PINCH, W.Va. – From the time she was a girl, Michelle Haddox always knew she wanted to be a mom. Now she and her husband Craig are living that dream.

On this Mother’s Day, Haddox will have six small faces to tell her how much she’s loved.

Michelle and Craig have three children of their own and are foster parents to three more in Kanawha County.

“This is a way to expand our family,” Michelle said. “We’ve always seen ourselves as having a big family.”

Currently the Haddox household is occupied by three boys and three girls. Three of them are 4-years-old and under. She admitted it can get a little crazy, but she wouldn’t trade her situation for anything.

“My husband laughs and jokes that soon we’ll need a church van to carry everybody in!”

Michelle is a stay-at-home mom, allowing her to spend extra time with the foster children, who she said need a lot of love.

“Some of these kids have gone through more in their little lifetimes than most of us will ever go through,” Michelle said.

The Haddoxes are in the process of adopting one of their foster children, and Michelle said they are open to  more adoptions in the future. Right now they’re enjoying their new expanded family. She said deep down inside all children are alike — they just want to be loved.

Michelle urged other parents to open their homes to foster children: “It is amazing that just being in a loving home can transform them.”

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  • Sherry

    God bless the Haddoxes! Loving homes are always needed for foster children.