MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia forward Keaton Miles announced that he will transfer Tuesday, becoming the fourth underclassmen to leave the program since the Mountaineers closed a 13-19 season in March.

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Keaton Miles becomes the fifth player from the seven-member 2011 recruiting class to depart WVU prematurely.

The 6-foot-7 Miles, who averaged 13.1 minutes and 1.4 points per game as a freshman, figured to have an increased role as a sophomore last season. His scoring increased marginally to 2.6 points and his field-goal percentage climbed from 31 to 41 percent, but his minutes dropped to 11.5 per game.

He did not appear at all in three of WVU’s final nine games and subsequently underwent postseason wrist surgery, an injury he claimed he suffered midseason but attempted to endure.

With WVU bringing in five forwards this summer, Miles received notification that his playing time was unlikely to increase. Presumably, he will find a home at another Division I program, where after sitting out next season, he’ll have two years of eligibility remaining.

WVU’s roster has undergone a drastic makeover since its disappointing season ended with a loss to Texas Tech on the first night of the Big 12 tournament. Three players previously announced their intentions to transfer: guards Jabarie Hinds (who landed at UMass) and Aaron Brown (Saint Joseph’s) and forward Voldymyr Gerun (Portland).

A wiry three-star recruit out of Dallas-Lincoln, Miles looked he might be a steal upon signing with West Virginia — over the likes of Oklahoma State, Baylor, Arkansas and Texas A&M — in 2011. But instead he becomes the fifth player from that seven-member recruiting class to exit WVU prematurely. (Juco signee Dominque Rutledge recently graduated and point guard Gary Browne is left to carry the banner.)

Miles’ departure almost certainly creates a vacancy that Bob Huggins will fill with a guard. WVU reportedly has interest in Baltimore-Dunbar point guard Daxter Miles and Believe (S.C.) Prep Academy’s Shadell Millinghaus.

Daxter Miles is the more heralded of the two, courting offers from Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Miami, Virginia, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest.

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  • WestBGV

    I am a Huggins fan and supporter. But I will say this: it is a very difficult challenge to overcome multiple failed recruiting classes...and by that I mean classes where the majority are not there for their Junior and Senior seasons. That leaves your program with a real void of on-the-court leadership and experience.
    Huggins should (and has) accepted responsibility for this. But it has nevertheless left the program in a position where it will likely be in real trouble if this current in-coming class ends up like some of its recent predecessors: largely absent as upper-classmen.

  • Pudge

    Players leaving a sub .500 team isn't always a bad thing. Especially when, like in this case, they know they'll be playing less due to the talent coming in. I wish Miles all the best.

    Another swing and a miss for William.

  • Doug

    WILLIAM--Please go to your room (without your computer) for a few months!!!!!

  • big tom

    anothter recruiting class down the tube. sounds familiar with huggins . and to think huggie told us how great he was and started him as a freshman and everyone wondered, WHY>
    if huggie runs off every recruiting class we never will be any good,, and the people he's bringing in to replace them have character problems,,, just call us UCINN> reencarnated.
    I'm extremely disappointed in what huggie has done here,,, the past three yrs, shows our once proud program is in the mud,,,i certainly think huggie are priorities that we don't want to face up to, that's Luck's job.

    • Charles

      1 guy of a recruiting class does not make a recruiting class buddy. Don't kiss their butts next year when they are great students. But good job in sensationalize the scenario. The rest have no issues coming in. Other than being the 22nd ranked class in the nation. Which you guys hero could never pull!!!!

    • Charles

      Past three years? Really. Most programs would dream of that run. 2 out of 3 in the ncaa's.

      • big tom

        look at our won[ loss trend

        • Charles

          After a final four run the trend will always be down. Geeze. How the heck is it going to go up. Delusional fans!!!! And after a run like that you are obviously graduating and losing some great kids that don't grow on tree's. smh. Irrational impossible fans.

          • big tom

            13-19 LOL this is normal , and i;m delusional if i think otherwise,, to heck with any consistancy, let's run as hard as we can to the bottom so we can come back up.... LOL again

  • mark

    Seemed to me like Keaton was better this year, but for some reason got no chance to show it. I have never seen a hook as quick as Huggs. A real confidence destroyer. If you have ever played the game, you know that it takes a little time to get in the flow of the game--especially if you've been sitting. Huggs would have hated playing for himself in college.

    • big tom

      just shows the inconsistency of bob huggins. one time he loves you ,then next time you are lazy and will get reduced minutes,, go figure

    • Charles

      Beilen had a quick hook for Alexander and butler! But you guys forget that part!

  • L77

    When does running the treadmill teach one how to play basketball? What does swearing at players and officials have to do with shooting a basketball? I thought scoring more than your opponent wins games.....but we practice defense over and over again. Fellow Mounties....this is where our program is. Basketball players aren't coming here for such rewards!!

