MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – West Virginia University on Tuesday issued a “revised request for proposals” for the university’s third-tier sponsorship and media rights. The rebid comes nearly a month after West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey found “significant errors and sloppiness” by WVU in the original process.

The university said the revised process will include a “new evaluation committee, a new procurement liaison, an external legal advisor from the Attorney General’s office and an updated proposal.” All bids are due June 18.

This time the process will be led by the university’s chief procurement officer Brenda Mowen, not athletics director Oliver Luck, who was cited by Morrisey for divulging confidential information and making ill-timed changes to the evaluation committee in the first bidding cycle. Other members of the evaluation committee also will not be included in the second round of evaluations.

The university asked the attorney general to review the original bid process after ethical questions were raised by John Raese, owner of West Virginia Radio Corp. — the parent company of MetroNews.

IMG College won the bidding, reportedly with a 12-year deal worth $110 million. The ethical questions centered on “inappropriate” communication between Luck and WVU Board of Governor’s chairman Drew Payne.

Payne is stakeholder West Virginia Media, which participated in IMG College’s presentation and stood to profit from the deal as a subcontractor.

The WVU statement says, “All bids will be sealed and will remain confidential–along with all comments and discussion concerning the solicitation.”

Morrisey said he welcomed the opportunity for his office to be involved. “This Office is happy to provide assistance to the University as it moves forward with the revised request to ensure the process is as seamless as possible,”

Third-tier rights typically involve any TV broadcasts of football games that are not picked up by a major network, several non-conference basketball games, as well as radio broadcasts, coaches’ shows, stadium sponsorships and online content.

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  • cutty77

    Chad i left you a answer to your comments,but this FAIR AN BALANCED RADIO STATION DIDN'T LIKE MY ANSWER TO YOU. So they deleted it, that can't stand the truth. Keep DELETING THEM,CAUSE I AIN'T STOPPING IT. lol

  • chad

    So basically all of this was just an idiotic waste of time, money and energy brought about by the owner of this website.

    IMG will win the bid again because they are the biggest dog in the fight. What a complete waste of resources.

    Now get your blankey, stick your thumb in your mouth and drink from your sippy like a good boy Little Johnny, you got what you wanted.

    • Allan Taylor

      chad, your ability to describe newborns is superior to your ability to discern who's responsible for creating this "waste of time." I tend to think the fault belongs to the people who committed the ethical missteps, not the guy who called them on it.

      • chad

        Right, right, right because I'm absolutely sure your boss in his entire career of buliding his media empire in WV has never ever ever ever made any "ethical missteps". As a devote conservative capitalist its in his very nature to make ethical missteps.

        Face it Allan, he didn't win the bid, he couldn't win the bid, so he got all pouty and decided to stir up some $#!% for the sole purpose of making Luck and the University look bad. Bottom line end of story.

  • Dave

    If WVRC wins with a good bid then so be it. If they cost WVU millions because of this, then I hope they rot in &^$#!!!!!! Let Raese put his money where his mouth is.

  • JimJim

    Luck and integrity do not go in the same sentence.

    • les from hurricane

      Luck is the best thing to happen in the athletic dept. He loves WVU and is a good businessman. Unlike Eddy Pass-the-loot-along

  • smitty

    Luck trying to do the right thing, now that is funny. What he really did was think the bid would go his way and he would look like the statesman in the way he did it. But then things did not look so good, he decided to stack the deck to make sure this went in the right direction. His direction with the outcome he wanted. Luck and integrity do not go in the same sentence.

  • J.R. Skene

    Goodbye MSN. Goodbye Caridi.

    • jfk

      MSN's not going anywhere and I doubt Caridi will either

      • cutty77

        Your Right there not going anywhere,but they wont be doing much if anything with WVU either,you can take that to the Bank my Friend.

    • cutty77

      When the lights get turned on,you see all the Rats running around. Believe me the lights have been on since Oliver and Dr.Clements took over. LOL


    It bears repeating....WVU is making money on this deal. No bidding process is required. I'm not an Oliver Luck fan but his error in this instance was in trying too hard to be fair.

    • EP Haters

      They need to sell the tickets to make money....they can't sell out the 2 tiers they have now

    • Allan Taylor

      STEVE, to your point, and the AG's, that this bidding might not have been necessary ... Had the athletic department simply handed the deal to IMG without the RFP process, I'm told the university's legal team would have been very nervous about future liabilities. Bidding was the right way to go because it validated and documented WVU's ability to obtain the max market-value deal. Without bidding, what's to prevent an administrator from simply throwing contracts at the colleague of his choosing? The issue here, as the AG detailed, involved Luck and Payne's rather obvious missteps within the bidding process. And the folks at Legends would question how Luck "tried too hard to be fair" when he forwarded their confidential info to Payne, a potential competitor, within five minutes.

  • JL

    I wonder what people will think - or how they will spin it - when they realize that WVRC's original bid was $9 million dollars more than IMG's?

    • cutty77

      Yea Ok I'm sure there Bid was 9 mill. I might have born at night,but not last night.

    • WVU 74


    • Unconvinced

      There is NO WAY WVRC's bid was more than IMG, remember that WVRC was ONLY bidding on the radio rights. IMG was going to provide all services....

