People are feeling very altruistic these days. With a shot at winning Wednesday night’s $360 million Powerball jackpot — or the MegaMillions prize of $190 million on Friday — hopes are high that choosing the right numbers could lead to unimagined wealth, with plenty to give away.

Jennifer Nunley purchased three Powerball tickets Wednesday morning at the Kanawha Turnpike BP near St. Albans. She pointed out her 4-year-old son waiting in the car and how she’d spend some of the winnings.

“My son was born with spina bifida. So I would donate the the spina bifida clinics around West Virginia and in other states,” she said.

Vanessa Fowler, who works at the BP, said she’d be so grateful for the cash, she’d donate to groups close to her heart.

“Honestly, I’d give it mostly to charities, especially the Breast Cancer Foundation.”

Peggy Young said she plays Powerball every week. Though she has never won, Young said that doesn’t deter her from playing and dreaming. Where would her money be spent if she came up with the right numbers? Charity starts at home.

“Well, I’ve got four daughters still surviving, and I’ve got six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren,” Young said. “So you know where that (money) would go.”

Debi Burns, an employee at the BP, said sales have been brisk. The higher the jackpot climbs, the more ticketbuyers file in. One customer made a promise to her upon purchasing his Powerball tickets.

“We had a man come in and purchase $40 worth at one time. Then he came back and had us to pick numbers for him,” explained Burns. “He said, ‘Thanks,’ and if he won he’d hook us up!”

With $360 million on the line, a single winner would have plenty of money left over to share. The question is would you be willing to give away part of your winnings, and if so, to whom?

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  • dave

    have to share,, i could not die being another jack whitaker

  • s

    I would haft to share some of it, I wouldn't be able to use it all.

  • Brian

    I'm not feeling charitable. If I win, I'm changing my number and moving.