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Receiver Ivan McCartney, who left the WVU football team midseason in 2012, is re-enrolling in school and plans to rejoin the team.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — After flying from Miami to Pittsburgh on Saturday, Ivan McCartney Tweeted “Next stop Morgantown” where the receiver planned to meet with WVU football coaches and rejoin the program he left last November.

The former four-star recruit announced Friday night he was returning to WVU for his senior season, a curious turnaround considering McCartney’s junior season ended when he quit the team after the eighth game, citing what coach Dana Holgorsen referred to as “personal reasons.”

McCartney made 49 catches for 595 yards as a sophomore in 2011, in what seemed to signal breakout ability. But he caught only nine passes for 112 yards last season, unable to get much playing time behind WVU’s record-setting tandem of Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey, and by the development of senior J.D. Woods.

McCartney became the second wide receiver to leave the team during a four-day span last November, joining freshman Travares Copeland, who subsequently transferred to N.C. State.

West Virginia’s receiving competition looks to be wide open, with three junior college signees — Kevin White, Ronald Carswell and Mario Alford — expected to contribute, and incoming freshman Shelton Gibson representing the highest-rated player from February’s recruiting class. Where McCartney fits in after being away from school for a semester, and what he must do to regain the coaches’ confidence, should make for an interesting summer.

By Saturday afternoon, a Twitter follower asked McCartney if he would still wear the No. 5 jersey, to which the receiver replied “idk yet.”

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  • chad

    Hope his effort level matches his natural talent level this time around. This kid could be a superstar, all the tangibkles are there, the intangibles......????????

  • sooftunloft

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  • Justin

    this is good news. this guy is a stud. good to have him back.

  • Brian

    I wasn't happy that they gave him #5 in the first place. Personally I think #5 and #9 should be strictly earned numbers at WVU. Players who performed admirably the prior season should be given the opportunity to claim those numbers.

    • cutty77

      I agree with you on Both Numbers. Pat,and The Maj. were some of The Best QB's in The Nation. Maj was ahead of his time,and Pat was right on Time,won every Bowl Game WVU played in which was 4. The ACC haven't won 4 BCS Bowl Games EVER. lol

  • richard

    personal reasons?? he quit! simple as that! anyone who thinks different doesn't know what they are talking about. with that said, yes, second chances are ok. he better make and get the best of this one. he had an attitude when he left and he had better lost it while he was gone or he won't be with the team by seasons end!

  • Sam

    It takes a lot of courage to ask to return to a team you voluntarily left. Hope it works out for him. If so, it will certainly be good for the team.

  • Randy

    He left the team for PERSONAL REASONS... Give the KID a break and he is a KID... I don't know anyone that doesn't make mistakes but who knows he might have had to help his family and what he did may make him MORE WORTHY as a MAN .... MOUNTAINEERS are rated BELOW THE MIDDLE of the BIG 12 ... This team can use all the help they can get... We lost 3 SUPERSTARS and there are no proven playmakers left... He was a 4 Star talent ... We only have about 6 or 8 FOUR STAR PLAYERS on the entire team...

    • tw eagle

      if this turkey was a star , why wasn't he playing . . .because he was a turkey who THOUGHT he was too good to work in practice or block when not getting the ball . . .GOOD RIDDANCE . . .this being his last year , he might work hard enough to get some playing time to audition for the nfl. . .

  • cutty77

    Every Coach from Don,Rich,Stew,and now Dana have had players leave,or helped them leave,and have let most of them come back,and it turned out better.Life is about 2nd Chances,sometimes 3 chances. Some people don't Grow up as Soon as others. Relax tw eagle. Life is a Marathon,not a Sprint.

    • tw eagle

      you are right about 2nd chances . . .BUT , with all the recievers in and arriving in moragtown this summer , it doesn't make sense to me to WASTE a spot on this turkey . . .being his senior year , McNally will probably work to audition for the nfl . . .if he lets up at all -holgerson should drop kick him as far from the team as possible . . .and don't waste a scholarship on him( are there any available?) . . .if the Rawlins spot is open , I would not give it to mc nally , i'd save it for Rawlins , who I expect to return to WVU later this summer . . .HE DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE . . .

  • tw eagle

    not on an athletic scholarship . . .maybe his buddy smith will pay the tuition so he can graduate. . .this turkey wouldn't work in practice or even attempt to block . . .let him walk on and use him as a tackling DUMMY . . .

  • jfk

    nice article

  • cutty77

    Young People make mistakes,i'm sure he has matured alot.Some times people think the grass is greener on the other side,but it doesn't chew any better. Everybody thought its ok for Clint Trickett to come to WVU,so whats wrong with Sticks coming back.

  • john

    I'm sure his High School Coach and Former Mountaineer Linebacker Damon Cogdell spoke to him. I think IMAC is smart enough to see to former HS and WVU Teamates (Geno and Stedman) are in the pros and that WVU is the program to give him the opportunity to make that step.

  • wvguy624

    Glad to see him come back. Loads of potential.

  • Guardian

    Welcome back, Sticks!

    Let he among you critics who is without sin cast the first stone.

  • big tom

    let's hope the personal problems are behind him, and he's ready to compete,,,, he has all the tools, it's the mind set that he must prepare.
    competion makes evereyone better or they leave,, he left...
    but , i'm ready to see the four stars come to life and light up mountaineer stadium