It may be one of the largest drug busts in the history of the state at least when it comes to confiscated cash.

The Southern West Virginia Violent Crime and Drug Task Force made an arrest last week, May 9, of Wyoming County resident Delbert Lester.

Lester, 55, of McGraws, was charged with eight counts of a delivery of a controlled substance.

Investigators recovered $10,000 in cash, 400 pills, 70 weapons along with a safe.

The Wyoming County Sheriff’s Dept. had to call in a specialist with a safe opening company because no one in the Lester residence could remember the combination.

The safe was opened Wednesday night and inside was $570,000 in cash. It was arranged in 38 stacks of $15,000 each. There were also 30 more guns in the safe.

The task force, Wyoming County Sheriff’s Dept. and Wyoming County Prosecutor’s Office are continuing their investigation.


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  • ejt

    they keep the money and use it to bust others by buying drugs off of them

  • resident

    I think they should use it to buy more routers.

    • chris

      give it to huggie and holgerson.....they could go on a binge for weeks!!

  • richard

    i agree with ther guy about food they were getting them. what does food stamps have to do with this????? open you eyes!! people like this probably don't work. why do you think they were selling drugs and had cash?? would you use the money to buy food? no! you'd sponge off the government. you are right 2xlpatriot.

  • Chef Camille

    That looks like the money I lost canoeing.

  • lee arthur

    What's food stamps got to do with this ?

  • elaine

    wonder what they WILL do with all that money?

    • DWL

      It's southern WV, land of liberals. Stand back and watch the leftist politicians fight for it! It’s mine!! It’s mine!!

  • John

    Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!! The story say's "no one in the house could remember the combination". Sure they couldn't.

  • Martinsburg Resident

    Awesome... use the illegal proceeds to go after more DRUG DEALERS! Great Job Southern West Virginia Violent Crime and Drug Task Force!