MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia forward Keaton Miles announced that he will transfer Tuesday, becoming the fourth underclassmen to leave the program since the Mountaineers closed a 13-19 season in March.

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Keaton Miles becomes the fifth player from the seven-member 2011 recruiting class to depart WVU prematurely.

The 6-foot-7 Miles, who averaged 13.1 minutes and 1.4 points per game as a freshman, figured to have an increased role as a sophomore last season. His scoring increased marginally to 2.6 points and his field-goal percentage climbed from 31 to 41 percent, but his minutes dropped to 11.5 per game.

He did not appear at all in three of WVU’s final nine games and subsequently underwent postseason wrist surgery, an injury he claimed he suffered midseason but attempted to endure.

With WVU bringing in five forwards this summer, Miles received notification that his playing time was unlikely to increase. Presumably, he will find a home at another Division I program, where after sitting out next season, he’ll have two years of eligibility remaining.

WVU’s roster has undergone a drastic makeover since its disappointing season ended with a loss to Texas Tech on the first night of the Big 12 tournament. Three players previously announced their intentions to transfer: guards Jabarie Hinds (who landed at UMass) and Aaron Brown (Saint Joseph’s) and forward Voldymyr Gerun (Portland).

A wiry three-star recruit out of Dallas-Lincoln, Miles looked he might be a steal upon signing with West Virginia — over the likes of Oklahoma State, Baylor, Arkansas and Texas A&M — in 2011. But instead he becomes the fifth player from that seven-member recruiting class to exit WVU prematurely. (Juco signee Dominque Rutledge recently graduated and point guard Gary Browne is left to carry the banner.)

Miles’ departure almost certainly creates a vacancy that Bob Huggins will fill with a guard. WVU reportedly has interest in Baltimore-Dunbar point guard Daxter Miles and Believe (S.C.) Prep Academy’s Shadell Millinghaus.

Daxter Miles is the more heralded of the two, courting offers from Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Miami, Virginia, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest.

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  • Rah

    1 bad season, n all of a sudden Huggins is a bum??? PLEASE, if WVU can get SUMBODY to throw it in the ocean, you will be calling him God by March. You crazed fans who know nothing are hilarious.

  • Bruopiner

    Just wanted to say that I am sorry to see Keaton leave. I think that he improved a lot this last year and could have helped the team going forward, but the likelihood of more playing time was probably not there.

    Good luck, Keaton. I hope that you continue to work hard and find a team where you can earn more playing time.

  • Brian

    I scratch my head when I read comments about Huggins needing to leave. My gut tells me these fans are the same ones who still wanted Bill Stewart as head coach (God bless his soul) and for us to be playing in the defunct Big East.

    Whether you like it or not college basketball is a business, just like college football. If you as a player cannot produce you have to move on. It is not neccessarily fair, but that is life.

    No doubt Huggins has had issues with past classes. However, with the addition of Eron Harris and Terry Henderson from last season and on paper a great upcoming class, the recruiting is on an upturn, IMO. Only time will tell.

    Aside from the 2010 Big East Tournament Championship and Final Four appearance, dont' forget he has a Sweet 16 appearance with wins over Arizona and Duke, and a win against Clemson. We played KY fairly well too, although hard effort is not a win.

  • big tom

    this is huggs's last yr,,, bank on it, Luck will not put up with this much longer,,,, two losing seasons and questionable recruiting will usher bobby out the door,
    \if there is anything i could do to help him and the team, i would, but being a realist, i simply call them as i see them, and it don't look good.

  • Rich

    Sad to see Keaton Miles leave. I thought he was underused. Loved his defense and I thought his offense was improving though it was never going to be top notch. It's not a good sign when guys keep leaving and we keep replacing them with Jucos with questionable character. I hope Huggs knows what he's doing and these just aren't desperation signings/runoffs

  • Bob

    Why does the recruiting budget of the Basketball get a free pass? Seems there are some assistant coaches who are poor judges of basketball talent? There should be more attention to their poor performances.

  • big tom

    this was one of the classiest players on this team, and huggie hailed him as a future star , and started him several games as a freshman continuinng to tell us about his length and BB abilities, and then the next year , he pretty much throws him under the bus and sends him packing,,, go figure

  • mark

    By all accounts he is a wonderful kid. It's a shame we are losing someone of his good character.

  • Bob Smithers

    22nd ranked class out of around 320 Div.1 b/ball schools.....not too shabby if you ask me.

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    i guarantee wvu will get a ncaa tourney berth

    • Big Larry

      That is real comforting Leroy...

  • WVU86

    Any chance Staten will bolt? He needs to more than any other WVU player.

  • chad

    Finally the roster overhauil can now be completed. Nice work Huggs!! You the man. I have no doubt we will compete for the Big 12 for the forseeable future.

    • FungoJoe

      chad, put the bong down and go outside for some fresh air. you don't make any sense. are you saying you are on the team by saying you have no doubt "we" will compete?? Or are you saying WVU will "compete for the Big 12" championship for the foreseeable future?? Very very laughable!!!! Or are you merely saying WVU will compete in the Big 12 conference by saying?? That last one gets a big ole "Duh". You are going to have to stop those monthly trips out to Colorado. Put the bong down.

  • big tom

    i record will be no better than last yr,,, sorry, we have no senior stability,,,and huggins seems determined to take the program to a new low..

    • wenkev

      They will be fine if you have somebody step up and lead. Nobody was willing to do that this year because they seemed to be more worried about how good individually they looked. That is what made team difference in the past--- leadership- Butler, Jones they were leaders. All we had were prima donnas or role players, no leaders. I have seen freshmen step up as leaders for other teams.

  • Chef Camille

    Huggins recruited these guys and mow they can't seem to fit in. You have to ask are these guys all wrong? I could see if Huggins was just brought in and wanted his guys but those are his guys. Something is not working and when you have a job for life maybe you have become complacent. Huggins need to look at how he runs his program and make sure that the turnover the two years is not an in correctible flaw.

    • chad

      Hey Huggs has owned this. His has said many times that he made a mistakes recruiting these guys. He has said he thought they were better players. Huggs is looking at how he runs his program, thats why 4 guys have transferred.

  • Lee

    No reason to respond to ignorance...

    Good luck Keaton Miles in your future endeavors at what ever school you choose to finish your college basketball career