PORTLAND, Ore. — Ukrainian big man Volodymyr Gerun, who saw sparse playing time during his lone season at West Virginia, has enrolled at the University of Portland where he will be eligible to play next fall.

“Summer school started today and he was on campus,” said Portland assistant Michael Wolf, who anticipates the 6-foot-10 Gerun “to be a significant part” of the Pilots’ plans next season.

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Volodymyr Gerun appeared in only seven games at WVU last season, including three Big 12 contests, averaging 1.3 points.

Gerun struggled to see the court during his lone year at WVU. He signed in August, arrived several days after classes started because of visa issues, and then was dealt a six-game suspension by the NCAA for making two brief appearances in a Ukrainian pro league.

“Scrambling to get in there so late, he got behind on a lot of levels,” Wolf said. “He never really had the chance to show what he could do at West Virginia.”

Lauded by coach Bob Huggins as being WVU’s best-shooting big man, Gerun averaged 1.3 points and 0.3 rebounds in seven games. He made only three appearances for a total of nine minutes in Big 12 play, but figures to make a bigger splash in the West Coast Conference, where programs like Portland are attempting to close the gap on league frontrunners Gonzaga, BYU and Saint Mary’s. The Pilots finished 11-21 overall and 4-12 in the WCC last season, though they averaged 20 wins from 2009 to 2011.

“He’ll present some challenges to the 5’s in our league because of his speed and quickness, and he’ll present problems for the 4’s because of his size,” Wolf said.

Whereas Portland head coach Eric Reveno spoke briefly with Huggins about Gerun’s rather nondescript season in Morgantown, Wolf had what he called “substantial conversations” with WVU assistants Erik Martin, Billy Hahn and Ron Everhart.

The Mountaineers’ staff spoke glowingly about Gerun’s character, and Wolf also credited WVU with assisting in the NCAA waiver application that afforded Gerun immediate eligibility at Portland.

Wolf also received positive reviews from two returning Pilots players — Thomas van der Mars and Oskars Reinfelds — who were teammates of Gerun’s at the Canarias Basketball Academy.

“Obviously the chemistry of the transfer is part of what you want to evaluate, because if you want him to contibute he better have the respect of his teammates,” Wolf said. “The fact (van der Mars and Reinfelds) had respect for Voldy validated that.”

Gerun has two years of eligibility remaining.

He was among three players who announced their intentions to transfer from WVU on April 1, joining guards Jabarie Hinds (who landed at UMass) and Aaron Brown (Saint Joseph’s).

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  • wvguy624

    You guys crack me up. Look what Huggs did to Ruoff, Alexander, Flowers, and Butler. He made them better players. He's trying to get these boys to play team ball instead of NBA ball. This is what AAU is doing to basketball. I say Huggs keep wearing what makes you comfortable.

  • Greg

    Good luck young man. Work hard and good things will come your way.

  • cutty77

    I liked Gerun,but Huggs never let him Play. You will for sure need a program this year to see whos here and not here. Geez

    • Wemakerain

      My wonder is wont he have to sit out after transferring? He was already a sophomore when he came I think, played his junior year and now has to sit out his senior year and play a post senior year. Seems like he got some bad advice somewhere, should have gone D-II dominated and called it a career

      • J.P.

        First paragraph of the story says he is eligible to play this fall. The article also says he has two years of eligibility remaining. Might want to try reading more than just the headlines next time.

  • big tom

    the young man needs much more PT and he'll get it a portland... good luck big fellow.

  • richard

    lol......(alot) is two words. yea, i'll really pay attention to what you write!!!......lmao

  • The_Truth

    How was this a big bust? The guy filled a position for a season, provided quality practice competition and we only invested one season on the kid. His departure opened a spot that we have filed with a former Kentucky recruit. A bust it is

  • Big Larry

    Another Bob Huggins bust.....


      Great for Gerun, get away from 'Sweatsuit Huggins' and don't look back! Another player that Huggins has failed! How many players have left WVU under Huggins? (alot) Maybe this coach is the problem and not the players.

      • Inquiring Mind

        Does anyone know why WILLIAM has quit capitalizing every letter in his posts? Did he somehow slip up and accidentally take an English class? Did Huggs give him some of that money NIKE (which by the way should be capitalized) pays him to wear that "jumpsuit" on the sidelines for such class? Or did WILLIAM just now figure out that his caps lock key was on? Inquiring minds want to know.

        • Hoffy

          The caps lock key broke. C'mon, give the guy a break!