  • EP Haters

    We should be discussing the real issue here.....they want to waste money on a third tier when they can't fill the seats they already have? The only scenario that I can think of here is that they feel as if the current cost of tickets is too high for fans, so adding more seats would allow them to lower prices and still meet their margin......but I doubt that.

  • Lee

    Im hoping this is a fairly quick process and that the process is in place and running when football season kicks off. Im sure any prospective bidders have already tested the waters to see who would be interested advertising during our games.

    Question is will Rease keep his word and not submit a bid this time around.

    • Guardian

      Why should it matter if Raese keeps his word or not?

      It's a bid - he would either have the winner or he'd lose the bid. If he'd win the bid, then it would have to be more money for WVU. If he loses the bid, it still means more money for WVU. Of course, all of that argument "assumes" the winning bid will be greater revenue than the current deal.

      However, all my logic above is most likely moot - I believe Raese will sit this round out.

  • Bob Melphis

    It was a shame to see Mr. Taylor abandon his journalistic values to become a propagandist for his employer.

    • Allan Taylor

      Bob, while attempting to change a mind that doesn't wish to be changed is foolhardy, I'll only restate that I've received zero feedback or prompting from Raese on this third-tier issue, and every assertion I've made was backed by an AG who was working FOR the university on this matter. Take care.

    • NotAllenTaylor

      Agree completely. Though your comment assumes he had journalistic values to begin with. I've seen no evidence of that.

    • Stevo

      So, I guess members of the media aren't allowed to have their own opinions?

      • C.Hoffman

        They are, however if their opinion can influence a circumstance they are involved in directly then ethics require them to recuse from comment. It's called integrity.

        • Allan Taylor

          C.Hoff — I'm not posting on here as an individual, but as a reporter, and in some cases as a moderator, where the discourse turns uncivil and profane. My personal feelings on the tier-3 issue are completely irrelevant.

        • JS

          C. Hoffman, You are correct sir or madam. Ethics, Allan Taylor, JR, and WVRC do not belong in the same conversation.

          • Allan Taylor

            Wow, JS, sorry you find my ethics unsound. I've always sort of cared about those.

    • Guardian

      Would you have written the same comment if Allan had written words you agreed with, Bob?

      When Allan posts on one of Hoppy's or another writer's story, he is then posting as himself, not in his journalistic role.

  • Charles

    A scandal????? Really? Doing what every major college program has done for the past 30 years. Make revenue from 3rd tier rights and radio. Ollie did not have to put it up for bid! Marshall did not! They are part if img. Will benefit from us being part of it. Why didn't you guys cry when the joined. We are one of 3 left doing this on own out in the nation. Soooo. Our radio rights are vary valuable with almost 50 stations hitting 6 states in total. Our value is real! Many great power programs do not have our value on radio. All because we grew up listening in between these hills and hollers. Raese knows this. Baseball has a little success and over 2000 watch live stream video. Our value is real. Img knows it because there is not any other new markets to get. There is only 3.

    • cutty77

      Yes the True Scandal was WCRC for all these years. Believe me its almost over.

      • Shadow

        I can't speak to that as I don't know the previous situation.

    • Shadow

      I expect the Government to be honest and any large contract to go to the lowest bidder if it costing the Government. In this case, where the Government is profiting over something that it is doing, it should go to the highest bidder who meets the contract requirements and not the buddy system that the first effort showed. My comment about IMG being not allowed to bid means that their is a penalty for cheating. With the current system, they got away with cheating and no penalty. I would bet that what happened is a violation of civil laws but no one chose to pursue it because it was WVU Sports.

    • JS


  • Shadow

    This whole story is a scandal and the President and Luck should fall on their swords and IMG be banned from bidding for their cheating.

    • Brian

      Hey "shadow", why don't you overreact?

    • Sherry


      • JS

        Would like to be the first to welcome WVRC employees, Shadow and Sherry.

        • NotAllenTaylor

          Now that's funny.

        • Guardian

          That's a bit trite, wouldn't you say? I'm not a WVRC employee - in fact I'm not in media or journalism - I'm in manufacturing. But I see Sherry and Shadow's point - who could not after all that we've learned. Still, IMG will be allowed to re-bid and it is my hope that this time the playing field is leveled. If IMG comes out on top again with a level playing field, then so be it.

          • JS

            If IMG offers the most $, then they should get the bid. It's business and nothing personal to JR or WVRC.

          • NotAllenTaylor

            Care to explain how the playing field was not "level" before? This should be good.

  • luke

    However it works out, know that the increased revenue is coming out of the pockets of WVU fans and advertisers. Higher cost less service.

    This story ought to be ad in conjunction with Sunday's story that WVU grads depart with an average debt of $22,000.00. Does anyone think they are better educated than when the tuition was a universally affordable $150 a semester?

    It will be the same with WVU sports the annual revenue from which amounts to nearly 10% of the University's $1 billion annual budget.

    • cutty77

      If you don't like it at WVU Go to Marshall games,they have plenty of empty seats,and Cokes are Cheaper too. You get what you pay for. LOL

    • Alum

      WVU athletics are self-supported so I don't even begin to understand you illogical comment regarding tuition.

    • Greg

      A bottle of pop no longer costs a nickel either. Unfortunately costs increase every year. And unfortunately as well, for most everyone except the one-per centers like the owner of this website, our incomes seem to be going down too.