The West Virginia Citizen Action Group honored Darrell McGraw and Jorea Marple at its annual banquet Friday night in Charleston for their outstanding community service.

Marple, former state superintendent of schools, was awarded the Don Marsh Public Award, named in honor of the late editor of the Charleston Gazette. 

Marple said it was an honor to receive an award named after such a great guy.

“He was an intellectual, fearless warrior for the rights of the people and he understood very clearly the importance of education in terms of how everything turns out,” said Marple.

Marple’s husband, Darrell McGraw, longtime state attorney general and Supreme Court justice, was awarded the Si Galperin, in Defense of Democracy Award, a tribute to former legislator Galperin’s lifelong dedication to election reform and civil rights advocacy.

During the event, time was taken to highlight the accomplishments of both Marple and McGraw over their long careers both in politics and education. Marple said the night was ultimately about the kids.

“I think it’s a time for all of us to recommit to using our voice and our advocacy to put in place what our children need in this state,” said Marple.

Marple added that the event was a pleasant change for the two of them, who have had some obstacles to overcome since November. McGraw lost his bid for a sixth term as attorney general in November and Marple was fired abruptly by the state Board of Education from her state superintendent position in the same month.

Marple has since sued the board over the incident and that case is still pending in federal court.

“It is always a good thing to take the time to be with friends and to celebrate an honor like this,” said Marple.

The West Virginia Citizen Action Group is celebrating its 39th year as the oldest consumer advocacy organization in the state. The group was formed in 1974.

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  • Beth

    I knew both Darrell and Jorea years ago before my work took me out of state. I know from experience that they were sincerely concerned about and committed to solving the problems they saw around them.

    I am very disappointed in the vicious personal attacks on them posted here. I remember West Virginia as a largely Christian as well as a "live and let live" state. Except for the post by CFT, the posts here seem to reflect a distinctly un-Christian and intolerant population that cannot muster an argument on the issues. Personal attacks instead of reasoned discussion often reflect poorly on the attackers' knowledge and intelligence.

    There is nothing "Wonderful" about the West Virginia reflected here.

  • FungoJoe

    Just look who was doing the honoring. the Charleston Gazette and the WV Citizens Action Group. Not a more liberal progressive scumbag organiztion in the state than those two. Scumbags honoring scumbags.

  • takemetoemstar

    i am not too sure about Marple; however, just like in washington leave it to the liberal simpletons in the state to rally around a looser like Mcgraw to make him feel good. even to justify how he screwed up the office and therefore ripped off the tax payers. i am soooo glad my vote counted and Morrissey won the election!

  • C. F. T.

    Having known and professionally worked at various times with the four (4) persons mentioned in the article and being fully aware of each of there liberal activistism, as well they each knew of my own far right conservative/Christan views and beliefs, my experience was nothing but mutual respect, therefore I congratulate the McGraws on being recognized for there many years of public service.

    • Gwendolyn

      I, too, congratulate the McGraws on their accomplishments for the state.

  • wvtd

    a pair of radical liberal elites who care only for themselves. glad to see the parasites go.

  • Joe_Manchin_Clone

    "Yep, we did it fer the KEEEDS!" Always the words used by those who want to screw the taxpayers. Again. And again. And again. It never ends.

    • Jeremy

      They are still screwing the taxpayer. I think their published retirement plan was around $15,000 per month FROM THE STATE. WTF?

  • Tim C

    I'm glad these two idiots were honored. Now maybe they will just go away.

  • Jim G.

    Boo hoo! Good riddance!

  • Doug M

    They say McGraw and Marple cried like babies when they were ousted. She is an idiot that got what she deserved and McGraw equally the same.

  • Brad

    We're not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but since they brought it up: I know, personally, that Don Marsh was a lying scumbag. I caught him once on one of his big lies and he just laughed. And he was doing the bidding of his paper's owner, Ned Chilton. The Charleston Gazette, under the leadership of these left-wing, irresponsible, anti-business, anti-God, anti-Constitution men is arguably the most harmful force in W.Va. in the past 60 years.

  • thornton

    The sign in the lower left is a nice and somehow fitting inclusion.

    Enough of both has been seen.

    • chris

      Darrell got his wife fired after not being re-elected....she should hook up with joe mo..

  • Joe

    Putting the children first?! Putting the consumer rights first?! I must be missing something from the article.

  • DWL

    They lead the state to dead last in education and judicial standing. An honor to boast about!

  • wvman75

    Two idiots who deserve each other. West Virginia deserves better.

    • Cooter

      I agree completely. McGraw was a hack who only worked to perpetuate his time in office. I have no idea if he has or had a great legal mind, but when I heard him speak, he didn't sound like it.

      Marple is a whiner who could not handle being replaced. When a local or state board has been doing horrible work, heads sometimes roll. Hers did, rightfully.

    • TurkeyThug

      well said