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Martinsburg forward Donte Grantham (32) posts up against Woodrow Wilson High during the Class AAA state tournament.

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Donte Grantham announced via Twitter on Wednesday that he’ll attend prep school next year and reclassify for the 2014 signing class.

The West Virginia Sports Writers Association’s player of the year, Grantham received a scholarship offer from WVU in April and also has been targeted by Clemson, Marshall, George Mason, James Madison, Morehead State, VMI, and Radford.

However, the Mountaineers stopped recruiting Grantham after recently signing Remi Dibo and Jonathan Holton, two junior-college forwards who became the fifth and sixth members of WVU’s 2013 class.

The 6-foot-7 Grantham led Martinsburg’s run to the Class AAA state championship by averaging 18.3 points and 9.1 rebounds.

He was rumored to be considering delaying his college choice to next year, and his tweet Wednesday afternoon confirmed that intention:

“Prep school in August ! Best decision I made!”

In a subsequent Tweet, Grantham indicated he was bound for “either hargrave or Brewster.”

Hargrave (Va.) Military Academy and Brewster (N.H.) Academy annually produce a gaggle of Division I signees. In fact, 2013 West Virginia signee Elijah Macon played at Brewster this past season.

A year of development against strong competition at either of these prep schools could open the door to more interest from major-conference programs. It also could lead to renewed interest from West Virginia.

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  • Brian Litten

    Marshall sucks. Always have and always will.

  • JoeJoe

    If Grantham wants to be high up on Huggins' recruiting list next year, he better go out and commit a few crimes while he is at prep school. Huggins doesn't recruit preps, he recruits perps.

    • Kevin

      JoeJoe must be a Marshall fan. How many "perps" has Huggs signed since he came back to WVU?

      • JoeJoe

        Huggins' team photo next year will look like the wall at your local post office. You know, the wall with the wanted posters of the FBI's 10 most wanted list.

        • Kevin

          alongside the photo of your mother.

  • big tom

    keep in mind that holton hasn't even come close to qualifying at wvu... with his criminal record, seems very doubtfull he'll get rid of all three felonies.. sorry sports fans , but me thinks there will be two scholarships available next yr....

    • Shawn

      There's no way WVU would've went after this kid if they thought the felonies would stand. He'll have those reduced to misdemeanors but we wont know anything else about his academics until the summer session is over.

      The big concern for me is keeping him straight while he's at WVU. If he clears, he'll be under a microscope until he graduates or leaves for the NBA (if thats an option).

  • Charleston,WV

    As stated before, "Good Luck Donte in your future endeavors!''. Keep working hard and your efforts will be rewarded!

  • john

    A lot has been made of this kid who at best will be an average basketball player at the bcs level. Certainly happy Huggs moved on without waiting for this kid who thought he (the kid) was a five star recruit.

    • EP Haters

      Ever think that a lot has been said about an average BCS level player (as you say) because our state isn't really churning out top flight players? The kid is a lot better than the Adrian kid that signed to WVU

  • Chef Camille

    Donte didn't sign because the money wasn't right!

    • hailey

      Chef, uncalled for attack on Donte's character for you to state if the money was right he would do the unethical thing and take cash. Grow up, the kid is still in high shcool

    • Greg

      Apparently it wasn't at the other schools either then.

  • Matt

    Only one senior on the squad this year.

    • Habib Haddad

      Given last year's results, we should be glad we have only one senior.

  • Doug

    Best of luck Donte! Hopefully we'll see you in a Mountaineer uniform in a couple of years!

  • JimC

    2 very sound comments!

  • big tom

    i don't think huggins gave up on him, rather he knew the young man was goingto prep school, and essentially, isn't allowed to say anymore than that he quit recruiting him.
    i think huggins wanted him to go to prep school all along, and will reopen recruiting next year,,, may just be the best thing for the young man.... let's hope it all turns out good, and we get him.

    • Wemakerain

      That was the advice I heard all along from people on the inside. They said he needed more muscle than could be added before enrolling, and that he needed to develop a little more. Glad to see he made the best choice to benefit him in the long run, best of luck young man

  • Greg

    This is why he didn't sign a letter of intent with anyone people! Will everyone please get off Huggs case now for not signing him for crying out loud? It doesn't mean that either of them are bad people. The kid either needs to work on his grades, game, or possibly both. He made a very mature decision in doing this as has so many successful D-1 players in the past. Welcome to the next WVU signing class young man.