Senior pranks have become a tradition at some high schools around this time of year in West Virginia. However, state police say what happened at Wayne High School this week went beyond general mischief and crossed the line into criminal destruction of property.

Someone broke into the school and spread parts of a deer carcass throughout the building. Investigators said blood from the animal seeped into the floor in some places and deer urine was sprayed on a number of seats in the building.

Janitors at the school spent much of Friday trying to rid the building of the foul odor and clean up the mess.

Troopers said they were using surveillance video to identify suspects, whom they believe were recent graduates of the school. They said the suspects also may have bought some of the articles used in their vandalism spree at a local Wal-Mart. No charges had been filed as of Saturday morning.

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  • NorthernWVman

    Curious question......Where did they get the deer carcuss? Was it road kill or did they commit a crime and poach the thing and irresponsibly waste the meat when we have people going hungry? Recent grads? I agree this was a mistake on their part and very poor judgement. These young adults need to further their education beyond the graduation with a big life lesson of responsibility!!!

  • hillbilly

    I am in my mid fifties and my generation would have gotten killed by our parents had we done things like that. The blame goes to parents who started in the early 80's, saying "don't touch my child" to schools and then sued them for holding back kids who were not up to the next grade. Most of them were flower children from the 60's, so I guess they have delusional ideas about how great their kids were, and how nothing was ever their fault. It changed the way things are done now.

  • zero tolerance

    I don't believe this a prank....more like vandalism. There is a huge difference between the intention of a prank and the intention of a vandal(s).

  • Mason

    This act is a disgrace. I'm from Wayne County and a grad of Wayne High . We never acted like this and a great deal of Wayne County citizens don't act like this.

  • Doug M

    We are talking about Wayne County. What do you expect?

  • Fun Getit

    Its funny, blow off steam at the people trying to ruin your life and keep it up.

  • thornton

    Another dead deer is a very good thing....spreading it around a school isn't.
    I bet these miscreants sat at the cool table at lunch.

    Children come in all ages.

  • Smokey

    It's what the schools are teaching these kids nowadays...MTV has to take some responsibility for this.

    • Patty

      No, that is not what we the teachers, are teaching kids. It is their parents who are failing them,and the government that gives them all a free ride. There is no accountability nor respect being taught in our society. These kids and their parents, step parent, live in, whatever it is at the time, think they are entitled. Grow up and take responsibility for all these kids you keep having.

  • chas

    Brian : you are sooooooooooooooo correct - whoever did this " deed" is a piece of S*** !!! however , mommas & daddas will smooth it all over !!! what a shame...

  • wvu999

    That my friends is OW


    Only trash would throw deer carcass and urine all over the place. These are not model citizens that Wayne High School has graduated and I'm sure they weren't properly trained or raised at home to know any difference.

    I agree, the parents are already circling the wagons for their kids. So one of the first acts they commit after graduation is one that is criminal in nature. Sounds like a scene out of "Buckwild Two" mentality to me. They should endure the full consequences and penalty for their actions.

  • R Marlin


    I'm with you 100% I believe the days of taking responsibility for your actions/behavior are long gone. It's too bad, America is full of lazy, spoiled brats that feel everything is owed to them.

    • Brian

      Thanks R Martin -

      I guess there are TWO of us, huh?
      My dad landed on day two of the Iwo invasion (20 Feb 1945) three months BEFORE his 18th Bday, and though he wasn't wounded had some horror stories he delt with throughout his life. I also served active duty in the USMC during the Reagan years. I don't want any special awards, metals, or statues; I would just like the folks in this country to grow a backbone?
      I suspect I am asking far too much though.

      • Ragweed

        Brian - I agree that many people in this country have a back problem - it won't bend!!!

      • Mac

        More than than Brian. You're getting a pat on the back from just about everyone that's posted. Myself included.

  • cb

    I really dont consider this to be a prank. Senior year we turned all the furniture around in a few classrooms. We snuck in the office and rigged the pa to play schools out for summer. That was a prank.

  • Brian

    I better NOT start hearing the word "kids" in the media and/or responses to this. My father was in Iwo Jima when he was 17!!
    It is highly likely all those people involved are 18 (legally adults).
    You watch though; the parents will claim their darlings are "great kids that made a mistake" (like that idiotically overworked phrase has never been uttered) and the "cut'em some slack crowd" with run the their mouths in a defense like (......"just make them paint the bathroom some afternoon") or a similiar phrase.
    Maybe we should give them cookies and milk and put them in time out?
    When is ANYONE going to step-up in this country, take full responsibility for their actions, and pay the full consequences????
    Are their any of uys left?

    BTW - I've made plenty of mistakes in my life - and I've paid for them 10-FOLD!! - a fact am proud to say I deserved and learned from.

    • Patty

      Amen. I am tired of all these kids getting away with so much in school and then being surprised when they get out of their bubble and there really are some rules out there. Let's start making them accountable now and maybe they will figure it out. Maybe not.

  • CaptainQ

    So THAT'S how to celebrate a graduation?

    Throwing pieces of dead deer all over the school?


    Makes about as much sense as a soup sandwich!