A Fayette County resident says he sees the work on a possible school bond for needed school improvements in his county as a balancing act.

“You’ve got to involve the entirety of the county,” Paul McClung told MetroNews.

“You’ve got to come up with a reasonable value for the bond and all the communities have to work hard together to see if we can get one that is, at least, a compromise.”

The 60 citizens who make up a facilities advisory committee on school needs in Fayette County met for the first time Thursday to start working through an architect’s report on needed upgrades.

It’s estimated the most critical needs will cost Fayette County $46 million, but the total bill for all improvements may add up to as much as $136 million, if all of the strongly recommended needs are addressed.

McClung says that is a number that should not be tossed around haphazardly because, he says, it’s raising the concerns of residents.  “They’re seeing a dismal report,” he said.  “I just feel reasonably certain that that’s (the amount) not going to be the case.”

A longtime advocate for keeping schools open, he says school priorities will have to be set, with the help of citizens, and decisions made about how much Fayette County can afford without maxing out its bonding capacity at once.

“There is a definite need for improvement of all the schools that would remain open, but there has to be reason exercised with this so that it is affordable,” McClung said.

McClung says it’s important to note that this is the first time Fayette County school officials are attempting to address every school’s needs.

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  • Chris Robinson

    Smokey, does you kid go to one of the schools you say is "fine"?? The schools are not fine! They are falling apart! Meadow Bridge doesn't want to consolidate because 70 out of 100 of their students are from Summers county. Mine goes to Collins Middle and the school is in shambles!! Let Meadow Bridge stay open and have their private school patched up. Consolidate the rest and give them a building they can learn in!!

  • Maggie Watkins

    I am addressing the comment regarding competent teachers. I am a retired teacher and we keep going in circles. Apparently, it is the belief that "new teaching techniques" will give us better students. If competent teachers are hired from the beginning then they should be able to address the various ways in which their students learn and teach accordingly. Why do we waste money and acquire services of people from other states to show teachers how to teach? We have a wealth of expertise in our county with veteran teachers who know how to teach their students. Let their voices be heard.

  • Chris Robinson

    How can Mr McClung speak for Fayette county when he is from Summers county and doesn't pay taxes In Fayette county?? He has no say so In this matter!

    • Smokey

      I agree, our schools are fine the way they are.
      We could use competent teachers though.