It’s not an election year, but poll numbers, especially good ones, are always helpful, according to Governor Earl Ray Tomblin.

Mark Blankenship Enterprises released new job approval ratings for state and congressional officeholders this week and the governor had a 69 percent approval rating.

“I’m very pleased and happy to have those kinds of approval ratings,” Tomblin told MetroNews during an appearance at the state capitol Thursday.

Tomblin’s numbers are staying steady. He had an identical rating back in March. The same can’t be said for U.S. Senator Joe Manchin and Second District Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito. Both saw their numbers dip.

Tomblin says even though an election is not on the line, poll results are a good indicator of what his constituents are thinking.

“I think it gives an officeholder some encouragement that we are doing the right thing for the people of the state,” Tomblin said.

Even when it comes to the economy, only three percent of those polled blame Tomblin for job losses. Instead, 49 percent of those polled are laying the blame at the feet of President Obama.

Tomblin says good poll numbers can give you a boost.

“It is a bit of encouragement that you occasionally need when you’re in public office.”

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  • Ax Man

    Yep, he is doing a good job, we are still at 49th

  • quailbill

    Welcome to the People's Republic of West Virginia. Watch your paychecks working people. Chairman Mao Tomblin is at it again.

  • susanf

    They surely didn't poll me, b/c if they had, I certainly wouldn't have given him a favorable rating! He is just a political hack!

  • The truth

    As a state employee, Earl Ray can suck eggs, the snake.

  • C.Hoffman

    They must have polled off shore for those numbers. I agree with js' assessment of the situation regarding ert.

  • js

    Earl Ray is a joke and not a funny one at that. What did they do survey a bunch of kids?

  • cutty77

    Earl Ray knows what he is doing. WV is in very good shape nation wise compared to all other States. Even with Coal down.