No court dates been set in a case where the husband of Barbour County prosecutor Leckta Poling is charged with allegedly drugging her so he could check out her cell phone and email records.

Frank Poling, Jr. was charged in March with domestic battery, a misdemeanor.

A State Police investigator says Poling, the son of Barbour County delegate and House of Delegates Education Committee Chair Mary Poling, had doubts about his marriage.

The trooper says Poling, 42, admitted to putting a sedative in the prosecutor’s drink in 2012. The two have been married for 19 years.

Sgt. G.S. Petsko was assigned to investigate the case. He’s based in Fairmont. The special prosecutor in the case is Lea Anne Hawkins of Marion County and veteran Monongalia County Magistrate Hershel Mullins has been assigned to hear the case.

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  • Habib Haddad

    First confirmed case of use of a "date rape" drug between a married couple. Barbour County: On the cutting edge.

  • Bill

    This is not the only bad mistakes she has made as prosecutor, remember the girlthat filed a comlaint against he Sheriff, for threatening to kill her if she ever told anyone about their affair, she was arrested on a false charge and the prosecutor had to let her go after an attorney took her case instead of one appointed by the court system, also rember the case of the bus driver who found a treateding note on his bus, and was later arrested, the charges we later overturned by a jury, when the State Trooper who did the investigation that the writing wasn't that of the accused. She needs to go!

  • Metzger

    Legal system , integrity ? ?

  • JJ

    2 seperate issues Sherry. Both are in the wrong. If true, he should be convicted and she should have the decency to resign, not because of adultery per se, but because of who the adultery was with. Total conflict of interest to the public.

  • Sherry

    Excuse me, he drugged her. You all have no problem with that?


    Wow,mid that's true, her integrity as an officer of the court is compromised and she should be removed immediately and disbarred.

  • Levelheaded

    Are you sure Dave?

  • dave

    yep,, he found out she was having an affair with the current sheriff and 1 deputy

  • Brian

    So, did he find any damaging information in his illegal search? If so, let him walk. Do it just like defamation cases; if the defaming statements are true, then defamation did not occur. If his suspicions are confirmed, then the search was legal. Furthermore, if the alleged victim works for the government, then all crimes against said alleged victim are justified. Haaaa

    • Sherry

      Hope you are joking.

      • Brian

        Self defense. She was violating him, and his somewhat questionable investigative tactics have enabled him to end the abuse. Ends justify the means.

        She has probably put a lot of people in jail by questionable prosecutions based on questionable investigations.

        Bottom line, she works for the government, so hang er high.