A Mineral County man, allegedly high on crystal meth, made a costly mistake when he thought he was visiting his uncle. Instead, Matthew O’Reilly, 20, of Keyser showed up at the home of Mineral County Sheriff Jeremy Taylor only minutes after the sheriff had left for the day.

“Three minutes after I left, he pulled into my driveway, came up and knocked on the door,” said Taylor. “My wife answers the door and he actually pushed on the door and forced his way into the residence.”

Taylor said O’Reilly then moved through the living room and into the kitchen where he started helping himself to food in the cabinets and refrigerator. He was acting odd, leading Mrs. Taylor to believe he might have a medical condition and needed help. She offered to call an ambulance, but Taylor said that only aggravated the suspect.

“He got very defensive and actually stepped in front of her and said, ‘No I don’t want you to call anybody,'” said Taylor. “He was real nervous acting and constantly looking out the windows and doors.”

Taylor’s wife finally made it to a phone where she called him and said there was an unwelcome guest at the house. Taylor left a legislative breakfast and bolted to his home where he found O’Reilly sitting at his kitchen table.

“Through my training and experience, I knew he was high on some type of drug,” said Taylor .

Eventually, Taylor said O’Reilly admitted he’d taken crystal meth around 5 a.m. A subsequent search of his vehicle revealed another gram of the drug.

O’Reilly was arrested on a charge of buglary and taken to jail. Other charges are pending.

The best Sheriff Taylor can surmise is O’Reilly thought he was at somebody else’s home.

“He was mistaking my house for his uncle’s was one story. The other story was he just needed a drink of water, he just needed help. The list goes on as to why he was there,” Taylor said. “He obviously picked the wrong house to stop at that morning.”

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  • kacey

    I am matthews current gf and no he has never beat me nor has ever gotten physical. Also, the drug was ecstasy. The drug as you can look up has no agresive qualities. Its funny how people believe the news when only they feel.

  • hillbilly

    He is kind of lucky.. there are a lot of houses in WV where he would have gotten shot for barging into someones house.. mine included.

    • sportsfan

      and thats exactly what shouldve happened!

      • JoeJoe

        Better to be tried by 12 people than carried by 6. Anyday.

  • Blue-line-r

    Glad for a safe resolution to a potentially disastrous situation for Sheriff Taylor & his family. It's getting REAL and wide-spread with this war on meth peeps...daily!!!

  • per

    He isn't a bad person. I'm glad he didn't end up hurt or hurting anybody.

    • lee arthur

      per , you're an idiot.

    • sa

      I am glad you said this folks everyone makes mistakes some are just bigger "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone" you guys really need to take a step back and ask yourselves are you with out sin to be judging someone???

      • lee arthur

        sa , you are also an idiot.

      • liz

        I know him he abuses his girlfriends I know that for fact...yes everyone has sin..I have seen this family on action..not pretty...

  • liz

    Yes he was in cumberland county prison in Carlisle pa for 30 days

  • Larry

    Too bad she didn't make good use of the Castle Doctrine.

  • Martinsburg Resident

    This could have been a very tragic situation... thank God the subject was too drugged up to do much harm.

  • leon

    What ? almost everyone who barges in my front door uninvited goes immediately to kitchen and helps themselves . Heck I don't even think their acting odd until they confront me. DUH ? was this THE SIMPSONS ?

  • BigDave

    "Taylor says O’Reilly then moved through the living room and into the kitchen where he started helping himself to food in the cabinets and refrigerator. He was acting odd . . . ."

    Gee, I would have figured that out when he barged in my front door.

    That's just me.