Primary Election.

None of the above Democrats has officially launched U.S. Senate campaigns.

The survey finds Second District Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, a Republican and the only U.S. Senate candidates who has announced a run, has a 19% lead over potential Democratic challenger and Supreme Court Justice Robin Davis.

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  • C. F. T.

    For Democrats, Tennant has the only credential necessary that being, ultra liberal. No other canadate need file, as the denounce God party wants to destroy our Country.

    • WV Citizen

      What is destroying our country are the ultra spew thowing right wing conservative nuts. They have no morals, no idea of the art of compromise and no idea of what this great country need. They lack respect and civility.
      As for Ms. Tennant every candidate has flaws including you C.F.T. But it would be interesting if she opposes Capito. Just say NO to Capito!

  • Jim

    Ms. Tennant is so intertwined with the teachers' unions that she has Judy Hale on speed dial and panders to the other unions for endorsements, campaign contributions and votes.
    This is a woman that was elected to her first statewide office and then dropped the ball by missing an important voting deadline and costing the state thousands of dollars. She should have been focusing on the job that she wanted so much instead of covert campaigning for an even higher office.
    She should take her monogram trinkets that adorn her office and her personalized welcome rug at the office entrance then, have her Mountaineer Buckskins bronzed, count herself fortunate for the experiences and go home! Make room for a competent candidate!

    • WV Citizen

      IMHO, there is no competent candidate running for senate from West Virginia. Please name one. If you name Capito, she is not COMPETENT! Look at her voting record, just a follower not a leader! Just say NO to Capito!!

  • Roger

    Can you say name recognition?