    • Charles

      They are not? Really??? 22nd ranked class in the nation says otherwise. Might want to check your facts before posting!

      • Justin

        they're #22 in one ranking and #23 in another charles..

    • big tom

      you ask any successful pro coach, and BB is all about rebounding and defense,,, and that's what huggie tries to teach... he just has a bunch of bonehead players

  • Shawn

    Keaton shoots like sh*t and is a foul machine. He was like the others, lazy and unwilling to put the time in.

  • Dave

    WVU doesn't need bandwagon jumpers like Big Larry and William. Bob Huggins is a players coach. All the players that have transferred were uncoachable, not tough enough, poor basketball IQ or just plain couldn't shoot a basketball in the ocean. I for one am thankful Bob Huggins is our coach.

    • DonaldH

      That's right dave,, Huggs is a players coach--- and Catlett was the best bench coach in America!!

  • Habib Haddad

    Looks like the trolls have moved from CN to here. Could facebook only postings be far behind?

  • Big Larry

    Another Bob Huggins Bust....

  • chris

    Huggins has a simple rule , that all coaches of any sport abide by, COME to practice, PLAY HARD show good effort, and you can be rewarded, alot of the BBALL players this season didnt do that, so the ones who sat transfered, Hinds only wanted the BIGEAST play so he gave up. Its hard for any coach an fans to watch a team who gives up, this time the COACH was not at FAULT THE PLAYERS WERE

  • jr

    William might be a marshall scrub, but I aggree with him, I would rather see a new coach, it is time fer change..All we get is promises that dont pan out..

    • Charles

      Huh???? One bad year. What didn't pan out all the previous years. NCAA berth final four sweet sixteen. Just terrible!!! Can't believe that guy. One year it didn't work. Lets see how we roll with a more traditional huggins team with alot of length.

      • WVWho

        one year? every year he has been around he has gotten increasingly worse...he'll have two more years to right the ship

        • Justin

          marshall fans are ridiculous or maybe wvwho is a fairmont state fan.. show your state some respect and cheer for a real team you toolbag

        • Charles

          I'm convinced now that there is a segment of our fanbase that is delusional and have a short memory. He has missed the ncaa's one time at wvu. That is 6 seasons one missed tournament. We have never had a run of that magnitude. Beilen missed it twice in his short run here. We were at heights that no coach has seen here since the 50's. one bad season is no reason to forget facts. All teams slide back a notch after a final four run. That is a lofty finish that is hard to duplicate year in and out outside of 5 programs in the nation. A team recruited to battle uconn and Syracuse inside struggled against the long athletic wings of the big 12. Huggs 22nd ranked recruiting class is built to fix that problem. We will be fine!!

          • Barry

            You are a delusional optimist. WVU has consistently gotten worse over the past three years. Not to mention our integrity is at an all time low, thanks to Huggins.

  • Brian Litten

    William must be a marshall scrub u fan. Marshall the school nobody in wv cares about. Everyone stay away from them losers.

  • Charles

    Too late! He already has signed the nation's 22nd ranked class. With a pg soon to be added.


    Get away from 'Sweatsuit Huggins' and don't look back. Huggins is a mess and plays head games with his players. Any recruits out there, STAY AWAY FROM HUGGINS. HE THROWS HIS PLAYERS UNDER THE BUS ALL THE TIME! How many players have left the WVU basketball teams under HUGGINS?

    • DH

      That SWEATSUIT probably cost more than anything in your closent WILLLIAM

    • Big Larry


      Love your Work!

      • Shawn

        Go away Larry!

    • Mike

      Go away William.

    • packyeers

      Are you serious? Have you seen the new players? Funny how every good recruit and final four no coment from you. But boy if you hear anything to gripe about you all Marshall lovers jump on the best coach I have seen. FINAL FOUR REMEMBER?

      • DonaldH

        You mean with the last team dominated by Coach Beilein recruits?

      • cutty77

        I will make my call on all these New Players when i see them play a game in the heat of Battle. I don't believe i ever seen so many players go in anybodys program as fast as this year. All these players can't be wrong either.

        • Barry

          Totally agree. There is definetly a problem with this program.

      • WILLIAM


        • Justin


        • Kevin

          Last time i checked, Huggs was brought here to bring kids to the program, give them a free education in trade for MAX effort on the court and in practice. If averaging 2 points and 3 fouls is MAX effort then he needed to transfer. Huggs is here to win and stay within the rules, show me where he's overstepped those rules. This years revamped team may be better, may be worse, but you can't sit back and just expect guys like Keaton to magically transform into Joe Alexander. I love Keaton and wish nothing but the best for him, but he had his chance.

        • Charles

          Who is the problem recruit??? Give us names because you have to follow recruiting so well. You have one. I know it. We all do. But the rest of the class has no issues. So don't label a whole class for one guy.