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About 26,000 season ticket renewals have been processed for WVU’s 2013 football season, with new orders going on sale next month.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Just days after the deadline passed for renewals, WVU has processed around 26,000 requests for 2013 football season tickets.

That number sits within typical range of the previous seven years, though it’s behind last year’s pace when the Mountaineers were preparing for their Big 12 debut and receiving preseason top-25 billing.

“Our pace is pretty solid,” said Matt Wells, the school’s assistant athletics director of marketing and sales. “We’re seeing excitement over the schedule, with teams like Texas and Texas Tech making their first visit to Morgantown, but certainly we haven’t seen the level of hype that came from our first year in the Big 12.”

As WVU continues to process orders that were postmarked by the May 15 renewal deadline, Wells said it’s typical for the current range of sales to number between 25,000 and 29,000.

The school has up to 38,200 season tickets available and maxed out those sales in 2007 and 2008. Last year’s total eclipsed 37,500, up from 34,935 in 2011 and 34,754 in 2010. Wells said WVU expects to meet projections once requests from Mountaineer Athletic Club new donors and subsequent public sales open in June.

Aside from the MAC donations required for some season ticket packages, the per-game price of tickets has remained level with last season, Wells said. Texas replaces Oklahoma as the premium game ($80) with the other three Big 12 conference games priced at $60 each. West Virginia’s nonleague games against William & Mary and Georgia State are $55.

Because of the Big 12’s schedule rotation (four home dates, five on the road), and a return game against Maryland to be staged in Baltimore, WVU will have only six games at Milan Puskar Stadium this season, compared with seven in 2012.

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  • JoeJoe

    "Last year’s total eclipsed 37,500."
    "WVU has processed around 26,000 requests for 2013 football season tickets."

    Around 26,000??? Why an estimate and not the real number?? Because it is actually less than 24,000, so far. Given the 26,000 number, that is a 32% decrease in season ticket demand. 32%. That cannot be sitting very well for Dollar Bill Ollie. And with a $12 million deficit from last year. Ouch!!
    There are only two people in the world who can have such a negative impact on West Virginia, Dana Holgorsen and Barack Hussein Obama.

    • Vin

      Hey JoeJoe you genius. We only have a "deficit" because of graduated charges incurred for moving and because we are not yet getting our full share of revenue. Let's just go back to playing Temple, Rutgers, and a couple of MAC teams at home. Charge
      25$ a ticket and you will be happy. No risk and no reward.

    • Charles

      Last year at this exact time they announced 29000 had renewed. Google it. So redo your math. The 37000 wasn't announced till August. So don't delete the numbers to prove your invalid point. All expected a drop after the preseason hype of last year.

      • FungoJoe

        How many empty seats do you suppose there will be in the stadium for the I-AA game and the near I-AA Georgia State game??? Near 10,000?? Good programs (not even talking great), sell out those games. That isn't going to sit well with Ollie "Dollar Bill" Luck. Averaging 54,000 fans didn't set well with Luck when Stew was Coach. I can only imagine what Luck will be thinking when he looks out over the Stadium from the Ivory Tower press box just before the Towson St and Ga. St. games and only sees 48,000 or so fans in the stands.

    • Charles

      If you actually read the article it states around 26000 has renewed. No new season ticket sales yet. They have not processed new Mac donor requests yet either because they have first dibs. And if any program didn't expect a decrease after last year's preseason hype you are crazy. We are on our usual pace this time of year.

    • Alum

      I would say what you really are but it wouldn't be nice, so donkey will have to suffice. Where did you learn to think logically? I really want to know so I can stay away from that place.

    • cutty77

      The checks from The Big 12 look nice. Anybody ever seen a Check from WVRC to WVU. JoeJoe you ever seen one,you seem to know everything. lol

  • cutty77

    I understand the cluster point. Life use to be more simple,than it is today.There is nothing simple today. I applaud you wvrefugee,but dealing with 18 other people who want football tickets ain't no walk in the park either my friend. Sounds like to me you made the right move.

  • Charles

    What is the cluster??? Progress?

  • wvrefugee

    Ok, I'll bite!!! I used to have 20 fb tix and went down to 2 because of the cluster, which is now the WVU athletics dept. I had 6 bb tix, only buying 2. Let those, "so-called" big donors, as the MAC referred to them as, buy all of them!!

    • Habib Haddad

      In other breaking news, the Earth is flat and the Sun rotates around it.

  • MIKE

    The way I look at buying tickets, it's a month the nursing home will not get from me!

  • Allan

    William, are you there...William, hello?

    • Alum

      Don't forget to call lil' larry and tommy too.

  • cutty77

    I think this is a Great Start,because of how WVU ended the Football season. When all is said and Done WVU will be at 35,000 range in tickets. True Blue WVU Fans always come threw.

    • Charles

      Very true. All we are going to miss this year is the abundance of season tickets sold to people that stubhub every game. The true blue fans will be on hand.

  • Helen5844

    I am very excited to be in the Big 12 and I can not understand how anyone who has the price of a ticket and the ability to get there would not go.

    • Inquiring Mind

      Spot on. Been buying season tix and making the six hour one way trip for over 25 years. I make most of the games and hate it when I have to miss one. No matter who the opponent is. So happy to be in the Big 12 and keep our place among the "haves" of college athletics. Just think what could have been.

  • Art in Ohio

    Our group increased season ticket orders by one. Lost four and gained five. I have been going to these games since 1958 when my dad took me at age eleven. I believe this is a great conference to be a part of and can't wait to see the Longhorns come onto Mountaineer Field. Glad to see we are part of this great Big 12 Conference. Remember we are never as good as we think nor as bad as we fear.

    • Grant

      A voice of reason!

  • pizza_beer

    William will blame Coach Huggins for the moderate pace of football season ticket purchases.

    • TX Hunter

      I agree. William will no doubt pontificate that WVU football season ticket sales would experience maximum demand if only Coach Huggins would shop at Joseph A. Bank's and hire Beilien as the recruiting coordinator.

      • Kevin

        Now that is funny right there ... and right on point

  • Greg

    Surprised that the Dumb & Dumber of WV sports journalism, Mickey and Chuckie, haven't chimed in with usual negative articles yet.

  • Grant

    Got mine! Texas making a visit, NICE!

  • Martinsburg Resident

    Got my Tickets! Go Mountaineers.

  • Alum

    Don't worry Chad, I'm sure the trifecta of stupidity will be along very, very soon.

  • chad

    What no one bashing Luck on thos article yet? It's been posted for a whole 20 minutes already. Where are the Luck Bashers???

    • tw eagle

      the Luck bashers are raere's cronies , with free rein on all greer sites . . .Luck represents a roadblock to raeses continued chokehold on the WVU athletic programs . . .they'll be around , give them time . . .I wish AD Luck a lot of 'luck' in rooting out this cancerous cyst holding back the growth of WVU. . .